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1 Vaaranam Aayiram

The affection between a father and his son is perfectly son in this movie.
It also has a good love story. Moreover Suriya acting was wonderful. Suriya's acting during imotional scenes made me cry. It is the best film with all the essential thing's.

The songs in this movie is really amazing.
The love scenes are really very nice.
The changes in this movie is awesome,
Surya to collage boy and to a old aged person
Is a plus point for this movie.

Really awesome acting of surya sir. He act as a younger boy, romantic person, love failured man, old man military officer etc.. I love so much.. This is the best film in tamil in my opinion. Surya's 100 % acting shows in this movie. Surya annan marana mass.

This movie has a serious message with best performances... watch it for your sake

2 Ghajini

The story was excellent.

Iam became a fan of surya from this movie only.. Super acting surya anna

Superb movie... I love it...

I love this film like my life...asin is the best heroine all over the world...suriya he his like my brother...ghajini rocks should run 365 years...

3 Singam

SINGAM is a wonderful film. I like it very much

Suriya is the one who can acted like a police officer.
Great Singam Suriya

Amazing movie, loved it Surya is as usual awesome at whatever character he has to play

Surya rocks in singam.

4 7am Arivu

Surya's best role and he justified it with his brilliant acting. The fight scene with the villain at the end will always remain a highlight in his career.

Surya's acting was the best in this film. The villain was suitable for this film. It was the most thrilling Surya film.

Very nice movie. All the fight scenes were excellent. Surya is the excellent and the most suitable hero for this movie.

In this film surya shows the great master of bodhidharman... I like it very much & villan also suitable for surya... Circus scene is to risk...

5 Singam II

I love surya sir. Singam is super

Surya in police role

I love this film

He is not only a police but also a good romantic, good dancer, good acting perfomance, and also he shown a big mass in this film (I am vishnu from chennai 12std)

6 Ayan

Very nice film.. Surya acted very well.
Stunt scene is really great.. I like this movie very much

One of the fantastic hollywood range movie...

Super mas hero. Riyal police men and ayan move mega hit bolac buster move ayan

Next super star surya

7 Kaakha Kaakha

This movie was the tipping point in Surya's acting career. After this movie Surya transformed into a true superstar amongst the fans along with the film fraternity.

Best police story ever... With all the emotions of a police officer

I love this movie

8 Sillunu Oru Kaadhal

The best tamil love story in the world.. Can't forget this movie. Super story, will make you cry

I like this movie so much..

The film is great love movie in Tamil movies I like surya I love surya

Super love storey

9 Maattrraan

He is a nice person

2 Surya like it

10 Mounam Pesiyathey

I am vijay sir fan... Mass by its own never suit surya... Only vijay sir and ajith can fo a movie with only mass.. Sutya should have a mix of mass and a good charecterisation.. This movie is perfect for surya.. Loved this movie.. Surya's one liner dialogues are at top notch!

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11 Anjaan

A revenge for the death of his friend and tricking his enimies and killing them. Surya is the best ever tamil actor better than anyone

Surya the bast of all

I like very much because suriya is more handsome in anjaan movie

Super action film

12 24

I am from kerala and I am big fan of surya it will be a fantastic...

One movie that clearly states how good an actor surya is. his role as atharvaa is absolutely terrific

I'm from kerala. I'm a big fan of surya and I love him very much.I love his all movies.

I am waiting for part-2

13 Vel

I like very much. vel was an entertainer movie with superb double role

14 Nandha

His acting skill is improved in this film. This film is the turning point of his life.

Suryayude padam maathrame family entertainment ullu. The vijay will won d best actor but always surya will won best entertainer award always. This award is presious 4 an best actor

15 Aaru
16 Pithamagan

Surya movies are so good

That was superb

17 Raktha Charithiram
18 Massu Engira Masilamani

Good... But some lag portions... 1st half boring... Double role.. 2 Surya's entry is Superb...

Surya acting super.

19 Aayutha Ezhuthu

The best movie surya has ever acted.

20 Unnai Ninaithu

Such a true love story..

21 Perazhagan
22 S3

This movie is very nice

It, s block buster

23 Athavan
24 Pasanga 2

It was super and excellent mainlly parents should watch this movie.
I like is acting I won/t forget surya

25 Aadhavan

Best film for father and son...

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