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1 Home Free Home Free is an American a cappella group of five vocalists, Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust, and Adam Chance.

A group that can make this 50-something-year-old Aussie 'fangirl' has got to be pretty special. I hadn't bought any albums for about 20 years, but I've got every album HF have released since they won the Sing Off. Their arrangements are rock solid, the harmonies tight. They are so relaxed and visibly enjoying their music that they break down the barrier between artist and audience, and it's hard to remember that there are no instruments.

Harmony, beat, bass, and soul are the elements that are brought together by the country vocal band Home Free. From Austin's highs to Tim's lows, from Rob's smooth to Chance's smooth to Adam's amazing beatboxing, this band can have you stamping your feet or feeling it way deep in your soul. Now with their newest album, Timeless, and World Tour underway, they are truly on fire.

2 Pentatonix Pentatonix is an American a cappella group from Arlington, Texas, consisting of vocalists Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola and Matt Sallee.

Pentatonix has gotten a bit overlooked lately since Avi left. However, they have a great new addition and they have to be the greatest a cappella group as of now. They just sound so angelic, relaxed, and dare I say, alien. Their chemistry is what stands out about them, which makes their covers a whole lot better.

There's no doubt about Pentatonix's talents and skills when it comes to singing! Every one of the members really makes the group different and unique from all other a cappella groups. In fact, because of their exceptional talent in making a cappella music, you can hardly think that they're just using their natural voices. But yes, they are, and yes, Pentatonix is the best a cappella group in the world, and stanning them is one of my best choices in life! Filipino PTX Fan. PTX Is The Best.

3 Straight No Chaser

This group is just sensational! I have seen their concerts at Chautauqua Institution - very, very entertaining.

This group is incredible, honestly. Other than Pentatonix, The Sil'hooettes, and On The Rocks, they are easily among the top three best in the United States!

What a blast! Very entertaining! This group is exceptional!

4 Vocal Rush
5 On The Rocks
6 Urban Method
7 VoicePlay

Extremely underrated, the bass and beatboxer of the group are just otherworldly. The other members are extremely talented as well. They are also quite the entertainers and are very interactive, which is what most other singers and singing groups lack. In my opinion, they're up there with Home Free and Pentatonix.

Great group of guys! Wonderful vocals and fun arrangements. Great to see live.

Great arrangements! Just the right level of humor. A blast to watch.

8 The Sil’hooettes

University of Virginia group of all girls. One of the best all-girls groups in the nation.

9 The Philharmonics
10 The King's Singers

Simply the best. They manage to maintain their very high standards even with changing members. They may be more classical than others.

These guys are literally the best in the world! They are way better than any of these other groups.

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11 Ten
12 The Swingle Singers

Whisper voices. Very little power but the ultimate in "silk" listening.

13 Penn Masala
14 The Dartmouth Aires
15 Rockapella

They are a very cute band! Whether it's Full House, Carmen Sandiego, or Sesame Street, they look cute!

16 The Real Group

Flawless execution. Impeccable rhythm. Symbiotic blend. They sing like they were breathing. Pardon the cliché: Smooth as silk.

Highest quality two soprano voices. If you like that sound quality.

17 Take 6

Intricate harmony like no other!

Can anyone else do what they do?

18 Acousticats
19 Four Shadow
20 Belle Soleil
21 Street Corner Symphony
22 The Clef Hangers
23 Malaika
24 Boyz II Men Boyz II Men is an American R&B vocal group, best known for emotional ballads and a cappella harmonies.
25 The Persuasions
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