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As someone from Quebec, I always loved Asterix. I also love talking about it, especially the movies, since they all vary in quality. This is perfect for making a ranking of the Asterix animated movies. This of course won't include the live action movies, but everything else is fair game!
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1 The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

Let's be honest: one of the most brilliant aspects of the Asterix books, and the movies adapted from those books, is René Goscinny's writing and humor. Asterix wouldn't exist without him, and even if someone else had come up with the idea of Asterix, it wouldn't have been the same without him. This was confirmed when Goscinny passed away and Albert Uderzo took over the writing. As talented as Uderzo was at illustrating those Asterix books, his writing skills couldn't match Goscinny's, and the quality of Asterix declined as a result.

I bring this up because The Twelve Tasks of Asterix is not only one of just two Asterix movies that isn't based on a previous Asterix book, but it's also the last one to be directed by Goscinny himself! In my opinion, it's the best Asterix movie we've ever gotten.

First, let's take a moment to appreciate how much the animation has improved since Cleopatra. This was the point where the animation in the Asterix series made a leap comparable to going from the PlayStation 1 to the PlayStation 2 in gaming.

As for the story of the movie itself, it has an excellent premise and is absolutely hilarious. Caesar wants to test the Gaulish village one last time to see if they are gods. He creates twelve tasks inspired by the twelve tasks of Hercules for Asterix and Obelix to complete. This brilliant idea leads to many funny situations.

What's great is that at first glance, you might think our heroes will breeze through these tasks thanks to their magic potion. But it turns out that some of the tasks aren't completed with the potion's aid. Instead, we see Asterix solving situations with brilliant tactics to manipulate his opponents, or Obelix being such an oddity that his brain doesn't function like everyone else's, effectively making some tasks less challenging for him than for others.

We also get the top-tier dialogue we've come to expect from Asterix. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should definitely... more

2 Asterix and Cleopatra

This is another movie directed by Goscinny himself, as well as Uderzo. Who would have thought that the geniuses behind the Asterix books would also excel at making movies? I must admit that the animation in this film hasn't aged well, but what sets it apart is its excellent pacing. Unlike Asterix the Gaul, it takes full advantage of being a movie rather than a comic book, making it still engaging to watch despite its dated animation.

What I mean is that the film is super cartoony, avoids awkward pauses that might bore children, and includes scenes carried by their visual humor. And what better way to capitalize on the cinematic format than with songs? The songs in this movie are true classics. Everyone in Quebec, and I assume in France as well, must be familiar with the arsenic cake song to be considered cultured.

As for the dialogue, it's outstanding. This may be because I grew up watching this movie and know it almost by heart. In fact, you could say the same about most Asterix movies I've seen. This film is arguably the most quotable movie ever. The only reason you don't see me quoting it all the time is that I mostly watch it in French and converse in English here - plus, people probably wouldn't get the references anyway.

I feel as if I don't make at least three Asterix references each year, I'll cease to exist by year's end. This is partly because the voice acting is somewhat cheesy, but mostly because the dialogue is so well-crafted. I absolutely love this movie. It's an ultimate classic!

3 Asterix and the Big Fight

I don't know why Asterix and the Big Fight is that good. You see, for me, and probably other people as well, Asterix is primarily based on humor. How funny an Asterix book or movie is defines how great it'll end up being. Some of the weaker Asterix stories, especially the movies, tend to be more serious, with less focus on humor, and as a result, are less funny and less good overall.

However, Asterix and the Big Fight is an exception. When you look at scenes like when Panoramix gets hit by that menhir, you see that this movie takes scenes much more seriously than most Asterix stories. It is a movie that is actually really good with more serious and emotional scenes, so the focus on more serious events doesn't hurt in any way!

We also have one of the most interesting villains in the franchise, which is good for this kind of story. That scene where Obelix picks up Asterix after he fainted in gas, and then reflects on how everything was his fault, really hit me.

The best part of all that is that humor wasn't sacrificed too much, because it is still a pretty funny movie! It's not the funniest movie in the franchise, but it's probably just in the funnier half. Honestly, The Big Fight could actually be the best movie in the franchise. I still rank Cleopatra and Twelve Tasks higher because they are more representative of what an Asterix movie is. But if you want a mix of seriousness and fun, The Big Fight is the movie for you!

4 Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods

This was the first Asterix to be made in 3D, and it's pretty good! I do think the way they focused more on the family that won a place at the Mansions of the Gods was kind of mishandled in some ways. Other than that, it is still a really funny Asterix adventure that also has pretty high stakes, making you care about what'll happen.

5 Asterix In Britain

This movie is just really fun! This is one of two Asterix movies that are essentially a copy of the Asterix comic it is based on. Unlike the other one, though, it didn't suffer from the transition from comic to movie. It is still really engaging to watch and one of the most hilarious Asterix movies there is.

Nothing to add really, it's just really funny and good.

6 Asterix Versus Caesar

Asterix the Legionary is my favorite Asterix book of all time. Probably one of the funniest fictions ever made. Now, I say this because Asterix Versus Caesar is one of the few Asterix movies that are based on two books at the same time. Asterix the Big Fight, despite being titled like the comic of The Big Fight, is basically Asterix and the Soothsayer with Panoramix getting hit on the head by a menhir like in The Big Fight instead of just being gone for a trip. The live-action movie God Save Britannia is somehow a mix between Britain and the Normans. Versus Caesar is a mix of The Gladiator and The Legionary.

Now, even the Legionary part isn't as good as in the comic book, but it is still the Legionary at the end of the day, so it is still very funny, and even the Gladiator part is quite good. It's even the Asterix movie with the only case of a character falling in love that actually makes the movie better. Seeing Obelix in love with Falbala is super funny and kind of cute. It was better in The Legionary, where Obelix decides to save Falbala's fiancé, despite being the one Falbala is in love with, which was one of the coolest character moments for Obelix ever. But hey, we can't have everything.

It's only on the lower half of my ranking because I find the other movies to be simply better.

7 Asterix the Gaul

This is the first Asterix movie and an adaptation of the first Asterix book. In fact, it's almost a copy-paste of the first book, and pretty much to its detriment. When you adapt a book into a film, you need to make changes to improve the pacing of the movie. Asterix in Britain, despite being very similar to the book of the same name, did that pretty well.

However, this one not only suffers from dated animation, but also there are so many awkward pauses. The movie moves from scene to scene as if you are reading the comic book, except it doesn't work that way. That's not the only issue. When I was a kid, the slow pacing of that movie was something I really didn't like because it made the movie feel long, even though it isn't really.

That being said, it isn't at the bottom because it has most of the things that made the first Asterix book great, and it is still a funny time.

8 Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion

Something about that movie that made me skeptical, to say the least, is that this is the first, and so far the only, Asterix movie that isn't a Goscinny story in any way, shape, or form. It isn't based on a comic written by Goscinny, and unlike Twelve Tasks, it wasn't directed by Goscinny himself. That does mean something, since Goscinny was a big part of why Asterix was so great.

That being said, how was it? Kinda good, I guess?! I really want to love this movie, guys. This is one of the Asterix movies that tries to be more serious, and the worst part is that it makes several really good attempts at creating impactful and emotional storylines that could have been interesting to follow.

But that's the thing! It made multiple attempts! Perhaps it should have attempted less or made the movie longer because none of the storylines reach their full potential, and kind of nothing really happened in the end. It is still a somewhat funny movie. If there is anything I love about that movie, it's the bonkers final fight where the Romans form a titan to fight against the druid villain with the help of Obelix.

Overall, I feel like this movie could have been a lot better and shown that Goscinny isn't the only person who can make Asterix great.

9 Asterix Conquers America

If there is one Asterix movie that suffers from focusing more on a serious story rather than being funny, it is this one. When I was a kid, I thought Asterix was much better than Tintin, and that was because of the humor (in fact, I still do, but that's beside the point). This was my least favorite Asterix movie to revisit by far.

It does have beautiful scenery and music, and it's not like the serious moments aren't good from time to time, but they don't carry the movie's lack of humor. It's not like it's never funny, but it is overall the least funny animated movie in the bunch. All of this makes it a movie that really isn't great.

10 Asterix and the Vikings

Now, I will say this movie is funnier than Asterix Conquers America, and the animation is really superb. Despite that, it is still my least favorite Asterix movie. While some jokes are really funny, a lot also aren't, and most attempts at being more serious aren't that good either.

I just am not that invested in the romance that is at the heart of the story. Most people I know who have seen this movie also think it isn't great, so it's not really an unpopular opinion.

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11 Operation Getafix
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