Top 10 Best Jennifer Lopez Songs

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1 On the Floor

This song is absolutely brilliant! It's a worldwide hit, and everybody loves it. It's very catchy and full of energy. J.Lo ROCKS!

Really very good dancing music. I really like it. She is singing very awesomely and very well.

This song is absolutely brilliant! It's a worldwide hit, and everybody loves it. It's very catchy and full of energy.

I love Jenn! She's awesome, her music is so cool. Jennifer is an inspiration for so many people all around the world. Her best song for me is On the Floor. It's full of energy and makes you dance!

2 Waiting for Tonight

There are no words remaining for compliments. Nonetheless, you are who you are. No one can ever take your place. Not only are you remarkable, but also you are memorable.


Her performance is really brilliant here. After this song, I became a JLover. The video was fantastic as well - beautiful locations and stunning Jennifer.

Jennifer at her ultimate. She shines when she is doing big upbeat pop/dance/club tracks.

This is still a great club tune.

3 If You Had My Love

I love this song. It is such a nice song! Some of my other favorites are "Love Don't Cost a Thing," "Dance Again," "Waiting for Tonight," and "Let's Get Loud."

There is a saying: "The first one is always the best one." Well, this case is no exception. "If You Had My Love" and "Love Don't Cost a Thing" are J.Lo's best.

What a debut for an artist. Plus, it's such a great song. That, and the Pablo Flores remix, really introduced Jennifer Lopez as a viable, multitalented pop star.

4 Dance Again

This song is the most perfect in the whole world! I adore it. It should be at least number 2 because it is awesome. Her voice, as well as Pitbull's, is so amazing, and they rock together.

It is so catchy. I sing it all day!

Aside from just being a terrific dance song, this song is also very meaningful on so many levels. It symbolizes following your heart and believing in love, even if the world doesn't understand or support it.

LOVE IT! I wasn't a fan of her songs, but man, I heard this one time, and now I am hooked! On this song especially, but on her other songs too! She is so talented. Deserves to be in 1st place for sure!

5 Papi

This is my favorite sound for J.Lo. It reminds me of "Let's Get Loud," which is another one of my favorites. Great video too. Should have made it higher on the Hot 100.

This song is fantastic! I feel like dancing every time I listen to it.

It's the best - its music, oh God! I am mad about it.

Very touching song. Great job, lady. Lyrics dipped in the sweetness of her voice are what make this song good.

6 Jenny from the Block

So catchy. I love this song, and I usually don't say that about mainstream artists. Rock, metal, acoustic, hell, even opera and rap are the best, but this is so appealing.

What an amazing era! Jennifer Lopez is awesome in this song, and the message she wants to pass...That she's just a simple girl from the block, even though she is a huge star now.

A superb song, with words that linger. Jennifer is talking-singing in some lines. M. Walker.

7 Let's Get Loud
8 Get Right

In my opinion, this song is the best, along with an amazing music video in which JLo plays several different characters. The tune is very catchy, and there are good lyrics. Overall, this song is awesome!

9 I'm Into You

I'm Into You is an amazing song that is very catchy and makes you want to get up and dance! I just downloaded this song on iTunes, and it makes me so happy and energetic!

Great song! I give it 5 stars. Enjoy the song!

Lil Wayne and Jennifer Lopez, two top-class singers. Nice lyrics and amazing music. Vote for it, guys!

I've heard hundreds of songs from tens of artists, and I'm telling you, this is my favorite song ever! VOTE RIGHT HERE!

10 Ain't It Funny

In this song, all seasons of love and feelings are expressed. Everyone can personally experience each stanza of lyrics. Jennifer Lopez's performance and expression of emotions, which seem to come from the heart rather than just her vocal cords, are amazing.

Her stage performance forced me to understand the poetry and lyrics. Since then, it's been my absolute favorite. In short, this song makes life easier.

All the other newer songs aren't that great. I suggest this is the best song because it is original and cool, and it has a super dope beat. And Ja Rule is one cool dude.

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11 Love Don't Cost a Thing

With J-Lo, watch out! She can sing, dance, act, and sell herself to everyone and do all the things you can think of. However, this song shows something different - Love Don't Cost a Thing.

I don't know why I like it, but the fact remains that I just keep listening to it, whether On The Floor (No. 2) or Waiting For Tonight (No. 3) comes on.

This is just so good. It still sounds so fresh even today. I wish artists still made pop/R&B like this.

12 All I Have

I adore Jennifer. She released so many great songs, but "All I Have" is one of her most memorable ones. Fantastic lyrics, nice performance, and a brilliant video.

13 I'm Real (Murder Remix)
14 Brave

So beautiful, deeply emotional, and touching track. Jennifer's vocal sounds impressive here. This wonderful song should have been a huge hit.

Everyone needs to be "Brave." This song has the ability to encourage that! Amazing song.

This song wasn't even a single, but it was a huge radio hit in my country. Very beautiful song.

15 Live It Up

It's an amazing song. It's one of her five best songs.

Why isn't it in the top 10?! I really love this song. Love JLo! Love Pitbull!

16 First Love

I really like the lyrics.
I wish you were my first love/'Cause if you were my first, baby, there wouldn't have been no second, third, or fourth love.

Heard this for the first time on Pandora, and I'm in love with it! Not more than my girl, though.

Her best song! Love her voice in it, her style, and the background music are awesome.

17 (What Is) Love?

I love this song so much. It has a variety of music, and Jennifer's voice is just perfect for this song. She has a strong, loud, and stunning voice. I love her and all her songs.

There's no doubt about it - she's the best. She is a sweetheart. I love her and all her songs!

Oh my god, what is love on this song!

18 Feelin' So Good
19 Play

Why does this song get forgotten? This was a top 20 hit when it came out and one of my all-time favorites. She did not put this song on her greatest hits album and never performs it on tour.

This song is a great throwback!

20 No Me Ames
21 Hold It Don't Drop It
22 Que Hiciste

Love the guitar piece at the beginning!

23 Do It Well

The electronic song on which she sounds best.

24 Goin' In

This song should enter the top five. One of her best songs. Listen to it and vote, guys! You should love it like I do. Thank you!

It's one of her best songs. I always want to dance when I listen to this.

I love this song! It should be top five!

25 Dear Ben
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