Top 10 Best Shakira Songs

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1 Hips Don't Lie

It is the best song ever because shakira has a unique voice and plus I love how she moves her hips and she is very pretty, and I think she should always be in the commercial of crest because her teeth are white I love her and this song. Shakira keep dancing because your hips don't lie if you like it add ma Facebook and follow me my name is Daniel Camacho I am with the bird from looney toons.

Hips Don't Lie has to be the best song ever by shakira, it features one of the most awesomist people ever Wyclef Jean! and this song just gets you in the summery mood! love it shakira!

One of the amazing song from queen shakira. I love this song &daily hear it. I'm a great fan of shakira & mine friends too. I have hear all the songs from shakira. $ you SHAKIRA. The has good melody &video is too good. No one else shakira would look so sexy on toilet! Just kidding! Shakira, the sexiest woman in world! $ you! Love you too much

Best-Song-Ever. That moment the song starts makes you feel like: This is it. This is why I live! The melody, her voice, everything to the last note and beat is perfection. This song sits deep somewhere in my brain and triggers perfect memories. I just can't describe it. It's perfection along with her

2 Whenever, Wherever

Who thought that laundry service could be so amazing!
Shakira is a fabulous artist who achieved the pinnacle with is equally awesome number. Not only has she gained love from her fans, but also respect from her co workers. Hats off to the great artist!

This song is the 1 I like the most! It completely rocks and also I cannot make myself get out of this addiction! :p

Its maybe the best song, that I have ever heard, from this absolutelly awesome Columbian singer. All her songs amazed me, allways. But this one is deffinatelly one of the very best! I did not know, which one to choose betwean Whenever Wherever, Waka Waka or Underneath your clothes. But I choose this one!

It's a tough call between Whenever, Wherever and Hips Don't Lie but the lyrics and rhythm just beats it out by a smidge. Addicted to this tune all these years later!

3 Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

Amazing song that truly reflected the world cup spirit when Shakira sang it, not only was it a moral booster to all the players and fans but had a good ring to it emphasizing the fact that the world cup is taking place in Africa and its GAME ON! Absoulutely beautiful!

I danced to this this song for my assembly with my class at school whilst singing every word. SHAKIRA is a total inspiration for me. I love her and also took a huge interest in soccer because of this fantastic song.

This is her best song ever. Its very different from her other songs. Most of the other songs she has are kind of monotonous. This one has a very good happy ring to it. So thumbs up!

YAY! Shakira did it again! Nice song, perfect music video adds to the plus points!
This is a song that is the inside in the outside in left side representing right of the song.

4 She Wolf

Just amazing! The electro and disco themed beats and Shakira's amazing vocal ability are just amazing and match the song perfectly! Makes you feel like dancing as soon as it starts and has that fun feel to it!

This song is my favorite, I really love the melody the lyrics and also the video.. I like the way she moves... She is absolutely fantastic and awesome...

It sounds so good. It sounds like if she meant everything she says in the song. Love it! The beginning makes you want to dance and you just cannot stop!

I know every word of by heart and was planning to sing it to my class. In the end I didn't. It was so creepy. I wish I could sing and preform just like SHAKIRA can.

5 Underneath Your Clothes

This woman is a beautiful artist. Her talent is exceptional and her emotion is palatable in every word sung. I wish that I would have discovered her sooner. I could listen to her every day, all day.

It's a great melody song to sing you know
Especially the softness that she has in her voice it is just lovely by the way do you like selena gomez?

The best song! I really really love it because of the tune and the emotions of Shakira while singing it! Nice theme song for couples!

I love this song, but her best song ever is "inevitable". She is one of the best singers on the planet. Best part is that she writes her own songs. Amazing!

6 Can't Remember to Forget You

I can't forget you at all Shakira! This song is good, I'm not feeling the video though. The song is a song by 2 beautiful singers. Especially Shakira.. Keep up the good work!

#VEVO Certified in only few days, that proves what a big hit this song is. I love the song, the video is great (Shak didn't needed Rihanna but it turned out well anyway), let's get this to #1!

It's so exciting and different and I love Rihanna and Shakira singing together! So lovely! My top two fave singers ever! The lyrics are cool too! Please vote for this song

Can't remember to get this melody out of my head! It's so catchy, and at first I wasn't sure about shakira and rihanna, but it's totally amazing!

7 Beautiful Liar

Along with Beyonce' (Who took all the credit! No featuring, they shared it! )!

The best duet ever performed in the history of music!

Nice synchronization between 2 legends.

I like this so much. We love you shakira.

8 Loca

Although most people would say that hips don't lie is shakira's best song an is her most popular one I think that Loca beats all of her other songs by miles, the beat makes you shake it without realizing it and you feel happy just listening to the song. That is what music is all about!

Not only is it a fantastic song, but the music video is amazing! Shakira is a genius. She's pretty, energetic and gorgeous. Loca makes me want to dance! She has the most amazing songs and the most amazing voice. Keep it up Shakira!

This has become my official workout song. It's so fun to dance and move to, I can't help but want to get in shape!

I love this song. Obviously because I'm writing it duh. I belly danced to this song close to 60 times. Not lying.

9 Illegal

I'm a rock n roll, punk, metal loving girl, but when I first heard this on the radio, I was completely in love and next time I was on a computer, I typed in part of the lyrics to find out what song it was. "You said you'd love me until you die, but as far as I know you're still alive". Not a lot of people can't relate to that. Not to mention her voice, it's such a nice change from all the standard female voices in the mainstream music culture these days. This certainly deserve first place!

This one is better than Loca and even She Wolf. The chorus starts so beautifully and the lyrics is so touching. Put this song on repeat and just groove through the jazz.

Very powerful and personal track. Shakira is real genius. Her lyrics is impressive as always. "Illegal" is definitely one of her greatest songs

Wow! This song is a really good song sung by her, of course she is the best singer every in the world.

10 Ojos Asi

The lyrics are amazing. This song is loud, it is a mixture of rock en roll and Arabic music. It sounds like a aceint song. This song makes you want to dance forever. It's one of the best songs of all time. Its very unique very different.

You guys are underrating this amazing song! I am Dominican and this song is one of the best songs of Shakira in Latin American. Its Arabic beat and latin popping beat makes the song a legendary one! At least put it on top 3 to 4

Eyes like yours is such an amazing song. The beats are awesome & music is WOW. This song express the attitude of SHAKIRA. The lyrics recognize you. The way she sung that nobody can do.
Love you SHAKIRA.

Ojos Asi will always be THE song that represents Shakira. This is THE song that shows her talent, her voice, her dancing skills. This song was released 20 years ago, and I think it's still her best song!

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11 Gypsy

The melody is just the type I like because, you know, it's good. The song is just so soothing to listen to when I'm just relaxing and bored.

Beautiful song!
What great chemistry between shakira and nadal, who by the way looks absolutely MOUTHWATERING! Plus another biig hand for the lyrics ))
Beautiful song! A must listen-to song!

Love the way she nips the words with her voice then fades away!

Love you shakira. Do anything for you.

12 Empire

Cannot believe this is at number 12. This is literally her vest song. Not only hers, but also one if the best songs ever. Her voice, the way she sing it, the background music, everything blends so well together.
It gives you a kinda heavenly feel...

Absolutely LOVE how Shakira got back to her rock roots with this beautiful song!
"I'm just gonna raise my head,
Walk up to the final edge
And I'm gonna fall"
Just waaay to ahhh-mazing!

What an amazing song.. The music, video everything is too good to make this song even more good.. What a beauty shakira is..

This songs has to be first. How come it's not? The song is just, splendid and brilliant. Love the lyrics!

13 Objection (Tango)

My favourite of Shakira is Objection. Love the tempo of the song, not too fast and not too slow, also it is really catchy! The lyrics are fairly easy to recognise!

Great song, Shakira is so talented! The tune is awesome and unique, and the music video is amazing!

It is of her best songs. Great song, a great voice and video. It defenatly should be at the 1st place of this top ten, caese is better from all the other songs! It's just amazing!

She's having a good control over her dancing... She's really a perfect dancer perceeded by her voice

14 La Tortura

I have no clue what she's saying literally because I am not a Spanish speaker, however this song has so much emotion and everything from her and Alejandro's vocals, to the instrumentation is flawless. I feel like even though I don't know the words, I still know what the song is about because I can feel it through the music. Beautiful art! And seldom do non-American songs break down the language barrier that exists in American media and reach the American audience- this song shatters it and captivates me!... Plus you can't help but groove to it- and the video is INSANEE! Check it out!

La Tortura is a song that makes people who hear it want to dance. This song's lyrics are so nice and even someone who doesn't speak Spanish can understand the feelings due to the beauty of Shakira's and Alrejandro's voices. My favourite!

This is a great song.. It makes you wants to dance and I don't know any Spanish but this song made me want to learn some.. Thanks Shakira for being such a great singer and dancer.

I always cry hearing this song. Just don't know why... Maybe because it's fantastically beautiful. Thak you Shakira and Alessandro for these feelings you awoke in people by your oeuvre. You are the best!

15 Hay Amores

¡Ay Dios mio! This is my 2nd favorite song of hers. Why the hell is it ranked 57? The lyrics, mind you I don't exactly know what they mean, but the delivery Shakira gives is haunting and highly seductive. The Latin melody is equally melancholy and gives me chills every time I hear Shaki's voice moaning the lyrics with her gorgeous thick vibrato. "Hay Amores" to me is easily her best Spanish song ever and unfortunately very few people know about this gem, because it only appears on a soundtrack, and her own EP of the three songs she contributed to that soundtrack. More Shaki fans need to be aware of this golden great.

Gorgeous song... I especially love the version where she sings with her father

16 Don't Bother

My number one fave Shakira song! It's close because there are so many great ones, but this one just reaches into my soul and pulls out emotions I didn't even know I had...

This song literally pulls my soul out of my body. It's such a good song with these lyrics that are understandable. It's one of the greatest break up songs ever and the best shakira song ever

So Rock And Roll! Love this song, it's one of the best of Shakira! Good lyrics and original clip too!

I love shakira's all song but most I like this song.

17 Rabiosa

This song should be placed at top 3... can't understand why it's not even inside top 10... It will make you dance for sure... Great song... Just love it

I can't believe it is placed at 20... This song is amazing... I can't help but dance to this song... My body starts moving to the song automatically ;) love this song and love shakira

One of those tracks which you'd love 2 hear... Music is great... Can't believe it's at 15...

Running out of superlatives to say about the combo of SHAKIRA AND PIT. It is really awesome... It should be placed 3rd or 4rth...

18 Did It Again

I'm surprised this isn't in the top ten!
This is definitely my fave song, it's really catchy plus loads of people can relate to it.
And you can't forget the video to it!

I love this song! Especially with Daniel Cloud and Kid Cudi in the music video!

Really, Taylor Swift enjoyed it? See. Anyway, this song is incredible. Why 22th place?!

Bad lyrics, but amazing "samba", only Shakira could make such mix of sounds!

19 Las de la Intuicion

It is really very awesome song... I even like its English version... It is mesmerising song and one of the shakiras best... It at least deserves to be in top 20... Listen it and please do vote

Brilliant song that deserved way better recognition. One of Shakira's best songs to date

Reminds me of Wolf Among Us main menu track, Awesome!

This one should be deffinitely Top 10... Dafuc is wrong with people nowdays
The video is awesome... She is gorgeous... Check Out!

20 Dare (La La La)

The beat is so good. Should be higher, not 28th place. Come on. This song is so, just wonderful. Duh, it's sung by SHAKIRA!

Great song. Should've be on the top ten.

What a beautiful song

Like the rhythm, or beat...

21 Try Everything

I like Zootopia and this song, I don't really like this song but it expresses her voice really good and it tells a good message to kids. Come on, not 50th place.

I like it because it tells a good message to kids.

I love this you shakira

This song is good

22 Give It Up to Me

Except for the Lil Wayne part, I love this song.

Fantastic track. I didn't expect to see Shakira in hip hop. She's amazing

This woman is such perfect.
Live this song

Seriously? This song is so good! Should be in the top 10! Shakira rocks

23 Men in This Town

This song is definitely one of her best songs! It's so catchy, fantastic and the lyrics are just perfect! I love that at the end she sings a couple of lines in Spanish. So sad this wasn't a single, it would have been her next #1 on USA!

One of her best songs, but sadly unknown and under-appreciated, with the Electropop and lyrics that tell a story.

Such an underrated song! So good!

24 Antes De Las Seis

This song is so melodic and beautiful! Totally love it!

Best Spanish song ever

25 Chantaje

This is a great song. It gets stuck in your head

Obsessed with this song! What a sexy duo

I hated it at first, but I dance to it NOW!

It should be in top 10

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