Top 10 Most Overrated James Bond Movies

This is NOT a list of the worst Bond movies.

A movie can be good and overrated at the same time.

The majority of the films on this list are, in fact, good. But they're just overhyped.
The Top Ten
1 Goldeneye

For me this film is haunted by the ghost of Timothy Dalton's 007 who its script was originally written for. I consider Dalton the most underrated Bond actor & a much closer onscreen representative of Ian Fleming's character than Brosnan ever was. I also never liked Eric Serra's very non-traditional score(where was John Barry when we really needed him?) Not one of the worst 007 films but far from being one of the very best IMHO.

Pierce Brosnan was great in the role, but this movie pretty much consists of the same generic Bond plot many of the others do. Another villain with a giant laser. It's formula well done, but still formula.

2 Skyfall

Bond becomes Kevin McCallister. While a far better made film for the most part than the dismal Quantum of Solace, it's no way near the best Craig Bond film(which would be the near excellent Casino Royale IMHO) let alone worthy of topping the magnificent Thunderball as the highest grossing 007 adventure(figures adjusted for inflation of course).

Yes, yes, yes. A thousand times, yes. Has some truly magnificent action scenes, standout moments and wonderful performances, but an overly intelligent and metaphorical storyline that is arguably even sillier than Moonraker, and all it is is a simple revenge story. Go see this movie for your eyes only, and you will know what I mean about one Of the most overrated films in the history of cinema.

3 The Spy Who Loved Me

Moore, Bach and Keil do a great job on this one, but the plot is basically a rehash of You Only Live Twice. The pacing is slow, the length could have been shortened and the score was dull.

To accuse a Bond movie of rehasing plots is like accusing the sun of rising up every morning. It's gonna happen, and more than once. 2nd best Moore movie.

4 From Russia with Love

While I don't think that any of Connery's movies were bad, From Russia With Love was incredibly forgettable. Even after finishing it for the first time I have no more than a vague recollection of its plot and scenes. I remember the train, the briefcase, and the fact that there's a scene with gypsies. Apart from that, it also has the single most anticlimactic villain death in the series.

Hard to pick a best Connery Bond but this one always seems to edge to the top of my list. Sean is perfect here and the villains and atmosphere of the film are unmatched in the series. In no way overrated.

5 Spectre

NO movie in the entire run of Bond films has a plot as ludicrous as Skyfall. Holes you could drive a truck through. I don't ask for realism from this series but that was beyond the pale. Spectre was a modern compendium of all that is great about Bond should have been the 50th anniversary release. I enjoyed Skyfall well enough but it does not deserve the amount of praise it gets.

IMDB rated it above the majority of Bond movies. The plot of this movie is so bad that it even manages to ruin the canon of the previous films.

6 Thunderball

I could have done with about a half hour less of scuba-diving, thank you.

Great Bond but yes, too much scuba-diving.

7 Moonraker

The film is not ever overrated. It is actually quite underrated and doesn't get the credit it deserves. The effects of this movie is amazing and is way better than today's Star Wars and that Avengers crap. And Casino Royale is extremely overrated than Skyfall.

It has a lot of haters, but it managed to sell really well and join the annals of fantasy film history. It's a copy of a copied plot and the whole first hour is a waste of time.

Uh, I don't think this one is particularly overrated. I LOVE Moonraker from start to finish, but not many others seem to. Such good sport.

8 For Your Eyes Only

Agree that it's seriously overrated by critics of the film that immediately preceded it aka Moonraker. It's competently made and reasonably entertaining but the absence of a strong villain, the basically platonic relationship between Moore and the leading lady and an underwhelming final battle make it feel more like a great episode of Moore's The Saint series instead a great 007 film.

TSWLM is literally the only Moore Bond Film worth watching in my opinion. Live and Let Die and For Your Eyes Only are only considered good/decent because films like TMWTGG and Moonraker set the bar so low.

9 Casino Royale

Most of the time when I call a movie "overrated" I still think that it's at least a good movie. Not Casino Royale. Som moderately good action scenes don't save this train wreck of a movie from the fact that 50% of it is a boring poker game. For some reason they thought it was a great idea to kill of the main villain halfway through the movie, leaving the rest of it devoid of any stakes until they shoehorn an action scene at the very end. This is quite literally the only movie that I have ever audibly said "where are you going with this" while watching.

10 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
The Contenders
11 Never Say Never Again

Doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Octopussy. Even if Connery is in it, the cast is forgettable, the stage setting is awful, the directing is pedestrian and the soundtrack is bland.

Yeah, this isn't great ( except for the opening scene ).

12 Quantum of Solace
13 You Only Live Twice

One of the best Bonds ever - certainly the best theme song!

14 Die Another Day

You can't overrate something that's already at the bottom. Even the camera work and directing was sub par. Too bad it carries the name and is included in James Bond marathons.

15 Goldfinger

It's an iconic movie, but I simply can't get passed the fact that after the 20 minute mark Bond does literally nothing of any importance beyond plot exposition and somehow convincing Pussy Galore to convert to the side of good without showing the audience. It's not bad, but it absolutely does not deserve the pedestal Bond fans place it on.

It IS overrated but is also brilliant at the same time. It should be number 1 on the list BUT I still love it.

Overrated? Seriously? One of the gold standard films of the series. It's even in the title.

16 The Man with the Golden Gun

" Come come Mr. Bond, you disappoint me. You get as much fulfillment out killing as I do, so why don't you admit it? "

Yes, it has Scaramanga in there, but the rest of the movie aside from him was just random gag scenes.

Bad, yet somehow awesome at the same time.

17 Tomorrow Never Dies

The only reason why I call this movie "overrated" is because people keep saying "at least it's better than Die Another Day." It really isn't. Die Another Day wasn't good, but I'd still take it over this movie any day of the week.

18 License to Kill
19 The Living Daylights
20 Diamonds are Forever

Bambi, Thumper and Jill St. John? I'm in. Plus that cool elevator fight!

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