Best 311 Albums

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1 311 (The Blue Album)

Misdirected Hostility is my favorite - TheYoMama

Love All Mixed Up - MarioBros11

I own this in CD I love this album - JazzyJulie

The best of their old style - spilledmilk81

2 Transistor

This has a lot of their best songs on it and deep cuts - JazzyJulie

This by no means deserves last place. While a bit inconsistent, it's one of the most fascinating albums I've ever listened to, I've never heard anything quite like it. Every track has a unique, experimental, spacey, and chill vibe. I've listened to most of 311's albums, and this one remains in my top 3. - mtndewlord

Way too many songs and they're all boring except Beautiful Disaster, Prisoner, Use of Time, and Jupiter. - spilledmilk81

3 Grassroots

This album is just really great - JazzyJulie

Tons of great songs on here! - spilledmilk81

4 From Chaos

This one is probably my overall favorite, but I voted for Transistor since it was is last place... - mtndewlord

In my opinion, the best of their newer albums. - spilledmilk81

5 Soundsystem

Got to come original, you got to come original, all entertainers come original - MarioBros11

This should be higher than from chaos - JazzyJulie

It has Come Original and Sever which are awesome songs. - spilledmilk81

6 Music

DO YOU RIGHT! - MarioBros11

The first 311 album and it was still amazing - JazzyJulie

Their very first one! - spilledmilk81

7 Uplifter
8 Mosaic

I really like Til The Cities On Fire, but other than that and Syntax Error, its meh. - MarioBros11

I love how 311 is always trying something new. Very good attempt by the world's greatest band. Not their best album but it is still a very good one all around! - Dorito

9 Evolver

Evolver's a strong album. A couple duds here and there, but overall, it's amazing.

One of their boldest albums, some of their best melodies and most hard-hitting songs on here. - mtndewlord

10 Stereolithic
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11 Don't Tread On Me
12 Universal Pulse

If you don't own this album, get it. So good. Literally love all eight songs on this album. - MarioBros11

It's only 8 songs but not bad. - spilledmilk81

13 Voyager
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