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The Cult, the renowned British rock band, has been churning out massive hits and gripping deep cuts for decades. With their electrifying blend of hard rock, gothic rock, and post-punk, they've carved out a distinctive sonic identity that is uniquely their own.

The question now is, which of The Cult's tracks truly resonate with you? Is it the hard-hitting "She Sells Sanctuary," with its distinct guitar riff and Ian Astbury's impassioned vocals? Or could it be the haunting "Rain," a staple of their early gothic rock phase? Perhaps it's the sheer energy and verve of "Love Removal Machine," a track that perfectly captures the band's transition towards a more hard rock sound?

And let's not forget about the anthemic "Fire Woman," a song that combines Billy Duffy's soaring guitar work with Astbury's powerful vocal performance. Or maybe you're more drawn to their lesser-known tracks, those hidden gems that showcase the depth and diversity of The Cult's musical repertoire?

No matter what your musical taste is, The Cult offers something for everyone. Their tracks are more than just songs - they're anthems of a generation, timeless pieces of music that still sound as fresh and vibrant today as they did when they were first released.
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1 She Sells Sanctuary

An incredibly distinctive song that can be recognized from the first note. It encourages a good feeling in me every time I hear it. This is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Rooted old school sound that hits it hard from note one!

Incredible from start to finish and a great rock video.

2 Fire Woman

Amazing song. It does a great job at capturing the inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of being consumed by love. The song is full of raw desperation, giving it a feeling of danger and aggression as the emotions in the song begin to boil over. That desperate sense makes it a great hard-rock ass-kicker as well as a love song, great for pumping iron to the tune of.

Should be number one! This is the greatest song by them ever. It actually has a chorus that is substantially better than the other masterpieces they have created.

3 Love Removal Machine

Starts off sounding deceptively ordinary, until that guitar just stealth-attacks you from nowhere. My favorite Cult song of them all!

The guitar in this song is just too much to handle!

4 Wild Hearted Son

Rocks and you can drink beer and trip to this. If you have an Impala and a lot of friends, cruising at about 120.

5 Sweet Soul Sister

One of the best and most famous 80s metal songs. Even people who do not know a lot of music from that time recognize this song when I play it.

By far one of the best. Second only to She Sells Sanctuary.

6 Wild Flower
7 Edie (Ciao Baby)

By far the best tune jammed by these guys.

This song has always moved something in my soul since I heard it in '88.

8 Rain

Should be higher. I remember hearing "Rain" at every club/bar in the '80s.

9 Spiritwalker
10 Phoenix

How is this 31? Duffy plays an outstanding riff throughout the whole song. This is my favorite.

Intense riff, powerful beat, unconventional structure, almost religious sound - this B-side of Love comes out of nowhere!

The Contenders
11 Love

A timeless piece. The Love Album is a masterpiece. The Lizard King would be proud.

12 Dirty Little Rockstar
13 Peace Dog
14 Dark Energy
15 Give Me Mercy
16 Painted On My Heart

Just a great cut! It flows, smooth and melodic.

This song is painted on my heart.

17 Real Grrrl
18 Nirvana

Great energy! Great guitar solo!

19 A Cut Inside
20 Lil' Devil
21 Born Into This
22 Star
23 Aphrodisiac Jacket
24 Revolution
25 Sound of Destruction
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