Top Ten Movies of 2015 with the Best Special Effects

This list compiles the movies released in 2015 that featured the most breath-taking special effects.
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1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Considering it's a Star Wars film, it was bound to have good visuals, but because it was made in a time that there could be better effects than when the original trilogy was made, in my opinion, this is the Star Wars film with the best special effects.

I really respect any film that uses practical effects most of the time and only uses CGI when it absolutely needs to, and Star Wars: TFA is a great example of a film that does that. And even when there is CGI, it's still well done.

To the toxic Star Wars fans who say this is a poor film, you are wrong. As a Star Wars fan myself, this is the only good film out of the trilogy.

2 Mad Max: Fury Road

Considering that the movie was primarily made using practical effects absolutely blows me away.

3 Furious 7

Digitally re-creating Paul Walker for the end scene should have won this movie the Best Visual Effects Oscar. It really deserved it. The fact that it didn't even get a nomination was a pretty big insult.

If it's almost impossible to tell when Paul Walker was actually playing the scene or not, they obviously did something right!

4 Jurassic World

Aside from 'Jurassic Park III', each film in the series has brought the highest-possible-quality effects available at the time. Film # 4 did not disappoint.

God there is nothing more badass then watching a t Rex fight to the death with some raptors

5 Avengers: Age of Ultron

When it comes to quality effects, look no further than Marvel Studios. You know they're going to bring their A-game (see what I did there? ).

6 Terminator Genisys

The digital re-creation of the opening to 1984's 'The Terminator' is what earned this movie a spot on the list. You absolutely would not have been able to tell that the younger T-800 is CGI unless you'd been informed of the face prior to seeing it.

7 The Revenant

If you thought that they just merged bear footage in with Leo's performance footage, you're mistaken. That bear was CGI. Amazing, I know.

8 The Martian

You will believe you are watching a man trying to survive on Mars. Not for one second will you doubt your eyes.

This was a great movie. My favorite for the year

I've seen the trailer and it's enough to tell me this is the best movie I will watch

9 Ant-Man
10 Pixels
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11 Bahubali
12 Ex Machina

It won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects... somehow. The effects are brilliant, of course, but they're subtle. I definitely deserved the credit but, nonetheless, I am amazed that it beat out all these other films (many of which didn't even receive nominations).

13 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

Awesome movie. Not as good as the book, but is a fair visual.

14 Cinderella (2015)

Horrible movie! The costuming looked like it was puked from marylin Manson lady gaga and Osama bin ladens dead body. The acting is terrible the script is off key. The only thing they got right was the music. The whole entire movie was like 2 hobos in a diaper full of it! I recommend not seeing this movie from the depths of Hell!

Everyone knows the story now stop making ten billion movies about it

15 The Walk

Watch this movie in 3-D and tell me it's not deserving of being here.

16 Tomorrowland
17 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
18 Terminator: Genesis
19 Everest
20 Spectre
21 Pan
22 Crimson Peak
23 Kingsman: The Secret Service
24 Goosebumps
25 Aashiqui 2
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