Top Ten Best Apink Songs

Apink is very very cutiest girl groups in Korea. They have awesome singing and cutiest movement & dance. Very pretty and famous, too.
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1 Nonono

VERY BEST TRACK of the Apink! It's very wonderful, nice and very cute! And this song makes Apink's resurrection and wonderful COME BACK! If this song is not at the number 1, It's very strange! So I love this song!

Love this song, after Hush, this is my other favourite by them!

2 Mr. Chu

Wonderful track of Pink Blossom. Mr. Chu is very cute! Cutiest dance song with cutiest lyrics. It's best after NoNoNo!

I like the song mr chu. It is very a very good song when I hear it I always sway to the music

Just such a happy song. The dance is easy and cute. Always put a smile on my face

3 Remember

This wasn't my favourite song of theirs at first, but after listening to it a few times, it's currently in my top 3 favourites by them!

Wonderful Apink song of 2015. It was realeased at July 16th, 2015. And this song is first summer song of Apink! It's very cool & nice & wonderful!

Remember must be the 1st

4 Luv

The saddest Apink song. Because, this is parting song. It is wonderful and nice song, too. But, I think this song is just variation of NoNoNo and S.E.S. songs. So, I don't like this song.

Easily their best - it's been a year and I still don't get sick of it.

Love the chorus part, so catchy...I can listen to it all day...

5 I'm So Sick
6 Bubibu

It's such a cute song and it gets stuck in my head! The dance is also very cute

Most cutiest Apink song in their early years. It's very cute and lovely!

7 Secret Garden

Wonderful ballad song of Apink. It has very romantic lyrics and beautiful tones. It's no need for criticism. It's very very nice!

8 My My

The song is very catchy with amazing vocals.Favourite song of Apink so far...

9 So Long

Best apink ballad song

Best ballad song

10 Good Morning Baby

This song is Apink & Apink fan's special song! Because this song realeased at Apink's debut 1000 day anniversary! The intro is just beautiful. I Love it!

The Contenders
11 U You

The first track of Apink's 'Secret Garden'. It's more lovely song of Apink! It's cute & dance!

12 Hush

This is my favourite out of all of their songs. It always cheers me up, and almost always the first song I listen to when I play their songs back to back.

The best song of Apink's early years with BuBiBu. This song is cute and nice like BuBiBu.

13 I Don't Know

Debut song of apink

14 Promise U

This song is more special song of Apink & Apink fans with Good Morning Baby. Because, this song realeased at Apink's debut 4 years anniversary! It's very soulful and nice! And electric piano is just very nice!

15 Only You

When I heard the trailer of that song I fell in love. The whole song is stuck in my head now. The music video is beautiful, the instrumental is very unique and was put very well together. It seemed that the girls actually did enjoy creating that music video and singing that song. It wasn't overly "innocent and cute" nor super serious either. This style fits apink best. Eunji's vocals where very pleasing to hear. Bomi's voice felt so nice as well. Hayoung did only have her 2 small parts but she song perfectly. Naeun's voice sounded so much better here compared to another of their songs. But Namjoo's vocals were so beautiful. Her voice was made to feel like an instrument and she's probably my favorite part about that song even though Bomi is my bias. The whole song is perfect in general. Best apink song without a doubt.

One of the more recent comebacks :) Only one has a really mature concept, displaying and captivating the beauty of each member clearly. The first time listening to the song, you might find it slightly not as addictive, but once you listen to Only You for a few more times, the song will brainwash you. All of Apink's songs are either addictive that you will gradually get bored of it or boring at first then you will get addicted. Only You also includes Apink's amazing vocals, such as Eunji's high notes and Bomi signing the chorus. I'm addicted to this song and I love it so much, once it comes to the chorus I always do the hand sign that Bomi does. Listen to Only You, one of the best title tracks Apink has.

16 Petal
17 Wishlist
18 Secret
19 I Need You
20 Fairytale Love

Love this song very much

Such a very nice ballad!

21 Five
22 Not an Angel

The sound is so pretty...

23 Love Like a Fairytale
24 Dejavu

Love the song

25 Ding Dong

It is a wonderful song... focuses on the visual and the members high notes huhu

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