Top 10 Best Amon Amarth Songs

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1 Twilight of the Thunder God

This is Amon Amarth's breakthrough song. That soul-crushingly awesome riff is so epic and wicked, anyone who listens to it will fall in love with Amon Amarth instantly.

I am listening to it while typing this. Seriously, I feel like a god when I listen to this.

By far their best song. The song that introduced me to Amon Amarth. Instrumentally, I'd say it's amazing, which makes it the most appealing to me.

The theme is also great because I happen to be a fan of mythology, and the guest guitar solo by Roope Latvala is the icing on the cake.

2 The Pursuit of Vikings

This one just rocks. I like its drive, the riffs, and the lyrics are super cool. It is far less melodic than most of their songs, giving it a kind of rough and strong undercurrent.

The best of their songs, no questions. One of the best death metal songs ever, if not the best. This song is a great start to every day. What can be better than some Viking metal?

This song started me out on Amon Amarth. Definitely my number one. Great lyrics, but every song by them has great lyrics, so it isn't saying much haha. I don't know, dude, I love this song.

3 Cry of the Blackbirds

For some reason, this song sounds similar to "Washington is Next!" by Megadeth, but this song is way better.

This should take first place. This is not just my favorite Amon Amarth song. This is my favorite song.

Just perfect in every way. There is no song that is more complex and gets deeper into your heart and brain as this brilliant masterpiece of work.

Really underrated song. It must be in the top three. The start of this song is awesome. Must listen to this song.

4 Death in Fire

Although this song isn't really one of my favorites, I feel it should get this high of a rank. Death in Fire is the Amon Amarth song. It just is. It is Amon Amarth. It was the guaranteed show finale for the band for a really long time and encases basically everything that makes Amon Amarth stand out as a band. It's also really catchy, and the lyrics are easy to remember.

I'm so pissed it's number 8. Top 3 at least. Any Amon Amarth fan waits for this song when they play. Death in Fire is the song that sums up the band known as Amon Amarth.

Maybe Pursuit of Vikings, laugh out loud.

5 Guardians of Asgaard

This is Amarth's best song, in my opinion. Johan Hegg and Lars Göran Petrov are doing wonderful work together, and the chorus is just amazing.

I hope we get to hear more from them both together!

The riffs are killers! Very strong music, and to me, the best one by Amon Amarth!

A really catchy riff and great lyrics. This should be up! Definitely!

6 Runes to My Memory

I love Cry of the Blackbirds, Twilight of the Thunder God, Guardians of Asgaard, Under the Northern Stars, Embrace of the Endless Ocean, Pursuit of the Viking.

But I chose Runes to My Memory because, thanks to this song, I am a fan of Amon Amarth.

This song got me into Amon Amarth. There are so many good ones to choose from.

Most underrated Amon Amarth song ever. So much emotion.

7 Deceiver of the Gods

I love everything about this song. It's hilarious, hard, powerful, and the vocals and guitar sound are amazing.

It's one of my favorite metal songs of all time and is my favorite Amon Amarth song.

The first Amon Amarth song I heard was the first time I ever heard growling in metal, and I loved it.

It was like an eye-opener for me because I finally understood the appeal of death metal.

This deserves to be in the top 5 because this song has a great riff, and the intro and chorus are just mind-blowing compared to other songs by Amon Amarth.

Plus, it's one of the greatest songs in the genre of Melodic Death Metal. Cheers!

8 War of the Gods

I would rate it as my first choice. After the initial albums, I was so overwhelmed I did not know what else to expect. Then I found War of the Gods, and it blew me away.

Amon Amarth, thanks for existing, else I would have never known music can be so melodious yet so stunning. You rock, guys.

Excellent song. Without a doubt, their best. The sheer musical end of the song is by far the best they've ever done, even after Deceiver of the Gods!

I would expect this to be an awesome live song, and it is my favorite from Amon Amarth. It has real heaviness and some "beautiful" parts too.

9 Embrace of the Endless Ocean

This song is probably the best thing I have ever heard. The lyrics match the melody perfectly.

In addition to that, when he screams, "Father, I die alone," you can hear the emotions, the grief, the sadness, and anger all in one. Such a sad and yet powerful song. I find myself at a loss for words to describe how awesome it is.

P.S. This is the song that got me into Amon Amarth. At first, I didn't like them. Hard to believe, huh?

This should definitely be in the top three. In my opinion, it's their best song. It seems so epic. It's like an Amon Amarth Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

It makes me feel like I'm on some sort of epic adventure or a great voyage.

10 Shield Wall

This song feels like it's the new Pursuit of Vikings. Definitely going to be one of the most played and demanded songs in Amon Amarth's concerts going forward.

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11 Raise Your Horns

An absolute hymn, especially live. A killer. Great song overall.

How is this so low? Such an epic song!

12 The Way of Vikings

Super underrated and absolutely the best song on the album. No idea why First Kill and Raise Your Horns are both more popular, but The Way of Vikings is just better.

Really badass and intense song!

13 Crack the Sky
14 Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags

If I had to choose one catchy guitar riff that stands above all other catchy Amon Amarth guitar riffs, then this is the one.

A visceral pacing that immerses you on a battlefield surrounded by fire giants, Valhalla warriors, and maybe a troll or two. Odin almighty, I love this song!

Not only is this the best song, by far, to march into battle listening to, but I swear by it as a cure for hangovers. Seriously, try it.

I don't see why this isn't number 1. Yeah, it's based on opinion, but honestly, this song has great lyrics and rhythm.

15 Father of the Wolf

My personal favorite from Deceiver of the Gods. The vocals, the drums, the bass, and the guitar all sound amazing and create this badass and intense song.

I agree it should be in the top ten, maybe even top five. I mean, great vocals, awesome guitar work, and awesome lyrics. If that's not top-five material, then I don't know what is.

This is their newly released song. So, I think with time it will climb up the list. Awesome song. I can't stop listening to it.

16 As Loke Falls

Criminally underrated on this list. Quintessential metallic riff, simple but hammers in the point.

Will leave you on your feet and with your fists in the air!

This song has the best guitar. It's like a mixture of power metal and melodic death metal. This song is a great song from their new album!

Fast and aggressive. Not recommended to listen to this song while driving!

17 Warriors of the North
18 Under the Northern Star

This song has everything that a melodic death metal song should have: melody, passion, impeccable growling, and a phenomenal guitar solo.

This song is just perfect. There are no other words to describe it, and in my opinion, it is their best song for its beauty and brutality.

Melodic death metal - pure and captivating. As a single, it is their most captivating track, and in the context of the album, it caps off a masterpiece.

This song is beautifully composed. It makes this list having been a tough choice between that and Prediction of Warfare for my #10.

19 The Fate of Norns

This song makes me almost cry every time. Brilliant composition and awesome lyrics! Should be on the top. This made me fall in love with Amon Amarth.

This should be at least in the Top 5, for crying out loud! It's the most classic song of Amon Amarth ever! Come on! Vote for The Fate of Norns now! Please!

Fate of Norns is definitely their best song! This song makes me almost cry. It has a lot of feeling in its lyrics!

20 Raven's Flight

No words can truly describe the brilliance that was displayed in this song. The riffs are awesome, and the melody is out of this world.

One of the best songs of the album, an album that already has some incredible songs.

This song is going to get up in the top 10 in no time. It's so good. The drums and the guitar riffs are killer.

21 Ironside
22 Mjölner, Hammer of Thor
23 Gods of War Arise

Awesome lyrics. The song depicts the true Viking nature of the band. The lyrics, the riffs, along with the guitar solos, thundering drums, and awesome vocals just take your breath away.

An addictive song. Must be in the top 5 or top 7.

This needs to at least be above Varyags of Miklagaard since that song steals the riff from this one.

Got into Amon Amarth when this album came out. It set the tone for why I love this band.

24 First Kill
25 Fafner's Gold
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