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1 Don't Trust Me

Need I say about the lyrics, beat, the way the song starts?
its impeccable, awesome and groovy too... I love the way the vocalist says "that I'm a vegetarian and I ain't scared of him" its full of attitude
my favorite lines-
T-t-tongues always pressed to you cheeks,
While my tongue is on the inside of some other girl's teeth"

I love love this song so much especially "shush girl shut your lips do the helen keller and talk with your hips! " and don't trust a hoe never trust a hoe! I was singing this in class during a test and I didn't know that people actually heard me so the teacher made me stay 15 min after school for saying the hoe but the next day everyone sang along with me the net day :D

Love the chorus so much that I don't trust myself anymore! Vote for this song! 3oh! 3 rock!

The best song of 3OH!3. And still one of my all-time favorites. Then, Colorado Sunrise, I can't do it alone and Richman

2 Starstrukk

"The most recognisable tune in my opinion, when I bring up this artist to any of my friends this is the hit that they speak about. I still hear this song regularly now and it sounds way better than some of the "look at me be cool" music I hear on the radio now.

Katy Perry (not a fan of Katy Perry by the way) and the whistles nailed it.

I love starstrukk also how they put the whistles in it.

It's my fave song because I love Katy Perry and 3oh! 3...

3 Touchin' on My

Love the catchy-ness of this song... Simply brilliant the way the song take you through all the loops and hoops of its rhythms especially the part where they both sing with trills

Holy God, what the hell is this doing down here?! This is better than 'Startrukk' (definitely) and 'Don't Trust Me' (on some days... )!

One of the best songs of 3oh3 deserves something better than 18 rank. Makes me go crazy...

You can't deny that this song is far better than the 'starstrukk'.

4 My First Kiss

It is like super catchy! Come on people! Vote for My First Kiss!

Nothing better than this. Should be at first...

This song is so catchy and upbeat, it was stuck in my head for days. Come on ya'll! Vote for it!

Awesome I listen to it every day!

5 Back to Life

I could never get into it but maybe I will eventually.

My first song from 3OH3.. Love it... You people rock...

Best ever for any day of the week!

Awesome song. The first song I've heard of this band. Should be in the top ten because the lyrics, the song, the composition, all r just awesome!

6 Streets of Gold
7 Bad Guy

Best song ever

8 Hungover
9 Still Around

I love their approach to this song because it's so different from their other stuff. It has a good meaning and it's perfect for anyone who loves their music and wants something slower than their normal stuff. Definitely makes top ten.

This is the best song bye 3oh! 3 I love their band and have heard all of there songs and this one is by far the BEST.

It's not slow, this is the best song ever then after this it's starstukk and MY FIRST KISS!

10 I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby

The verse "Kill the lights. These children learn from cigarette burns, fast cars, fast women, and cheap drinks. It feels right. All these asphyxiated, self-medicated- take the white pill you'll feel alright" is the most amazing thing I've ever heard. Love this song.

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11 Electroshock

Good strong starting beat that makes you want to listen.

12 Double Vision

Really cool summer song has a great tune and great lyrics, also a great guitar part and a
Great piano part During the 3rd verse.

The best song for me from 3oh3!

This some is so amazing!

13 Colorado Sunrise

One of the only songs from them that actually seems to have meaning behind it. The others are good but I believe this is one of their best, underrated songs.

This HAS to be the best song of theirs! It has the best lyrics for any song of theirs and any other band. Vote number 1!

This song is just amazing. It really should be number one. It's catchy and the lyrics are great.

14 Follow Me Down

I love 3Oh! 3! And I love Alice in Wonderland. So this song is one of my favorites! By far! I really recommend it!

Just their best song ever!

15 We are Young

Great lyrics & sound

16 Punkb*tch
17 Chokechain

Awesome song! 3oh! 3 is a highly underrated band

18 Photo Finish

You spelt the name wrong, it's PhotoFinnish. But yeah, this is one of their greatest songs.

19 I Can't Do It Alone

I simply love this song. Words cannot describe it!

20 Richman

How is this so low. This is top 5 never mind top ten?!

Should be way higher than 20!

21 Love 2012

This song is amazing! I love the lyrics and everything!
"This is the dawning of personal belonging,
When sirens are violins
The sky above is fallin
This is the eve, of I don't believe
That's all we've got in common
The sky above is fallin! "

22 Hott
23 Set You Free

It's just so damn good, I mean their producer could've made the chorus a little more powerful, but it's a pretty good song overall!

Yes, they've started to make awesome songs with deeper lyrics again. Really nice lyrics, tune and hook...

24 Deja Vu

I can't believe this song is so low on the list! The beat alone should have it higher!

25 Don't Dance
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