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You know if you love the band 311 there are too many songs for you to have a favorite, but here are some I happened to think of.
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1 Amber

Definitely my favorite song by 311. First time I heard this song I was instantly in love with it. This is what I think of when I think of 311.

Great song! Definitely one of their best!

Wish "I'll Be Here A While" was on this list as well, that is a classic song!

Definitely better than down.. But "flowing" and creatures for a while should be on here. I wish that "hey you" was on here too

Great song I wish they had "Stealing Happy Hours" on here though

2 Down

I think this is their best song because it's so much catchier than any of their other awesome tunes dude! This tubular song is totes mcgotes the best song that you will hear by the great 311!

Unique song unlike any other. It's amazing and I never get sick of it. I listen to it everyday and also enjoy singing along to SA's and Nick's part.

The guitar part is so easy and fun to play. Just overall an amazing song!

Easily my favorite 311 song. I never get bored of it.

3 Beautiful Disaster

This has the best lyrics out of every 311 song, and it's also incredibly catchy and Nick's vocals are really unique and soft in this song. Down and Come Original also rule.

Very nice one and definitely better than down.. I can't stop banging my head when I listening this song.

This is awesome and I can't stop listening this song...
Listening all day long and its composition is marvelous...

When I think of 311 this is the song that comes to mind. Every. Time.

4 All Mixed Up

"You keep me coming, That is a gal that'll kill dem stunning" this song is so cool.. my hands just moves on its own its hilarious, but damn that hands down to 311 for this chill song.

This song made me realize what type of music I wanted to listen to for the rest of my life. I was 10 years old and hadn't heard anything in my ten years that I liked until this

The best ever I think

5 Come Original

I love this song because one of my uncles and I like to listen to it

I wish this would be number one because this is a good song from 311 and my favorite song

6 Homebrew

The when the guitar kicks in during the verses it makes me feel like starting a riot

7 Love Song

Very good and very calming indeed.

8 Don't Tread on Me

Great riff, one of their best... I'm not sure why it was overlooked, the chorus and breakdown are awesome rocking' music!

9 Large in the Margin

This song has great lyrics, mood that fits with the great riffs. The rap also has some good lyrics. Overall, It's just a great song to listen. Oh, I forgot. The refrain has amazing harmonies too. Listening to this song will benefit you greatly.

10 Sunset in July

Awesome! Song speaks for itself. It's both sad and happy.

One of their best songs. Such a feel good song

Why is this number seven this entire album was mediocre at best

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11 Lose
12 Creatures (For a While)

Way too low for a crowd favorite at concerts!

Should be in the top 10! This song is so catchy!

How is this not top ten. These lists suck.

13 Purpose
14 I'll Be Here Awhile

This songs gives so much happiness! Nick and SA sing there parts as if they were meant to be in the band.

15 Champagne
16 Flowing

The song that got me into 311 when I was younger.

17 816 A.M.

I love the vibes!

Played it our wedding - they need to go back to sounds like this and not the new garbage

18 Hive

It's their hardest and heaviest song... that I've heard at least. This song gets you hype.

You're all up in my mix like Betty Crocker.

19 Hey You

Not only is this the best song on their Uplifter album, this is the best song on one of their best albums. Because of this, it would be considerably one of their greatest songs of all time. Harmony is a factor that 311 is very good at, which is displayed in "Hey You" very well. Overall it is a solid song.

20 Made In the Shade
21 Let the Cards Fall
22 Sever
23 Too Much to Think
24 Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm

This was where 311 should have gone. A more 'mature' and progressive approach with the trademarks of their earlier sound shining through in the end. A magnificent hybrid. It's almost psychedelic in the that it flows to it's eventual outcome. Because of this, I think it's the best thing they did.

25 You Wouldn't Believe
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