Best Toy Story Movies

The best of the Toy Story movies, ranging from four main films, two holiday specials, one spin-off movie and three short-films. With that being said, here's the list.
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1 Toy Story 3

It's really hard to choose a favorite Toy Story movie, because they all have their own good qualities, messages, characters, and lines. But Toy Story 3 is what made these movies an amazing trilogy.

That and I adore Buzz and Jessie together.

I like the first one best, but this one is pretty good too. Why, oh why, do we have to grow up? I also think it's awesome that Sid, now grown up, appears briefly as a garbage man. Who would have thought?

I'm sorry but Toy Story 3 was the weakest. I like how much the franchise has evolved at this point, and it has a perfect concept, but I didn't like the daycare setting much at all, and the Ken x Barbie romance..., yuck

This was the perfect ending, I didn't really like Toy Story 4 to be honest.

2 Toy Story

Personally, the original toy story has a lot more personality in it. It explains change and jealousy. It has memorising music and a good story. After all, it is a toy story. (Get it?teehee). Overall, best movie there is

There was nothing like Toy Story before it was produced. Other than Tin Toy (Pixar's first animation involving living toys), the producers had nothing to base the movie on.

It's the original that started it all. Maybe a little overrated with how great its sequels are, but still an amazing movie.

The 2nd and 3rd ones are good too, but I still like the first one the best.

3 Toy Story 2

Toy story 2 like its original has a great blend of comedy and action that makes it a worthy sequel and definitely one of the greatest sequels.

The second movie was all in all the most enjoyable and fun one. It has a great mix of both emotion and badassery, with Zurg making his appearence, whereas the rest of the movies, while still masterpiece, didn't emphasize much badassery

I like this movie because it explains the past of woody, and it has the best jokes of all of them.

It is obviously the best because it is the most entertaining and it has the best jokes.

4 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

Buzz Lightyear sure is indeed one super brave space ranger superhero and hyper heroic crime-fighter. He is just like the law enforcement of the universe and galaxy with protection and defense. He's just one of the greatest and best and bravest heroes there ever was out of all.

I also even like and enjoy the series episodes where he goes off fighting crime and evil as a real space ranger or even just like a police officer more like someway, somehow, somewhat like his firing laser just like a police officer's gun and the Galactic Alliance which is their galaxy just like a country of like 50 sectors compared to 50 states in the United States of America and there's also even Madame President, the president of the Galactic Alliance just like the president of the United States of America. Also, to me, I think and consider his Commander Nebula to be just like the chief of police.

In this movie and film that is a spinoff along within its series, Buzz Lightyear himself says, "Evil never wins!".
I think that's like another way of saying "Crime doesn't pay!" with police work of police officers fighting crime and chasing bad guys.
Also even imagine him saying "Evil never wins, crime doesn't pay!"

Buzz Lightyear said in the series episode, Conspiracy, himself, "Bring it on, punk! I don't need a badge to take you down!" It's just like he had and was wearing a police badge himself and he just doesn't ever at all need it to bring and take even a criminal down like with him wearing a prison orange jumpsuit himself for being framed for committing a crime like attempting to assassinate the galactic president, Madame President, and also even along with conspiracy committed that is also even a crime as well, then, too, like he was framed by the Gargantuan Militants with them all wearing such prison orange jumpsuits themselves inside their very own uniforms and even like in robotic disguises posing as Buzz Lightyear himself. He could've also even said so himself, "I don't "need" need a badge to take you down!" just like he literally doesn't need it need it after all anyways to fight evil and crime with bad guys and criminals to arrest.

5 Toy Story of Terror
6 Toy Story 4

People saying stuff about diversity but when I saw the first Toy Story film in the 90s I just thought a movie about toys cool! I even got a toy from a Happy Meal. Played a Playstation Demo from a magazine.
Kids don't notice or care about the real world till they grow up. It's just watching a movie about toys to them, like I remember in the 90s.

I hope Sid appears in this one. He appears very briefly as a garbage man in Toy Story 3. I would like to see more of him, especially since he's older and changed greatly since the first movie. He should be in in the fourth with more screen time.

Honestly the second best of the quadrology. I like how it concludes Toy Story as a series overall and the character development of Woody. It's quite awesome.

Not the best Toy Story but a good way to finish it!

7 Toy Story that Time Forgot
8 Partysaurus Rex

I've always found this short so entertaining!

9 Hawaiian Vacation
10 Small Fry

Pretty funny short

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11 Lightyear
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