Top Ten Movies In The Fast and the Furious Series

Which Fast & Furious flick do you enjoy watching the most?
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1 Fast Five

After a mild opener, two weak sequels, and a more direct fourth movie, Fast Five finally brings the series into mainstream likability. Dwayne Johnson has finally found a good series to latch on to. Looking forward to "6".

This movie is really best in series
And Paul you are amazing in 5...
You are always in our heart...

2 Furious 7

Featuring all the over the top action and badassery that fans have come to love, but also featuring emotional heft and character development, Furious 7 is the best of the series.

Furious 7 is both vengeful and sadful film in the series. It is the very final film to be starred by Paul Walker. It is also the first film to cross $1 billion for Universal Studios.

The action is crazy! And the ending is so sad, Dom and Bryan are seperating the roads. For being honest, I would really appreciate if they make a eight one!

3 Fast & Furious 6

Absolutely incredible! The best, along with Fast Five! Top notch, high octane action sequences and great humor. Owen Shaw is the best villain in the Fast & Furious series. Super entertaining and exciting. Loved every single minute of it!

Best action movie of the series. And the best crew. Furious 7 has also got a good crew but without Han and Gisele, it wouldn't be a complete one.

4 The Fast and the Furious

By far the best f&f film. His haircut was wicked too!

5 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
6 2 Fast 2 Furious

This is the best. I don't understand. Fast five was just driving with money. Fast and furious 4 was just driving through the desert. This one was a real adventure like fuious 7 and roman was very funny in this one. EJECTO SEATO because!

This film gave us the brilliant Roman Pearce and Tej Parker. It should be appreciated for that fact, alone.

7 Fast & Furious
8 The Fate of the Furious

This movie was good and amazing.

9 Los Bandoleros
10 Turbo-Charged Prelude
The Contenders
11 Fast and Furious 9
12 Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw
13 Superfast!
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