Top 10 Strongest Dragons in How to Train Your Dragon

There are many different species in the HTTYD series, all varying in strength, speed, and size, but which one is truly the strongest of all?
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1 Night Fury Toothless is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III's Night Fury. He is the main dragon character of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

The rarest and most intelligent of the dragon species, the Night Fury is distinguished by its dark color and piercing yellow eyes. Toothless is one of a kind. The only Night Fury ever seen in Berk.

Toothless and Luna are pretty much tied with powers, speed, and strength, and since they are in the same class, Strike. But Toothless is maybe a little more powerful than Luna (and the other Light Furies). - Jewel the RainWing

2 Night Light

I mean, it's the hybrid of Toothless and the Light Fury, essentially the two most powerful dragon breeds. How could it not be overpowered? Besides, the Night and Light Furies are both so cute and make an adorable 'puppy' like Tuffnut says in the TV show.

The rare mix of Light Fury and Night Fury - how could it not be at the top?

They are hybrids, and that means they are as powerful as a Night Fury and a Light Fury, which would mean they are the most powerful dragons in the entire world. Even though they haven't developed their wings, they will be pretty fast. -Jewel the RainWing

3 Light Fury

Light Furies greatly resemble Night Furies, but they are sleeker and less heavy, with lighter coloring and glimmering textures that include white, blue, and pink. They possess a long, single spine running down the center of their back and light blue eyes. They also have two pairs of ear-like appendages on the top of their heads and a pink-colored nose. Additionally, they have some very light blue on their underbelly/chest area and feet. They are also somewhat smaller than Night Furies.

The Light Fury isn't too far off from the Night Fury anyway, and they're both crazy OP. Besides, she's beautiful.

4 Bewilderbeast

In addition to its icy breath and the alpha's ability to bend other dragons to its will, the Bewilderbeast is also a formidable force underwater. As a Class 10 Leviathan (the aquatic equivalent of a Titan Wing), a full-grown Bewilderbeast swims at incredible speeds and bursts to the surface with surprising and devastating effect.

The alpha controls all dragons and can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

5 Red Death

Similar to the Bewilderbeast's ability to bend other dragons to its will, the Red Death emitted a honing signal which summoned other dragons to its lava-strewn nest. This call was produced by a combination of sub-vocal ululation and the fearsome stare of its many eyes!

A huge dragon that, when put in the right hands, could help the world.

6 Foreverwing

The Foreverwing resides on a mountainside hidden by trees and rocks. It's the perfect camouflage for this dragon, which would rather spend its time sleeping! So make sure it's not disturbed!

7 Shellfire

As a Titan Wing, the Shellfire is one of the largest dragons to appear in the series. It has two long and slightly curved horns on the sides of its head, a smaller horn on its nose, relatively long wings that do not appear to be broad enough to enable flight, and a rough dorsal protective shell. Overall, the Shellfire roughly resembles a trilobite and a horseshoe crab combined, with overlapping segmented scales covering its body, forming a carapace-like armor. The dragon has four stubby legs and a pair of unique fan-shaped wings, used mainly for swimming.

8 Submaripper

The Submaripper is a gigantic deep-sea dragon that creates whirlpools and tidal waves to bring prey down to its waiting jaws.

Its whirlpool allows it to eat like anything, sky or sea.

9 Sentinel

Often mistaken for stone statues, the Sentinels remain absolutely still when they allow ailing dragons to enter Vanaheim. At the first hint of an intruder, these sentries defend the sacred burial ground with sonic screeches and downdraft wing blasts. Born blind, Sentinels have evolved their senses of hearing and smell to hyper-keen levels, making them incredibly alert. Yet, despite their fearsome appearance, Sentinels show a softer side by caring for the old and ill dragons who have come to spend their final days on Vanaheim.

10 Purple Death

This dragon is massive in size, not unlike that of the Red Death. It's so big that it has been known to cause seaquakes. This led Vikings to believe this was the Serpent of Midgard from legend, heralded to bring Ragnarok, i.e., the end of the world.

Its most notable feature is, perhaps, the long tendrils that extend from under its jaw, somewhat resembling a beard. This feature is similar to that of other sea dragons, like the Sliquifier and Shockjaw. Its body is snake-like, deep purple in color, and made up of many coral-like overlapping plates. It has a curved nasal horn and bright yellow eyes. Unlike most dragons, the Purple Death appears to have no wings, possibly because it can't fly due to its size and weight.

The mere presence of this dragon is enough to greatly disturb other nearby dragons.

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11 Dramillion

These Dramillions have Gronkle, Nadder, and Night Fury/Light Fury blasts. They're also quick learners and easily adapt to new things, as seen in the TV show.

12 Skrill

Can charge itself with lightning and is often found in stormy weather. Other than charging itself with lightning, a Skrill can store it for later use. The Skrill should be ranked at least below the alpha species. If the Skrill weren't to lose all its advantages in water, I would even say the Skrill should be ranked above Light and Night Fury.

13 Deadly Nadder
14 Slitherwing

This thing's venom, combined with the fact that they live in groups, lets them kill like anything. They can fly, they're humongous, they're covered in poison, and they spit venom. How is that not OP?

15 Changewing

This thing literally hides in front of you until the time is right. Then the acid just burns through you, basically resulting in a painful, agonizing death.

16 Monstrous Nightmare
17 Death Song

It's like a siren. Garff sings, other dragons come. Garff spits, other dragons get stuck in Death Song amber. Garff eats. Easy.

The Death Song is very dangerous because if you hear its song, you're basically dead.

18 Green Death
19 Thunderdrum
20 Timberjack
21 Typhoomerang

Its ability to spin with skill can become useful at certain times.

22 Hideous Zippleback
23 Seashocker

This is the electric eel of the dragon world - it just zaps you and you're fried. It also makes that crazy explosion of electricity that blew Fishlegs out of the mouth of the cove and onto the beach.

24 Gronckle
25 Threadtail
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