Top 10 Best AC/DC Albums

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1 Back in Black

I think it's pretty obvious Back in Black is the best AC/DC album of all time. It has their best song, "Back in Black" and is the second-highest selling album of all time. Many other notable AC/DC songs and hits are from the album, too, including "Hells Bells, " "Shoot to Thrill, " "You Shook Me all Night Long, " "Have a Drink on Me, " and "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution. "

I wouldn't call this album overrated, as it is a good album. I'd say that Back in Black is overexposed. I mean, how many times have you heard the title song in media forms? (Movies, video game trailers, etc.) Now every time I hear "Back in Black" I groan.
Still, "Hell's Bells", "Shoot to Thrill", "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" and the amazing "You Shook Me All Night Long" make this album a must have for Rock fans.

This by far their greatest album with four of their top ten songs included. Back in Black, You Shook Me All Night Long, Shoot to Thrill, and Rock 'N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution are all amazing songs.

This is the greatest album ever made, every single song is a masterpiece!
As you listen to the album you are not bored for a second.
No wonder it is one of best selling albums of all time.

2 Highway to Hell

I was fortunate enough to see two Highway to Hell tour shows within a year of Bon's death. I bought Back in Black upon its release and found it a fine album... But in Bon's absence, the band was just never the same. Bon's voice was simply capable of so much: not just in terms of range, intonation and phrasing, but also sarcasm, irony and fun. I choose this album as the best not because it is clearly a better product than albums previous to this, but rather because it's a solemn reminder to what might have come had we not lost Scott in February 1980.

This is the album that really cemented AC/DC as a force in hard rock. I know it comes in at number 2 behind Back In Black but this is the album me and my friends all listened to. Maybe it's the fact that this was the last album Bon Scot sang on that makes it my number 1,however when I think about all the great AC/DC albums this one always comes to mind first.

Bon Scott's last album with AC/DC upon his untimely passing. Just Raw Power on this album from the first song to the last. Bon's singing, charisma and personification will never be duplicated. I think Brian Johnson is a rocking singer, but not close to Bon Scott. Highway to Hell is my favorite AC/DC album by far. Second (runner-up) would be Powerage!

Sadly the last album before Bon Scott's death, "Highway to Hell" lifted AC/DC's popularity largely. I believe "Highway to Hell" is the signature song of the band and certainly their most popular, but "Back in Black" is probably better. Another notable song from the album is, "If You Want Blood (You Got It). "

3 Let There Be Rock

What an amazing album. We must remember that this was the time period where genres such as punk, disco and new wave dominated the mainstream. In my honest opinion, this is one of the many albums (along with Van Halen's debut, among others) that single-handedly saved brutal, party-hard rock and roll from sinking into obscurity. Cuts like "Go Down", "Dog Eat Dog" and "Bad Boy Boogie" have some of AC/DC's best guitar riffs, fine-tuned with extra distortion and brutal attack. Meanwhile, "Overdose" and "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be" are cautionary tales of excessive love and lust. There's even a recycled song on here: "Problem Child", which is from AC/DC's third studio album (if you live in Australia, anyway) "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" (try saying that five times fast). But the best tracks on here have been, are currently, and always will be the extraordinary songs that are "Let There Be Rock" and "Whole Lotta Rosie". "Let There Be Rock" is AC/DC's own twist on the Bible's own story of ...more

The song "Let there be rock" is the greatest rock song ever recorded. Extremely heavy album. No fillers for this Gem. Can't forget "Whole lotta Rosie" and "Bad boy boogie" Awesome!

I love this album! It contains my all-time favorite AC/DC song: Whole Lotta Rosie! I also like the title track too! So, in other words, this is not only the crown jewel of the Bon Scott years, but the crown jewel of AC/DC too! R.I.P. Bon, the world misses you with each passing day...

I think "Let There Be Rock" is a great album. It's actually one of my personal favorites. Hits from the album include, "Let There Be Rock, " "Whole Lotta Rosie, " and "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be. "

4 High Voltage

High Voltage was not very critically successful during the time of it's release. It received much criticism for it's, well, loudness. The band also had a wild behavior at the time. However, it performed well in the charts.

Best AC/DC and one of the best Albums of all time in my opinion.

Features the unique edgy Rock and Roll sound only heard from AC/DC all the way through.

AC/DC doesn't do bad songs, this makes album makes no exception!

This is a great album. The best acdc was with Bon scott, and this is when they had more raw fire, which the Australian alberts productions really captured the essence of the band at this time, not the later slick stuff in the later 70s and early 80s when other producers came in to change, and create a watered down version of the early much more powerful acdc,

I saw you in the front row moving to the beat,
Just moving and grooving,
Killed me when I saw the wet patch on your seat,
Was it Coca Cola?

5 Powerage

Their most overlooked and under-rated album. Perhaps not as immediate as Let There Be Rock, but this has all the power and a whole lotta soul... Bon's lyrics on this album are from the heart and his most intelligent, and the guitars are blistering.. I challenge any fan to listen to this back-to-back with Highway to Hell and not come away preferring this one. This is the last album which truly showcases the hooks, the riffs and the last which fully lets Angus loose on those solo's... On every track!

Hands down their best album. Bon, Angus, Malcolm and the boys at the peak of their craft. Last album before they upgraded to smoother more professional production. After almost 40 years I never grow tired of jamming this record. Great riffs, great lyrics, great feel, great attitude a true Rock Monster of an album. Has got to be considered the best of their work by any true AC/DC purist.

Oh dear. How can everybody not realise that this is AC/DC's finest hour? This is one of the greatest rock albums ever. This was AC/DC when they where dangerous. Down Payment Blues and Sin City are the album highlights but there really isn't a duff song here at all. The production values match the music too. I actually pity anybody who thinks that Back In Black is in the same league as Powerage

This is without doubt the AC/DC monolith. Clever, soulful lyrics from Bon. Brian's a top bloke, but I miss Bon's wit. The tracks are all simply awesome, in fact I think the best tracks are the least well known ones. If you want perhaps the finest album they ever recorded, buy this. How anybody can prefer BIB to this is beyond me. come on, even if not this one, number 1 "has" to be a Bon album. Sorry Brian.

6 The Razors Edge

The Razors Edge is a pretty good album. It didn't go to the extreme commercially and critically, but it has some good songs. The best song from the album is "Thunderstruck, " which is considered one of the best AC/DC songs of all time. "The Razors Edge" is probably the second best. Another notable song from the album is, "Moneytalks. "

Man listen, the "Moneytalks". I'd get out of here, "Are You Ready"? Because you'll be "Thunderstruck" by "The Razors Edge". You ain't gettin no "Mistress for Christmas". I "Got You by the Balls" so get ready to "Fire your Guns". Razors Edge is the Best Hands down.

I have AC/DC 1990 album taken from forth coming album "Razors Edge" that has Thunderstruck on one side and Fire Your Guns on other with photos made into vinyl have not been able to find one like it anywhere. Great album!

Mistress For Christmas is close to the worst song AC/DC ever did, luckily I rip my CDs and stream them from a hard drive, so I deleted it - something that should have been done in the beginning. This is a great album with that song gone.

7 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Bon Scott was so much better than Brian Johnson. Don't get me wrong Brain's voice kicks ass, but he is nowhere near the energy and charisma of Bon Scott. Dirty Deeds's title track is one of their best songs. Also I just want to point out that 4 of the top 5 on this list are from the Bon Scott era.

If I judged a book by its cover, then this would be no. 1. But its not. I admit Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap is a good song, and Big Balls is my favorite by AC/DC, but I find High Voltage and Back In Black better.

Well, there you go... another wise ape letting the world know how his view is so undisputable. Your charisma sir went on permanent vacation. That's it. Gone. I bet you don't eaven miss it. you like what you like and that's fine. But don't think that sombody cares. Bon and Brian are two great singers with a lot of attitude and aptitude. But well, you sir just have to be someone, even it is trough somebody else. Smile.

Probably as good as Back In Black. Funnily, made of old songs.
Some crackers ; the title track, Rocker and Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire). And an excellent quiet one, Ride On

8 For Those About to Rock We Salute You

Although this album isn't my favourite by AC/DC, it is highly underrated and mainly because it has the tough task of following up Back in Black. No, it doesn't change much from Back in Black and the songs aren't as good, but the songs are still enjoyable and good hard rock songs. If you enjoyed Back in Black then you should like this album as well. I have this album usually floating around as the 5th or 6th best in AC/DCs repetoire, but 8th is too low!

This is another one of my personal favorites by the band. Despite, "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" obviously being the most popular song from the album, my favorite one is, "Evil Walks. "

Way too low of a spot for this album. Are you kidding me his voice is better than it was on back in black. This is the second best album brian has done.

It's strange that both the album and the title song share the #8 spot on their respected lists. Anyway, good album. Personal favorite of mine.

9 Black Ice

It definitely shows that making a great album is timeless, "Rock 'n' Roll Train" is definitely in my top 25 AC/DC songs of all time. This was definitely one of the best comeback albums of all time, it definitely deserves #9, because although it isn't one of their best, it's still amazing.

I love all their albums! I don't think Fly on the ever got the credit it deserved I mean Fly On the wall, Shake your foundations, First blood, Danger, Sink the pink, Stand Up, Hell or high water - all fantastic songs!

In my opinion it's the best album by the boys. There ain't a single song out of it that I don't like. Some song like "Rock 'n' Roll Train", "Big Jack" and "Rocking All the Way" have epic choruses, and the drums in "Black Ice" are amazing!

Despite not being one of their original albums, I enjoy it very much. It received generally positive reviews and brought a big comeback for the band. The two most popular songs from the album were "Rock 'n Roll Train" and "War Machine. "

10 Flick of the Switch

Most underrated album in rock history! Pure masterpiece, great mix of bluesy heavy metal riffs, angry singing and good songwritting with memorable choruses. Unfortunately this is last great AC DC album, it is equal with Back In Black and much better than For Those About To Rock.

Along with Back In Black, Flick Of The Switch is far better than any other AC DC album with Brian...specially including overrated For Those About To Rock, and most irritated Razors Edge. This album is mix of classic Heavy Metal and Blues...great riffs, great choruses...Rising Power, Guns For Hire, Nervous, Flick, Landslide...l

My favourite album of all time. It is raw, and there is no bad song on it. I love Landslide, Bedlam in Belgium, and Brain Shake. Listen to it, cause it is exactly who they are.

Think it should be in top three. Great album start to finish highly underrated

The Contenders
11 Rock or Bust

Back in Black and Highway to Hell will always be on top. I have this one on CD, MP3, and will be buying this one on vinyl soon too. I voted for this one because it is truly a masterpiece. While I cannot name a single AC/DC song that I truly dislike, this album has numbers that are works of art and will undoubtedly be among their greatest hits.

In rock we trust, it's rock or bust! And this one rocks indeed!

It's just the ultimate comeback story.

12 Ballbreaker

I love this album for Multiple reasons. 1st off, their musical style became more advanced. They had MUCH more variety, with every song sounding different and non-repetitive. Every song has either a new awesome riff, or amazing vocals. Instead of their normal bludgeoning rock, they go for more of a calmer and easy going approach. Each song starts off slow, but hen quickly escalates to a very loud and fast paced song. A VERY underrated album. My Picks: Hard as a Rock, Burnin' Alive, Hail Caesar, and Ballbreaker.

Classic album! Should be in the top list!

One of their Best ones!

13 T.N.T.

This was my first AC/DC album I ever had, and it is one of my favorite AC/DC albums I ever had! Out of Dave Evans, Bon Scott, and Brian Johnson Bon Scott is my favorite! My favorite songs on this one is the whole album! I always liked AC/DC when I would listen to my dad's cds but this one made me a true AC/DC fan!

Really not sure why it's this down on the list, it's definitely in my top 5 AC/DC albums of all time. For anyone that hasn't heard it, listen to it, it's amazing and I'm sure it'll be an instant classic.

I don't think TNT is THE best album, I just think it's one of their best and should be higher! 'TNT' and 'It's a Long Way to the Top' are classics!

For me is the best album ever!

14 Blow Up Your Video

I don't see why people dislike this album. This album is amazing. There are "This Means War," "Nick of Time," "That's the Way I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll," "Heat Seeker," "Ruff Stuff," and more. This album and "Fly on the Wall" are the best, most underrated albums, also "Ball Breaker." This is one of my favorites, and "Who Made Who" is also underrated. I have this as a vinyl record, and if you haven't heard this album, go out there and buy it. If you're disappointed, then you're not a true AC/DC fan. There's more than "Back in Black" and "Highway to Hell," so listen to some that you've never heard.

This is a perfect album. It's the second best album that they made.

Great album from start to finish.

Fifth behind Back in Black, Highway to Hell, the Razors Edge and Dirty Deeds.

15 Stiff Upper Lip

This is a latter-day Powerage, full of soulful songs that really gel together to make a great album.

When you see an album like this so close to the bottom you know there's some really great on the list.

One of Malcolm young's best work. Awesome, electric, and true rock and roll.

Plays it way too safe & isn't interesting at all.

16 Fly on the Wall

Way too low! What a kick-ass record!

Kicks ass, their 2nd best album!

How can they put TNT above this TNT wasn't even released in the us

17 If You Want Blood You've Got It

I just felt like I had to put a vote in for this killer live album by AC/DC. Should be much, much higher than this. If you look back at what they were doing back in the 70's; writing short kick *** rock songs not caring what critics thought compared to others who were trying to cash in on disco or long drawn out ballads, AC/DC got to the heart of what made rocknroll so great. On this recording you really get a sense of the raw, stripped down feel of their live show. Awesome!

This is quintessential AC/DC. And it is the first of the two records that were the best of the Bon Scott years, which are--arguably--the best AC/DC years.

Why is this album not present? And the remaining albums on this poll are all in the wrong order. Powerage at no. 7 and Let there be rock at no.3? - behave!

Arguably the best live rock album ever bar none! Surprised its not already on this list and not in the Top 5 albums!

18 AC/DC Live

This album shows how strong AC DC is/was live. Thunderstruck is just amazing.

Love this...Donnington Monster's of Rock '91 was when I got into ACDC. This album captures it. It does for ACDC what Live After Death does for Iron Maiden. I prefer it to their studio albums even.

Amazing album. I usually dislike live albums but this one is great

This should be much higher on the list!

19 Power Up

This was their comeback! Why is this so low?

What a great album. Fantastic band.

Great come back album

20 '74 Jailbreak

Why is this album stuck at # 20? It should be in the top ten! I was around in the eighties when this came out and my friends we were all crazy for it. Great title song and video to go along with it plus we never heard these songs before as they were Australian releases only up until that point. Lots of new fans were made because of this album. Hmmm?

21 Live At River Plate

I think it is the best AC/DC live album. I don't know why it's so low.

Hells Best Performance and song selection!

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