Top 10 Best Austin & Ally Songs

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1 You Can Come to Me

I was going to pick this one, but I looked at the other ones and I just remembered the old song.

But this is great.

I love this song. It relates to Austin and Ally's friendship so well. Definitely my favorite Auslly duet.

It's so relaxing, crazy, and spectacularly amazing.

2 The Way that You Do
3 You Wish You Were Me

My friends and I sing this all the time! Laugh out loud! I'm so much better than you! I'm a 10. You're a 2! Only Trish could come up with something epic like this!

Trish killed that song with that voice and its lyrics. It was one of the most iconic ones on this list.

This song makes me laugh every time I hear it!

4 Don't Look Down

Aww, can't we just say that Austin and Ally have so much chemistry in this song?

I love this song so much. It just has the best lyrics, and the vocals in this song are great!

This is one of the first times Laura was on stage to get her credit. And the song is amazing with a good message.

This song gives a positive message!

5 The Ally Way

I learned this dance and the words in three days. It's so catchy. It deserves more hype.

6 Redial
7 Double Take
8 I Think About You

It was so sweet, and the acoustic guitar was beautiful.

This song from Ross to Laura is absolutely adorable and so cute! I love this song!

9 Finally Me

Laura Marano sings so beautifully!

10 Stuck On You

I love this song! It's so sweet and shows Austin's true self.

It also has beautiful vocals, with simple guitar in the background.

This is such a sweet song, and it shows how much Austin cares about her.

This is the sweetest song ever! Austin sings out his feelings!

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11 Steal Your Heart

This is one of my top favorite Austin songs! It makes me feel so free and makes me feel like my flaws make me perfect.

I love this song! I also love this whole episode and how they are singing Steal Your Heart in a courtroom.

This song speaks for itself. It's amazing. The video to go with it is a masterpiece.

12 Who I Am
13 Timeless

This song will be just as its title says: Timeless.

14 Parachute

How is this #23?! This is by far my favorite song that Ally sings.

It has such a powerful meaning, and I think Laura does an amazing job on the vocals.

This song demonstrates the true value of her love and friendship, and the bond she shares with Austin.

I admire its inspiration.

This should be in the top ten because of the beauty of the song, and it is one of the songs Ally sang, well, Laura sang.

15 Not a Love Song
16 Better Than This
17 Upside Down

This is by far one of my favorite songs from the show! It has such a sweet message and, in my opinion, the best lyrics!

One of the songs that catches my eye is this one! The performance was so awesome and overall flawless.

18 A Billion Hits

How is this song #20? Ross Lynch sounded awesome in this song!

I should listen to this one more. I like it a lot.

19 No Ordinary Day
20 Two in a Million

This is by far the best song in Austin and Ally! It shows how much Austin and Ally love each other!

21 The Me That You Don't See

This is such a beautiful song with Laura Marano's beautiful singing voice!

This is a really beautiful song by Laura!

Laura Marano has a beautiful voice!

22 Chasin' the Beat of My Heart

I can't believe this song is the last song on the list. It is such a great song!

It is so sweet, and it shows how much Austin misses Ally.

OMG, this song is just really catchy. I'm surprised to see how low it is in the ratings because it's just amazing.

23 Take It from the Top

This is such an amazing song! I love watching the performance especially.

It is such an awesome way to come back to performing!

24 Who U R

This is such an amazing song! I can't believe it's 28th.

25 Heard On the Radio

What kind of list is it without Heard It on the Radio, the most underrated (albeit best-viewed) Austin & Ally song, being top 1?!

The episode that this song is in is so funny! I love it, and the song is great too!

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