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1 Hard Rock Hallelujah - Lordi

This is and always will be the best Eurovision song. Not all Eurovision acts have to be cheesy, generic Pop music. At least Lordi brought something different to the table. Proof the Metal makes anything better and that Metal is the best music genre in the World.

Fave heavy metal. Oh and the worst pop music on the show was possibly when UK got 0 and even though Jedward are nice their music is bad.

This is great

2 Satellite - Lena

It pops really good. It's and wonderful song who makes me want to sing with.

Best euro song ever

3 Fairytale - Alexander Rybak

I got to admit I was a bit tired of the song back in 2009 cus I don't really like to listen to radio but me and my family was driving quite much back then and they should always have the radio on and it was going like every five minutes - again and again. But whats so lovely about it is that now I can't stop listening to it. It's actaully quite beautiful and I think it's more than him and me who can relate to the song feeling and some of the lyrics in it. Alexander is good at showing feelings trough words and music and he deserves to climb up on this list. You got here a real musician who can make us feel what to wants to show us.

Well deserved winner of Eurovision 2009. From the first second, I cannot stop listening to this song over and over again. A Timeless, sweet melody. His lyrics are golden that are, in itself, a fairy tale.

Honestly I'm just super proud of him that year, since I'm a Norwegian myself and I am very proud of my country, I love the son!

4 Ovo Je Balkan - Milan Stankovic

Because this song is so different from all other songs in the history of Eurovision Song Contest! He threwa Serbian party for all contestants - so a party for the whole world with lots of love from Serbia! And I love Milan and will always support him!

Not only is the song charming and catchy, it is also monumental as it is shows the mild transition from local to worldly values, still keeping both well and alive! Get aboard! You'll love it!

Great Balkan sound, wonderful singer, really talented and charming, unfortunately underrated. I hope Milan will have a great career in the future, he deserves it!

Milan Stankovic is very talented singer with a voice of unusual timbres and radiating positive energy. This voice I want to listen again and again!

5 Wild Dances - Ruslana
6 Waterloo - ABBA

How Waterloo could not be number 1 on this list!? This song was number 1 in many countries and brought ABBA into the spotlight and stardom!

Not only a great eurovision song but a fantastic song in general

7 Hold Me Now - Johnny Logan

Surprised no one has previously mentioned this, one of the biggest Eurovision winning songs.

8 Popular - Eric Saade

It was the best Pop performance I have ever seen. He dances and sang so good. That was entertainment and it should have won 2011.

What's wrong with you people? 4th? That song doesn't even deserve to be in the top 100.

Only song I like on this list!

I really like this song

9 Tonight Again - Guy Sebastian
10 Calm After the Storm - The Common Linnets
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11 Molitva (A Prayer) - Marija Šerifović​

Molitva is truly the most emotional and intense Eurovision song of all time, Marija gave so much emotion like no other singer... this song is very powerful and deep... I have never seen more emotional song than Molitva... being that emotional it's TRULY the best Eurovision song of all time... and it's the ONLY EXCELLENT Eurovision song yet!

Without a doubt the best ever. Possibly by the greatest singer in the 21st century.

12 My Number One - Helena Paparizou
13 In My Dreams - Wig Wam
14 Rise Like a Phoenix - Conchita Wurst
15 Crno I Belo - Kaliopi
16 Neka Mi Ne Svane - Danijela
17 Euphoria - Loreen

Is this some kind of joke? Euphoria is one in a billion. That performance in Baku is the best performance I've ever witnessed

18 Fly On the Wings of Love - Olsen Brothers
19 Is It True? - Yohanna

My 2009 winner. Such a young singer, such a powerful song. Best Icelandic entry ever. Best Nordic entry ever!

This is so damn good

20 Oro - Jelena Tomašević
21 Lejla - Hari Mata Hari

I remember this song more than a decade later. It is truly touching...sad, melancholy and the voice is so gentle and yet powerful. Love the violin/accordion/guitar mix...Just pure emotion and so universal...even if you don't understand the language you still get the goosebumps.

22 Sound of Silence - Dami Im
23 It's My Time - Jade Ewen
24 Love Shine a Light - Katrina and the Waves
25 Taken by a Stranger - Lena Mayer

Awesome. One of her best

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