Top 10 Strangest Animated Movies

Here's a list of strangest animated movies that includes both Disney and Non-Disney films. Some of them are for children, and some of them are for adults.
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1 Fantastic Planet

This movie is really, really bizarre and strange. This one takes the crown as the number one strangest animated movie on the list.

I actually saw that movie, and yeah, it's pretty darn weird. I've seen weirder, though, but yeah.

Saw this a couple of weeks ago. Very strange, very interesting.

2 Gandahar

Another film that is really bizarre and strange, yet it is pretty similar to Fantastic Planet. It also has such a strange setup as well.

3 Belladonna of Sadness

This is an adult animated film that captures very beautiful imagery, yet it's so trippy and strange at the same time.

4 Son of the White Mare

Its setup and animation are so unique, yet strange within its standards.

5 The Cosmic Eye

This movie is so unique, yet strange in its own way. Very underrated and pretty.

6 Heavy Metal

I watched this movie a few days ago, and it was really strange and confusing to follow what was going on. Still, I loved the animation and graphics.

7 Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure

This movie has some truly bizarre elements, such as the Twin Pennies, the Sockworm, the Greedy, Looney Land, King Zoo Zoo, Captain Contagious, and Queasy. This one is like a fever dream or even a trip from taking drugs.

8 The Phantom Tollbooth
9 Watership Down
10 Cool World

This one is actually a mix between live-action and animation, but the animation in it is trippy and memorable. That was such a strange movie. It's one movie I saw as a kid.

The Contenders
11 The Thief and the Cobbler

This film is a masterpiece! And yes, the reason why it's strange is because of the animation. The animation is very impressive and insane for something like this. Production lasted for 29 years, which is insane. This movie is nothing like any other film.

12 Wizards

Ralph Bakshi's first attempt at a family picture was really far from being family-friendly.

13 Yellow Submarine

This movie includes some odd, yet amazing, artistic imagery.

14 Fritz the Cat

This movie is only for adults, but it does have some strange, yet fascinating, imagery and animation.

15 9 (2009)
16 The Polar Express

It's like you can't tell if this is creepily real or just random, modern animation. Door number one. Creepiest Christmas movie ever.

17 Frosty the Snowman
18 Tentacolino

Clearly hate-fueled and horrifying.

19 Coraline
20 Midori-ko
21 Everybody Rides the Carousel
22 Cat Soup
23 Angel's Egg
24 Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem
25 Consuming Spirits
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