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Which song by this amazing band do you think deserves the top spot?
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1 25 or 6 to 4

This is a great rock and roll song with the added benefit of a great guitar solo. Clearly their best song.

Been to over 300 concerts over 40 years, always fans go crazy waiting for the encore...25 or 6 to 4!

Number 1, this is the best Chicago song, one of my all time favorite songs.

Damn. I've sing it on Rock Band. I was STUNNED. Such a M A G I C A L song that can fit any "general feeling" of anyone who listen; but turns out to be the drummer trying (and have done...right! ) to write a song in one night.

Anyway. W O N D E R FU L beat. Can't stop thinking now. Let's praise the 70's.

2 If You Leave Me Now

This along with Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin are the only to legendary songs.

Love this song

3 Beginnings

Absolutely a classic. Should have been #1.

Gotta be number 1. An oldie but a goodie.

Love This song. Should be #1

First and Best Chicago Song I ever heard, Brings back the memories

4 You're the Inspiration

Any song is the best, as long as Peter Cetera sang it! He has a silky smooth, dreamy kind of voice! But, I'd say this one is my favorite, second being "Feeling Stronger Every Day"

True song of the 80s best car ride song, best shower song, and in all best song to listen to no matter what. It's a true classic

I loved this song! It was perfect!

5 Look Away

I love this song it always brings me back to my high school love. We tried to stay friends but as it goes after high school we lose touch and then he found someone. It hurt for a while but 33 years later we have reconnected and I am happy to say he will always be my first love and my best friend...

6 Hard to Say I'm Sorry

This song should definitely be in their top 5 - maybe top 3 behind If You Leave Me Now and 25 or 6 to 4.

I cannot believe this song isn't on the list this is their best song by a longshot!

This Song is the number one of band, Why so below position?

This song is the number 1 how come is in the 17th?

7 (I've Been) Searchin' So Long

This song deserves to be WAY at the top of this list. This song and melody are one of rock's all-time greats--way better than their later stuff that was too sweet or just boring or dumb lyrics.

Extremely catchy. The bass line is so pretty, and the song rocks up at the end.

Such a meaningful and thought provoking song.

The most beautiful song from Chicago.

8 Saturday in the Park

How is this song not in at least the top 5?! It's an amazing song ahead of its time very modern sounding but at the same time a classic!

How can anything from the good old jazz-fusion era not be #1, especially this ode to good times in the summertime?

This is one the best songs I've ever heard, amazing tune!

Happy day song! Always lifts my mood to fun times.

9 Feelin' Stronger Every Day

There is something unique about this song. It makes you feel so good. It's just brilliant.

No one can match the voice of Peter Cetera!

Major pick me up song. A real feel good

Great all-around, toe-tapping tune.

10 Make Me Smile

This was the peak of the band, right there. In fact, their entire second album is magnificent, in my opinion. Way better than the stuff they made in the 80s. It had this sort of progressive rock feel to it, and this song is a perfect example. The album version of the song is divided into two parts, and that's what makes it special. Don't forget Terry Kath's soulful vocals. This pretty much showed their potential as a great 70s rock group.

If someone came to me and asked, "what was the big deal about Chicago? ," I'd refer them to this song. I almost can't believe a human composed this. It's truly remarkable.

Love the ending climax and has to be at least #2 no question. What a combination of harmonic vocals, and crashing horns and percussion...Damn this is so good.

Absolutely Chicago's best all time hit. Kath was completely remarkable on vocals and guitar.

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11 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Magnificent metals, should be higher on the list!

12 Stay the Night

So Slow, yet so powerful!

13 Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon
14 Just You N' Me

Perhaps my favorite Chicago song (along with Saturday in the Park).

Their best song ever,

15 Wishing You Were Here

Great song, should be much higher.

16 Will You Still Love Me?

My favorite Chicago song, followed by Hard Habit to Break. Great band.

Greatest Chicago's song. Most underrated song ever.

You know who its for

17 What Kind of Man Would I Be?

This is a beautiful and upbeat song. I get shivers whenever I listen to it

18 Hard Habit to Break

Just incredible! So amazing! The songwriting, the arrangement, the vocals... perfect!

One of the greatest power ballads ever!

Best in my opinion

19 Dialogue Parts 1 & 2

Not gonna lie, this is an underrated tune from the band. Just the chemistry between Cetera and Kath are enough to sell it. And it never fails to keep me happy. Don't forget the vocal harmonies on the final part of the song (We can make it happen, yeah!). Goes to show that early 70s Chicago really were ambitious with their eargasmy tunes.

This is a very important song, musically and socially. Nothing demonstrates more vividly the danger of being uninformed.

Even though 25 or 6 to 4 is my favorite song of all time, I'm adding this because it's too awesome to not be included.

20 Colour My World

The song "Colour My World" was my young late husband's & my favort song. We were 19 & 20 @ that time. He was shot & killed by a stranger 9 months later. With that being said, "Colour My World" by Chicago still remains my favorite song.

Best slow dance song ever.

Great, classic slow song.

Best make out song ever!

21 We Can Last Forever
22 Old Days

My favorite song as a senior in high school in 1975. The 70's were amazing years and for music too. I always remember good times when I hear this song. Thank you Chicago for never retiring.

23 Questions 67 and 68

Such great voice range

24 Alive Again

Brings back such happy memories. Love the melody of the chorus line.

25 Call on Me
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