Top Ten Questions to Ask About the Star Wars Original Trilogy After Watching the Sequel Trilogy

Just a reminder:
Original Trilogy: Episodes 4-6
Sequel Trilogy: Episodes 7-9

Rewatch the original Star Wars movies after seeing the sequels and you might just have these questions!
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1 How did Palpatine concieve children (and grandchildren)?

Definitely an overarching question. We find out in Episode 9 that Rey is a Palpatine, but her parents were nobodies, even though at least one of them had to be a Palpatine in some way. Palpatine was never the romantic type.

I could be completely wrong, but nowhere does it say that Palpatine didn't have sexual relations. He didn't have a kid for love. He did it to have an heir from his own blood.

I honestly really just don't want to think about that. Too late. It does seem far-fetched, but he wanted kids and grandkids for power. Maybe he had someone do it for him?

2 How was Anakin's original lightsaber recovered?

In Episode 5, Luke gets his hand cut off by Vader, and the hand and lightsaber fall down a shaft in Cloud City, presumed lost forever. In Episode 6, Luke has a different lightsaber. In Episode 7, the blue lightsaber shows up again on Takodana. But how was it recovered in the first place?

Some idiot must have seriously gone to the core of Bespin and retrieved it.

Bounty hunters and scavengers most likely.

3 How did Palpatine survive his presumed demise on the second Death Star?

In Episode 6, Vader throws him into the reactor, causing a huge explosion, and the Death Star blows up anyway. In Episode 9, he is alive. He does say, "I've already died once before. The Dark Side is a pathway to abilities one might consider unnatural."

I believe that Palpatine in Episode 9 is not really Palpatine. His body just represents all the Sith and was formed by the Ancients.

He didn't. He was 100% killed, Episode 9 explained, but some ancient Sith loyalists brought him back to life using some high-tech stuff.

4 When did Luke start training possible future Jedi?

We know in Episode 8 that Luke had a temple where he trained Jedi, but Ben Solo's turn to the dark side made him stop. So when did he start? It's certainly backstory that would be welcome.

5 When did Han and Leia marry and have a kid?

Kinda speaks for itself more or less.

In legends, they have children after Episode 6, so I'm guessing they have kids around Episode 6-7.

6 How did the second Death Star's remnants land on a moon?

In Episode 9, they were shown on a moon near Endor, even though the Death Star blew up without any pieces seeming to affect planetary things around it.

This is a legit question. The Sith were very powerful, so they might have just transported it.

That would be impossible, honestly. I doubt whatever this moon was is close to Endor.

7 How did the Millenium Falcon end up on Jakku?

Han may be talented, but he is careless sometimes.

8 Could Palpatine have used his extreme powers earlier?

In Episode 9, Palpatine has two powers that hint at his potential: summoning thousands of Star Destroyers and using extreme Force lightning to disable ships. The latter required more power, so he siphoned it from Rey and Ben. It makes you wonder if Palpatine could have easily conquered the galaxy in the original trilogy with such power and a large fleet. He also could have used more Snoke puppets, and from the one in Episode 8, we can tell that it was already quite powerful.

9 Could the newer Force abilities have made a difference in the original (and even prequel) trilogies?

In Episode 7, Ren stops a blaster shot with his hand.
In Episode 8, Leia uses the Force when shot in space to survive and return to her cruiser.
In Episode 9, we see Force healing and Palpatine absorbing Rey and Ben's energy.

Many new abilities were shown in this trilogy. Either they weren't known at the times of the prequel and original trilogies, or they were just not used. They could have made the whole trilogy's plot very different.

I can excuse Ren stopping a blaster and Force healing, but nothing is more ridiculous than floating in space. Either way, none of them would probably make any difference.

10 How did C-3PO gain a red arm?

In Episode 7, we first see him with a red arm, and there's not much explanation other than friendship. So?

Because he wanted one. Don't judge his life choices.

He took out the heart of Jar Jar, presumably according to YouTube.

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11 Where were the Sith Eternal before?

In Episode 9, we see a brand new group known as the Sith Eternal. This cult worships the Sith, and we see them cheering as Palpatine speaks.

It's interesting that they had no prominence in either the prequels or the original trilogy. Given the rule of two (or just one) Sith lord, what were all these Sith cultists waiting for in Episode 9? Do they just not leave Exegol?

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