Top 10 Alternative Song Titles that Replace the Word "Heart" with "Fart"

Come on, don't pretend to be shocked by a list like this from me. I'm just surprised I didn't make it sooner! If you are of a silly disposition, enjoy - maybe even have a laugh. For sensible people... Why are you even here?
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1 I Left My Fart In San Francisco

My father sang this out loud, and I couldn't stop laughing!

So that's why the Bay area stinks so much!

With this list, I'm now certain she's the long-lost member of Monty Python.

2 Total Eclipse of the Fart

I saw this list, and this is the first thing that came to my head. I had to vote for it.

Now this one just has to be the funniest.

3 My Fart Will Go On

Love this list! This one is especially funny. You truly are the best Toptenner, Britgirl!

4 My Fart Belongs to Daddy

You will never know how true this is! Haha.

5 Listen to Your Fart

Well, it kinda makes sense for both of them (both heart and fart).

You should listen to your fart...

I like this title. It's humorous.

6 Don't Go Breaking My Fart

More like don't go breaking wind!

Perhaps this should be slightly amended to: "Don't Go Breaking a Fart."

Don't go breaking my fart, don't go breaking my, don't breaking my fart

7 Jar of Farts

Tearing our love apart with your jar of farts! So emotional, it makes me cry.

Sounds like something that would be on Sanjay and Craig.

I love the song Jar of Hearts. And now you've ruined it for me.

8 Put a Little Love In Your Fart

Just made me burst! And I mean with laughter, not farts.

That means put a little stink in your fart!

9 Frozen Fart

Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it in anymore!

This would only happen when it's 20 below.

Imagine what a frozen fart would do!

10 Stop Draggin' My Fart Around
The Contenders
11 Me and My Broken Fart
12 Give Your Fart a Break
13 Groove Is In the Fart
14 Wooden Fart
15 Why Does My Fart Feel So Bad?

Are you sure you want me to answer this question?

16 Alien Fart

Is this the Phineas and Ferb song?

17 Fart Attack
18 Anyone Who Had a Fart
19 Nothing Breaks Like a Fart

I cannot believe nobody had added this one yet, so I thought I'd do it because it's pretty obvious.

20 Farts Without Chains
21 Queen of Farts

Thought I'd left all this stuff behind me (no pun intended), but I heard this by Dave Edmunds just a little while ago. I know how immature I'm being, but so what. It made me laugh, and that's what matters, isn't it?

Have no idea who added it, but it's priceless. Thank you!

22 A Good Fart
23 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Farts Club Band

That must be a stinky band. Did The Beatles fart to make this album?

24 Fart Shaped Box
25 Shape of My Fart
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