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1 Siti Nurhaliza Dato' Sri Hajah Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin SSAP, DIMP, JSM, SAP, PMP, AAP is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman with more than 300 local and international awards.

An amazing singer and a huge influence in the industry, she has made an impact in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and Thailand. She is a phenomenal female singer who had a solo concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the first Malaysian singer to do so. She also holds the Asia Birdsong title, known as the Celine Dion of Asia.

In Malaysia, no other singer can match her showmanship, voice, and style that communicates with people. She is a very humble person, and all Malaysians know that Dato Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin always makes other singers' songs her own, which is why she is still on top.

She held the title of most popular regional artist for 10 years and has now made a move to the world level with her new English album. She received seven nominations in the iTunes Awards this year and has a huge fan base, supported by her own fan club (SitiZoners). I think there's no one else to be the best top singer in Malaysia now.

2 Stacy

Perfect singer in Malaysia! Best singer alive today. The Queen! Easily better than other singers! Obviously, she can sing and dance very well. The reality show program definitely produces such amazing talent like hers. They test her with a wide variety of songs, and she takes the challenge positively, bombarding us with her natural, superb, and fascinating performances.

Some singers might be very good at singing, but that's not enough for me if they don't know how to dance. And if they try to dance, their performance seems awkward and unnatural. But Stacy manages to show us the natural beauty of combining voice and dance in her performances.

Stacy will beat anyone! Anyone, trust me.

3 Sudirman Arshad

Sudirman has a unique voice, unparalleled by any other. I'm not saying he was the best vocalist. The thing about Sudirman is, with his dance, persona, and charisma, he was one of Malaysia's best entertainers.

This person cannot be compared with contemporary singers because it is unfair.

4 Ziana Zain

No one on the list has stayed longer in this industry than her and still remained on top of her popularity. Despite no longer leading the chart, she has always been on the radar and is often compared to upcoming new artists.

She is the only singer who can maintain her career without a new album or new song in this country. She is the only singer who can maintain her career after getting married and having three sons and one daughter. She is the first Malaysian artist to be recognized and win an international award. She is the first Malaysian artist to be invited by FENDI and the first Malaysian artist to become a model for LV and have a photoshoot in London.

5 Faizal Tahir

The best singer is the one that gives his or her best in each and every performance. As he mentioned, "there are a lot of people with wonderful voices, and they can sing, but it is not easy to be a respected entertainer." Keep the faith, FT. I will vote for you till the end.

Very talented! He's not just a singer. He is a performer and entertainer. Everyone will be entertained by him. He always does his best for his fans. Let's vote for him if you think he is good at everything. And he is also a good father and husband! You guys keep rocking with him!

6 Yuna

She has her own indie folk style that is very unique in Malaysian culture. Very inspiring and has a richness in her voice. One of the few that tapped into the American music industry. When I found out about her, I was hooked!

I started researching the different cultural groups around Malaysia and the surroundings, and I'm from Canada. I think she's one of a kind, and one day the world will see it too.

In my opinion, she's perfect! Her voice is just beautiful, and her music makes me feel calm and relaxed.

I really love this girl. She knows how to sing, play guitar, and she is also good at speaking in English. Yuna, if you read this, please come to Germany, come to my house and sing to me. Laugh out loud.

7 Hafiz

Even if I can't understand Malay songs, listening to Hafiz's songs makes me really like them a lot. I can't stop myself from listening to them again and again.

I really like him as a singer. He has a golden voice. Hafiz has a gifted voice from Allah, just like Siti Nurhaliza.

He's the very best male singer in Malaysia. You should listen to his voice. Superpower. Best giler lah. Layan. He's number one. Love his voice so much. Laugh out loud.

8 P. Ramlee

Brilliant artiste of many talents: composer, singer, actor, and managed to churn out films with a tight budget. I believe that if he were alive today, he would be able to excel in all the areas that he was good at in his time. Most of all, I miss his positive outlook on life.

Not just great vocals, a brilliant songwriter!

P. Ramlee is the best singer of all time.

9 Adira

She is adorable and has a good personality.

She has real poise, grace, beauty, and talent for such a young and petite girl.

I second that, Chromie! I agree very much with all you say about Adira. Everything about her is unique in her own way. Her voice is unusually unique. She is also a soft and gentle woman. You can tell by her voice.

10 Jaclyn Victor

She's clearly the best one. If you search for the voice, she's the one. I think no one as great as her is singing, not only in Malaysia but also in Asia.

God bless her. All the best in life, Jaclyn. A clear voice, high pitch, and melodious sound come from her singing.

Awesome voice with action. Best performer on the stage ever!

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11 Shila Amzah

She's wonderful. When I was in China back then, she was like an idol, like a K-pop star, having bodyguards and everything. She was a Muslim singer and an inspiration to others.

She's becoming phenomenal, not only in Malaysia but throughout East Asia.

She's the winner of Asian Wave 2012 in Shanghai, China!

12 Misha Omar

A multi-talented STAR! She can sing, act, parody, host, do theater, and almost everything. She puts her soul into every song. Her appearance and powerful voice make her the most wanted in the music industry.

Her showmanship is awesome! She delivers her songs (even others' songs) with her "soul." Her voice is superb!

My idol... She is the best and has a unique attitude.

13 Anuar Zain

The way he enunciates his songs makes us (the listeners) feel like we're wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket.

14 Ella

Ratu Rock is Malay for "Queen of Rock," and this is an apt title for this female rock star. Ella's more well-known hit songs span from the 1990s to today. Ella still holds the local record for the best-selling female artist, pushing more than 300,000 copies of her records during the peak of her career. She also became an international icon and one of the "Richest Artists" in Malaysia.

Ella, the queen of rock! Love you.

15 Aizat
16 Syafinaz

I love Syafinaz's voice and her songs very much. Most Malaysians don't appreciate what local artists have. Syafinaz's unique voice has superb power to move your heart and soul. I enjoy listening to her songs very much.

17 Ning Baizura

Go Ning Go! We, your fans, have faith in you and your voice all the way.

Keep proving all your critics wrong, okay?

To me, it doesn't matter what other people think. Ning is my best.

18 Najwa Latif

From Pakistan, I like Najwa's songs... Too good.

19 Anita Sarawak

Anita is in a class of her own. Being able to perform in Las Vegas speaks louder than words. She is such an incredible singer and entertainer.

20 Akim Ahmad

He can sing all types of songs. He delivers all the songs so well and makes them his own. He has a great vocal, and all his songs have their own soul. Plus, he can compose songs and could be a great composer one day.

He has great vocals and can sing all types of songs. He composes his own songs, and all his songs have soul.

21 Shahir AF8
22 Namewee
23 Dhilip Varman
24 Jamal Abdillah

Come on, he's the "King of Pop" in Malaysia. How can he be so low on this list?

25 Aiman Tino
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