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1 Among the Living

Love the title track. I could listen to this album for an eternity and never get tired of it. Especially Caught in a Mosh, One World, and I am the Law. There really isn't much more to say tham this album is perfection. Each track is memorable and draws me back almost as soon as I take the earphones out. The bass also gets to shine, which I love.

I remember hearing this album for the first time and thinking that metal was taking a really kickass step forward. The tight riffing along with Charlie's pummeling drum work is like having a lobotomy performed by a jackhammer. When I think of true eighties thrash metal, this is Among the first albums that comes to mind.

This IS Anthrax! It's all there: the chugging riffs, the grooves, Scott o co's backing vocals/shouting. A lot of people are concerened with the sound quality of this album. That's part of it. I guess you had to be there. This was my introduction to the genre back in 88. One of my favorite albums of all times.

2 Spreading the Disease

'Among the Living' is probably the most brutal speed metal album ever made, but for the purists, 'Spreading the Disease' is easily Anthrax's finest album. Its production is tremendous, there's barely a comedic line to be found, and Dan Spitz and Scott Ian kill it on this majestic speed metal beast. As a sophomore effort, it's right up there with 'Ride the Lightning' and 'Peace Sells...' The improvement over their debut is quite simply remarkable. In fact, it's so damn good that it's not only Anthrax's best, but should be included in the top ten metal albums of all time. Just check out 'Gung-Ho' and 'Madhouse' and see how immense this album sounds 3-decades on without a remaster.

I really like Among the Living and Persistence of time but this is THE Anthrax recorded by excellence. It is so fast, raw, in-your-face and powerful (though it has its tender on the great track that Armed and Dangerous is)
Best tracks are:
-Armed and Dangerous
-Gung Ho
-Medusa plus the other 5 songs

3 Persistence of Time

This has been my favourite anthrax album for so long, and I don't see it changing any time soon. So many underrated songs on here such as Keep It in The Family,
Gridlock, In My World, and Time. But lets face it, the whole album is fantastic!

By far the most mature Anthrax release lyrically and in musicianship. If you can get passed the toned back thrash sound, this album has it all. Everybody is on point on this record, and the songwriting is phenomenally austere to boot. This is what metal music needed at the time.

It is a better album,more mature and better guitar, more accessible than among the living.
This is one of their very best albums, definitely superior to "among the living "

4 Worship Music

This album shows us that quality thrash songs are still being written and hopefully there will be more to come.

Song quality and speed match Among the Living, but the production is better! Amazing Album!

This is Anthrax at they're best! For me it's Worship Music, Spreading The Disease, then Among The Living. m/

5 State of Euphoria

Most underrated album of all time, by any one period. On any Anthrax album there are 1 or 2 songs that are so damn goo that they will be stuck in your head for the rest of your life- But what makes State of Euphoria so good is that you never get sick of the songs no matter how many times you hear them. I loved Among when I first heard it, but 25 years later, I pretty much only listen to the title track and A Skeleton in the Closet. With SOE I still listen to almost everything: Make Me Laugh, Out of Sight Out of Mind, Misery Loves Company, Schism, Finale and especially Now It's Dark. I still listen to more tracks than any other album except Worship Music, which is too new to have goton old.

Stripped down production values and the removal of Anthrax's hardcore punk edge allow melodic textures and technical flourishes increased breathing room, giving this record stronger hard rock vibes. It's still metal, though -- don't you worry!

But, at this point in their career, it's their most experimental album. An immediately respectable quality is their refusal to try and follow up Among the Living, and instead they focus on doing what they do best by making a ballsy rocking' record. As well, State of Euphoria laid the foundation for their next two albums. It's a darker, harsher record albeit sprinkled with Anthrax's trademark humor and fun. Whereas SOE is a solid step forward, their desire to be taken more seriously and make even heavier music birthed the sonic leaps forward with the albums Persistence of Time and Sound of White Noise. Without SOE, anything and everything Anthrax went on to do couldn't have happened.

Oh, yeah, and the songs kick ass. They just do. Be All, End All; Out of Sight, Out of Mind; Make Me Laugh; Antisocial; Now It's Dark... that list keeps on going, mind you! This is certainly one of their records that can more easily be enjoyed in its entirety, no skips needed. SOE rocks.

6 Fistful of Metal

The only real agressive wicked wild thrash metal made by anthrax. Their best in my opinion. Joey's vocals are just to soft for me.

Metal thrashing mad!

Sure, AtL and StD are the masterpieces, but this is pure, raw, thrash. It makes you Metal Thrashing Mad!

Best ever Anthrax album. Real thrashing madness!

7 Sound Of White Noise

There is no doubt that this album should be #1 on this list I simply don't understand why it's not this ranking is whacked, not only is it the best Anthrax album but one of my favorite albums of all time. #2 on the list is correct, and #3 should be We've Come For You All. Just listen to Sound of White Noise, songs like Only Room For One More, Packedged Rebellion, and Black Lodge enough said.

This album is diverse and Simply brilliant. My favourite Anthrax album. The strongest lineup being Bush's first album and Spitz final album. 1000 points of hate, Potters field, Invisible, Only, Black lodge, room for one more and This is not an exit being my favourite tracks. Their best album. Yes even better than Amoung The Living.

I've been listening to Anthrax for a long time and I have everyone of their albums and believe me when I say this but Among the Living IS NOT the best Anthrax album Sound of White Noise is. People help me make this album #1 on this list so the list can at least be somewhat relevant.

8 For All Kings

Out of all the big 4 (and thrash bands in general), Anthrax is putting out stuff that the others can only dream of making. Seriously, this and Worship are arguably better than the records Anthrax put out back in their prime!

I think they are more mature here after they created "worship music". I think they had a lot of ideas on worship music but in this album, they are more established with their sound and song writing.

You Gotta Believe, Breathing Lightning, Evil Twin, Blood Eagle Wings, For All Kings, Monster At The End... This album should be in the Top 4, instant classic, awesome album...

9 We've Come for You All

One of Anthrax's most sonically diverse efforts to date, We've Come For You All features the experimentation of Vol. 8, but with direction; the incessant hard-rock of Stomp 442, but with more memorability and accomplishment; the atmosphere and relentlessness of Sound of White Noise, but with a certain confidence and improved production. Basically, it's the best Bush album, and I would dare call it the best Anthrax album.

Song writing is unmatched on this. This album contains the most memorable Scott Ian riffs in my opinion, not one weak tune in the bunch!

A return to form for the group, WCFYA is perhaps Anthrax at their peak.

10 The Greater of Two Evils

John Bush + Belladonna-era music = Perfection.

This album is great. I love Bush albums and Belladonna albums alike (I prefer Bush, though), but this is an awesome mashup.

The Contenders
11 Attack of the Killer B's
12 Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real

An excellent album with lots of consistently good songs. Really diverse. Probably the best Bush era album.

13 Stomp 442

Not my favorite, but a worthy contender.

The album can be a bit inconsistent at times, but overall it's not to bad. It also opens with one of Anthrax best songs and the next 2-3 songs after that are very strong.

Underrated album - hence it gets my vote...

Better Album then it gets credit for!

14 Anthems
15 I'm the Man
16 Armed and Dangerous
17 Summer 2003
18 Penikufesin
19 Music Mass of Destruction
20 Live: The Island Years
21 Inside Out
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