Top 10 Greatest Things About The Nightmare Before Christmas

Happy Halloween! Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie that many of us love! So let's talk about what makes this movie so great!
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1 It's both a Halloween and Christmas movie

Nightmare Before Christmas is such a fun movie to watch on both Halloween and Christmas! This is the kind of movie that shows us what happens when two holidays collide! So it's not meant to be watched on one specific holiday! There have been people who have had arguments about whether it's a Halloween or Christmas movie. Some say it's a Halloween movie because of it's creepy tone and others say it's a Christmas movie because, well, it takes place around Christmas. It's pretty confusing but I like to just classify it as both a Halloween and Christmas movie! There are movies that people like to watch on Halloween. There are movies that people like to watch on Christmas. But this is a movie that people like to watch on Halloween and Christmas! And that's why Nightmare Before Christmas is a great movie!

A prequel would work better than sequel.
A sequel...what go back to ruining another holiday town.
Prequel a Halloween movie with no Christmas town. Just call it Jack Skellington: The Pumpkin King. The prequel could be about when Jack Skellington was not sick of Halloween, the beginning.

2 The songs

Nightmare Before Christmas has such memorable songs! The very first song is This is Halloween and it's very great because it really grabs your attention and practically introduces you to Halloweentown! The song What's This is very fun to sing because of how fast paced it is! Sally's Song basically has Sally admitting her feelings for Jack! But I don't know why they couldn't give that song a proper name. My personal favorite song is Kidnap the Sandy Claws! It is just so dark and evil! It works very well as a Halloween and Christmas song! I also find it very catchy! The point is this movie has amazing songs and all of them are very fun to sing!

I listen to the songs at least once a day!

This songs are spooky and creepy

3 Jack Skellington

I'd like to jack his skellington. Jack Skellington is the pumpkin king and the main character of the movie! He's in charge of setting up for Halloween. However, he gets tired of doing the same thing every year. But when he finds out about Christmas, he decides to try and celebrate that holiday in a very creative way. He even tries to find out more about it by doing science. And when his Christmas plan failed, he realizes that he should just stick to what he does best! And that's Halloween! Jack is such a great character and one of my favorite Disney characters of all time!

He is charming, handsome, and optimistic. Plus someone you can relate to.

A very good character. He's funny and unique.

4 The animation

Even to this day, the animation still holds up! The stop motion is really amazing in this movie! This movie's success lead to more stop motion films to be made! For example, Laika has made some very great stop motion films! Coraline, Paranorman, and Kubo and the Two Strings! Kubo is the best stop motion film and one of my favorite animated films of all time! Another thing I like about the animation of Nightmare is the character designs! Each monster has a unique kind of look! We've got vampires, witches, werewolves and even some unidentifiable monsters! Seems like a great place for Donald Trump to be. The animation is one of the reasons why this movie is so memorable!

Thanksgiving Door - Americans eating giant dinners similar to Christmas, watching their fave sports and some parade they have. Lol.

One of the best looking

5 Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie is the shadow on the moon at night! Filling your dreams to the brim with fright! Out of all the creatures in Halloweentown, he is the most evil one! He tries to kill Santa and Sally! His lair consists of a bunch of deadly contraptions! Some of which look things you would find in Vegas. He is the meanest and scariest monster in town! And that's what makes him awesome! He also has one of the most nightmare inducing deaths in Disney history!

The best villain around. If I were on his Boogie List, I'd get out of town...

One of the best villain theme songs of all time.

6 The holiday doors

Well now we know where holidays come from! When Jack goes into the woods, he comes across some trees with doors on them and the doors are shaped like an icon that represents the holiday that takes place behind the door. But I have no idea why there isn't a Hanukkah door. The idea with doors taking people into different holidays is very clever! I really want to see what goes on behind the St. Patrick's Day door! But if we saw that, then the movie would most likely be PG-13 or R.

I put my post under the wrong one but the holiday door for Thanksgiving...Americans eating a big dinner like a Christmas dinner, then watching their fave sports then some parade Lol.

When I was little I probably didn't even understand what all of the doors meant.

7 Danny Elfman wrote the music and did the singing voice for Jack Skellington

Danny Elfman is one of my favorite composers! And as usual, his music in this movie is awesome! Not only did he compose the music for this movie, he was the singing voice for Jack Skellington! Which explains why Jack sounds different when he sings. Sometimes I don't like when a character has someone doing the speaking voice while someone else does the singing voice but it can be very good if done well! And it is done very well here! A movie that didn't do it well was High School Musical! They had Zac Efron singing certain parts of the songs and the other guy singing the other parts! That makes no sense! But in Nightmare Before Christmas, Danny Elfman really knows how to make it work!

Elfman deserves a Nobel Prize

8 It has its own ride at Disneyland

ONLY at Disneyland! So not at Disney World! So technically it doesn't have a ride that's open year round, but when Disneyland sets up for Halloween, they transform the Haunted Mansion into Haunted Mansion Holiday. Which is a Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. It's actually pretty awesome! And the best part, it stays that way until the end of the year! Makes sense since it celebrates both Halloween and Christmas! But mostly Christmas.

There should be a whole part

9 Zero

Zero is definitely my favorite ghost dog! Although I don't know why his name is Zero. He is very adorable and very loyal to Jack! He's also very helpful. When Jack was getting ready to ride in his sleigh, Zero helped out by lighting his way! Just like Rudolph! I wish I had a dog like Zero! But alive.

10 Jack and Sally's relationship

I made a list about the best Disney couples and this was one of them! Jack and Sally are perfect for each other! Sally has always had a crush on Jack and would even spy on him. I find that to be very relatable! Who doesn't constantly spy on their crush? Jack was totally oblivious to the fact that Sally had a crush on him, but it's a good thing he at least knew she existed. We are shown that Sally cares so much for Jack that she tries to stop him from ruining Christmas knowing that something bad might happen to him. They end up getting together at the end so everything works out perfectly!

Best couple of all time!

The Contenders
11 Sally
12 The monsters

What can I say but boys and girls of every age would you like to meet detailed monsters

13 There's nothing else like it
14 It's a Christmas movie you can watch anytime
15 Lock, Shock & Barrel
16 Oogie Boogie Song
17 The Mayor
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