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1 Miss Murder

I first heard this song in Rock Band Unplugged and after that I hear this song all the time..

Love this song so much! My love of this song made me listen to AFI in the first place.

Just heard this song again after like 7 years... I instantly remember it when I heard it, best song of afi EVER

2 Girls Not Grey

Great rhythm and tune even if nobody can pick out the actual lyrics - if someone asked me to name an AFI song I would say this one or days of the phoenix... However if I were also asked which is the best I would say girls not grey for sure!

I love everything about this song! It's just so good! Davey's voice is really great!

All songs are great but this one is just the best!

3 Silver and Cold

This song is definitely their best song. The soft, light, yet still melancholy piano opening leading to deeply heart-felt and emotional lyrics sung over a catchy guitar riff, and great drumming provides the perfect combination. This song is the best description of AFI as a whole

This song is just amazing and shows the whole emotion in this album!

4 Totalimmortal

The dynamics of this song are absolutely incredible. This song is proof of how musically talented these guys are and how Davey Havok is one of the most badass punk singers of all time.
P.S. I love the offspring but them remaking total immortal was a bad decision cause their version sucks

First one I heard, and probably still my favorite. Certainly better than the Offspring version, but I'm still glad they covered it because that's how I discovered AFI.

Davey Havok is a Totalimmortal!

5 Love Like Winter

It's between Love Like Winter and Miss Murder, should be 1st or 2nd not 3rd.

6 The Days of the Phoenix

List missing so many songs. Winters Tale, But home is nowhere, now the world, and this celluloid definitely must be on here. AFI definitely = one of the best bands, ever.

Old AFI was truly a wonder to behold. No way this song shouldn't be top ten possibly number one. I mean the prelude to miss murder is better than the actual song.

I have always loved this song. This is AFI at their best! This song gives you hope for the future, and helps you continue to reach for your dreams!

7 The Leaving Song, Pt. 2

Probably my favorite song by AFI. This should be top three at least. Also, one of the first songs I've heard from them.

First AFI song that caught my attention.

8 God Called in Sick Today

It was a tough choice between this, Days of the Phoenix and Totalimmortal.

However, this song speaks to me on a level of how I feel about religion, from the time I first heard the song to present day. Studying religions is one of my favorite pastimes, as much as I find them all completely ridiculous. Whenever the chorus hits with Davey screaming, it makes me smile from ear to ear and cackle with glee. Davey Havok is a lyrical genius, and all the band members are beyond talented in their art. The whole Black Sails album was an absolute masterpiece.

9 I Hope You Suffer

The song that made me listen to AFI in the beginning. Now I love almost all of AFI's songs! AFI rocks!

Who doesn't have someone in their life that this song fits so perfectly.

I've listened to this song so many times I know all the words.

10 Medicate

This song stands out the most. Miss Murder is good but after a while it starts to sound whiny. This song brings something new to the plate, and succeeds greatly.

Even tops miss murder. Guitar break is great.

This is my favorite song forom AFI by far! Great song! Pure energy adrenaline emotions

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11 Endlessly, She Said
12 17 Crimes

This song is amazing, I love the music video and the lyrics...favorite song!

This song made me want to listen to AFI again... after 10 years.

13 The Boy Who Destroyed the World

First song I heard by them and it'll always be my favorite. And Hunter's bass in this song is fantastic!

This should be #1, Honestly the best AFI song.

Really epic track with some great drum work and unforgettable lyrics

14 The Great Disappointment
15 Beautiful Thieves

AFI's new album is pretty good, but personally, compared to their older albums, I prefer the old AFI better. This song (and Medicate) would probably be the only ones that I like that are from the new AFI. Still, a magnificent song!

16 Kill Caustic
17 This Time Imperfect

This, along with Kiss and Control, Miseria Cantare, On the Arrow, and It was Mine are the greatest songs AFI has made.

Hidden Track on Sing The Sorrow. Perhaps a reward for their loyal fans?

Hidden track... why the heck is it hidden?

18 Wester

Love this song so much. Never gets old. My favorite album as well.

19 Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me to Sleep

This song is on the Decemberunderground and is actually called Prelude 12/21. Hectic starting to Miss Murder

20 The Killing Lights
21 The Despair Factor
22 ...But Home Is Nowhere
23 Morningstar
24 Summer Shudder

I know its not typical AFI and that many old school AFI fans hate later records like December Underground but to me that album and this song in particular is the best AFI have ever sounded. Literally perfect song.

My absolute favourite... Such an amazing and passionate song!

How is this not so higher?! It's so full of emotion!

25 Miseria Cantare
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