Best Albums of 2012

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1 Songs From the Silver Screen - Jackie Evancho

Amazing studio album to accompany Jackie's second PBS Great Performances special, "Music Of The Movies". Both are special on their own, with Chris Botti, Jumaane Smith, 2 Cellos, Joshua Bell, Caroline Campbell, The Tenors and Jacob Evancho spread between the two. Get both!

Still affects me whenever I listen to it.
Even the Beatles and Pink Floyd didn't stay with me for this long, back in the day.
Something very special here.

Wonderful performances of songs clustered around a coherent theme.

Jackie takes familiar songs and makes them new again!

2 Living Things - Linkin Park

This should be first! I know this isn't my favorite of Linkin Park's albums, but it's very good.

Got to appreciate on the techno they have worked out in the whole album..

As expected and deserved #1!

3 Good Kid, M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar

Oh heck, one of the ultimate best rap albums of all time and one of the best concept albums of all time.

Best hip-hop album of the entire year, bringing it back to what it was.

4 The Strange Case Of... - Halestorm
5 Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
6 The Money Store - Death Grips

Without a doubt, one of the best industrial hip hop albums out there.

Not quite getting Death Grips yet, but I do like it.

7 Born to Die - Lana del Rey

The brilliant and beautiful wake up call to the world about the amazing Lana Del Rey

8 Lonerism - Tame Impala
9 The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do - Fiona Apple
10 Channel Orange - Frank Ocean

Number 67? A masterpiece like this album being at only 67 proves just how much of a joke this list is.

Jesus Christ! This is easily the best of 2012
P.S. Why is Jackie Evancho #1 on like every list?

Is this like a wikipedia site or something. This album should be in top 5

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11 MDNA - Madonna

As a Little Monster, we all have to addmit that MDNA is the best album from the 2010s
Quality as her old songs...

She had better albums in the past but MDNA is decent dance record

12 Red - Taylor Swift

All too Well gives this already terrific album it's final, shiny polish. The perfect and dramatically astounding lyricism tied in with the emotion make the song an undeniable masterpiece of 2012. "Holy Ground" is a great rapping song, while the duets "Everything Has Changed" and "The Last Time" both feature amazing male-female voice duos and guitar riffs. "I Knew You Were Trouble" really showcases how mature Taylor has become, branching off from her typical country and country pop sound and displaying her variety, while "22" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" are great pop bluff!

Overall, a 9/10!

RED has to be Taylor's best album to date. From Country to Pop to Dub to Alternative, Taylor gives her fans a little taste of everything. Simply Amazing! I have been listening to it nonstop seriously.

Good album, but far from her best.

13 L'enfant Sauvage - Gojira
14 The Seer - Swans
15 Electra Heart - Marina and The Diamonds
16 Greatest Hits - Chapter One - Kelly Clarkson
17 Trespassing - Adam Lambert
18 Stay In Touch - Sandra

Finally! She came back to her roots in this album. I love queen SANDRA

19 Night Visions - Imagine Dragons

Come on people. This is one of the best albums I've heard in years, and yet it's behind Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj? What has our world come to? Recognize good music, people.

Listen to "Nothing Left To Say", you'll know what I mean.

20 Dance Again... the Hits - Jennifer Lopez
21 Transit of Venus - Three Days Grace
22 All We Love We Leave Behind - Converge
23 Collide With the Sky - Pierce the Veil
24 Portal of I - Ne Obliviscaris
25 Classical Curves - Jam City
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