Top 10 Best Paul Walker Movies

Paul Walker was a charismatic actor known for his roles in films that thrilled us with heart-stopping action, warmed us with heartfelt emotion, and sometimes, left us laughing out loud. Best known for his role as Brian O'Conner in the Fast & Furious franchise, Walker left a lasting legacy that continues to echo through Hollywood, touching fans worldwide with his on-screen presence and off-screen humanity.

Whether you loved him as the rogue cop with a heart of gold, the small-town football hero, or the suave international spy, there's no denying that Walker left a distinct footprint on the cinematic landscape. His electric blue eyes were the windows to his versatile performances, revealing an ability to portray characters both intensely thrilling and deeply compassionate.

From high-octane racing films to intense thrillers and tender dramas, Paul Walker's filmography covers a broad spectrum. We invite you to dive into this journey of Walker's illustrious career and decide which of his movies hit the right chords with you. Was it the adrenaline-fueled action of the Fast & Furious series that had you on the edge of your seat, or perhaps the poignant tale of survival in "Hours" that tugged at your heartstrings?
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1 2 Fast 2 Furious

Awesome movie, really great job done. From the bottom of my heart, really good work done, especially by Paul and Tyrese! Both of them are good drivers in the movie. Love you!

One of the best Paul Walker movies ever. Love you Paul. I'll miss you...

My favourite of all the fast movies. PW and Tyrese were a great partnership, action and laughter.

2 Fast Five

This is the best movie in my life because of Paul Walker.

The best movie ever. How on earth can you beat this movie? My favourite movie. For some reason, it wasn't on Vin Diesel's list.

3 Into the Blue

PW was made for this movie. He was in his element, the ocean, the diving, brilliant movie. I wish I was there.

4 Takers

It's so good. I definitely recommend watching it if you love action movies.

5 Fast & Furious 6

Was eagerly waiting for your movie, "only god can judge me." Still remember those lyrics. You are really an awesome man. RIP.

Missing you Paul. Always in our heart.

Nobody can fulfill your part. One and only star. "Miss you Paul." RIP. -Ashok (Indian)

6 Fast & Furious
7 The Fast and the Furious

Has to be the best because he created a character that will be remembered for a long time.

8 Death & Life of Bobby Z
9 Joy Ride

One of my favourite movies! A damn good thriller.

10 Eight Below

Loved this movie. Loved all Paul Walker's movies. He's sadly missed.

PW made this movie. He was so believable as he worked with the dogs so well, talked with them so naturally.

Eight Below was a fun and beautiful movie, and the acting was good. I love it!

The Contenders
11 Running Scared

Amazing movie, never lost my attention once. My eyes were glued. The ending was also amazing, which was great.

This film is one of his best work. A classic. He had my attention from beginning to the end.

Great acting by all in this movie! Loved the ending.

12 The Lazarus Project
13 Varsity Blues
14 Vehicle 19

In my opinion, this movie should be higher up on the list. He is in this movie 100% of the time, showing what a great actor he is.

15 Brick Mansions

This was a pretty movie. It deserves to be much higher.

16 Timeline
17 Flags of Our Fathers
18 Meet the Deedles
19 The Skulls
20 Hours

What! Why is this so low down in the listings? No, it is not an action movie, but he was absolutely brilliant in his acting. Not many actors could work 100% through the movie, show such emotion and pain. Another brilliant, believable movie.

21 Noel
22 Life Makes Sense If You're Famous
23 She's All That
24 Furious 7
25 21
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