PositronWildhawk's Theme Song

PositronWildhawk Here's to the geek who turned TheTopTens around...PositronWildhawk's online!
Piano Riff
Light Fluctuative Electro Beat

Do you think I'm weird? You'd be right there. Why do you think I've no girlfriend yet?
Not into some televised football game, more into the stuff that makes one lame.
I don't have to speak to make a first impress-ion, I'll seduce them chicks with my awkwardness-ion,
But I'm here to put the TopTenners to shame, since everyone on here knows my name!
Tempo Increase
Somehow I'm seen as impossibly cool, despite knowing I'm an awkward fool;
Hard to understand all 'cos I'm sciencey, acin' my report on theories of dark energy.
But before I'm going for a PhD, I'm here to make a list or eight-thirty,
Tempo Increase And while I'm seein' TheTopTens' family, them chicks r' all fallin' for my magnetricity.

Music Stops And that's why everyone's followin' me!
Bass Drop
Enter Progressive Breakbeat

Since July '13, compilin' random s*** which I thought would make some alright lists;
Them lists still got on everyone's lips, noted for their quirks n' sarcastic quips.
Britgirl, my first friend, so damn amazin'; together we sparked the British Invasion,
But we never asked anyone to vote us on lists, we let fans come to us, do you get the gist?!
Tempo Increase, Enter Backing Synth
Do you think that I'm voguish by a series of flukes? It really is easy in a world run purely by you, YER B******!
Not in one list was quality let down, 'cos you still fall with style if you're Krusty the Clown.
'Twas unique style of my works that made blogs trendy things, a revolution not about to be dismissed by Finch.
Tempo Increase Would that be legit with imagination inside the box and held down, and not inspired by what Doug Adams said 'bout Hitchhikers' towels?

Music Stops Hit the ground runnin' like Pos, and why would ya back down?
Bass Drop
Enter Progressive House and Synth Mix

Tenners called me ET, Illuminati, White and Nerdy, but allegiance is the trait of this wild old birdy.
Years of keepin' up detail, constant and solid, plus care and support for those who deserve it.
TheTopTens is part of a big Tenner's life, and you gotta commit to keep the work ethic alive.
I've taken some praise, and taken some s***; won't rub it in your face or complain 'bout it.
Tempo Increase
When I'm off, I'm readin' 'bout semiconductivity, all stuff that'll matter in my physics degree.
Playin' chillstep, downtempo, progressive house; Electus, Moby and deadmau5.
Goin' crazy 'bout Star Wars talk, and that's the story of the Hawk!
And now I'm off to my random new creation: why nobody gets hurt if you step away from my bacon.
Moonwalks, Twists Like Jagger and Twerks Simultaneously Off Stage as Music Continues

Synth Fades to Intro Piano Riff as Tempo Slows

Piano Slows


(Pretends not to acknowledge the existence)
I LOST - Puga

Incidentally, folks, I did do that "random new creation". Search my lists for bacon, and it should turn up. - PositronWildhawk

We have a winner - gemcloben

It was good. - DynastiNoble

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"Twerks Simultaneously Off Stage as Music Continues"

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Dayum, looks like many users sh*tted their pants. Anyway, is there a music video? - Delgia2k

With full George Lucas choreography. - PositronWildhawk

Why is everything in bold? - PetSounds

I honestly dunno. - PositronWildhawk

Welcome to Bold world
Want some bold? - CerealGuy

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Finch and things do not rhyme - Puga

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Water - PeeledBanana

:D - PhoenixAura81

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