Top 10 Best Australian Guitarists

From AC/DC's iconic riffs to the intricate fingerpicking of Tommy Emmanuel, Australia has produced some of the greatest guitarists in music history. These virtuosos have not only conquered stages across the globe but also inspired generations of guitar players to follow in their footsteps. But who are the best of the best?

From the pioneers of rock 'n' roll to the modern shredders, these guitarists have left their mark on music and continue to influence and inspire guitar players of all levels. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting to strum, come join us as we celebrate the best of Australia's guitar heroes.
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1 Angus Young Angus McKinnon Young is an Australian guitarist of Scottish origin, best known as the co-founder, lead guitarist, songwriter and sole constant member of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC. When performing live he does his own version of Chuck Berry's "duck walk" and has also spun on his side while... read more

The Scotisch-Australian guitar legend. He should be and stay the number one.

Everybody else sucks, compared to Angus...

Angus Young is probably the most famous guitarist on this list

2 Tommy Emmanuel William Thomas "Tommy" Emmanuel is an Australian guitarist, songwriter, and singer, best known for his complex fingerstyle technique, energetic performances, and the use of percussive effects on the guitar.

I listen to all kinds of guitar from classical through to screaming, raging metal guitar & also violin... and dobro. One guitarist constantly leaves me gob-smacked. Emmanuel. Such extraordinary skills! ! The comment is correct. It's not a matter of opinion. Emmanuel is a national treasure who continues to display skills well past the peak performing ages of other guitarists. I have been privileged to live in his lifetime. He is a reason for being alive. Thank you, Tommy.

This is not a matter of opinion. For skill and guitar mastery, composition and technique, not to mention just serious ability, Tommy Emmanuel is chosen as the very best in the world every time.

Of course, if one loves to see someone sweat and play music more with his hair than his hands, then Young is your guy.

3 Chris Cheney

His song closing in is one of the most advanced aussie guitar masterpieces I have ever heard.

This guy would dump on Angus Youngs chest!

4 Ian Moss

Ian Moss is talented to a crazy level, he was perfect as a musician. The sound he achieved was always fantastic and his stage presence was just amazing. The way he moved and the amount of passion he showed while playing is so intense.

Moss's guitar work, electric, and acoustic (his Six Strings CD is quite breathtaking) is second to none in terms of Aussie guitarists, in my view. The fact that his musical talent is not so well known outside of Australia is the rest of the rock music world's loss.

There's no question in my mind that Mossy is up there with the better-known guitar greats. Distinctive style, whether on electric or acoustic, alone/with Chisel, lead breaks/solo or rhythm playing. A rare gem.

5 Jim Moginie

So complex in his writing it takes someone of equal brilliance to play. Jim and martin rotsey an amazing combination

6 John Butler John Charles Wiltshire-Butler, professionally known as John Butler, is an Australian singer, songwriter, and music producer. He is the front man for the John Butler Trio, a roots and jam band, that formed in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1998.

I haven't seen anyone play guitar like him. His style is unique and versatile

7 Andrew Stockdale Andrew James Stockdale is an Australian rock musician, singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist, lead guitarist and only mainstay member of the rock band Wolfmother, which formed in 2000. In 2007, alongside his Wolfmother bandmates, he won 'Songwriter of the Year' at the APRA Awards.

Where Eagles Have Been solo is one of the best I've heard. And don't get me started on Back Round.

8 Malcolm Young Malcolm Mitchell Young was an Australian musician and songwriter, best known as a co-founder, rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist and songwriter for the hard rock band AC/DC.
9 Orianthi
10 Murray Cook

Great guitarist who as inspired children from a young age to play guitar. The Wiggles show is the first exposure that many children have to music and instruments,

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11 Tim Rogers
12 Mark Seymour
13 Cameron Muncey
14 Keith Urban Keith Lionel Urban is a New Zealand born Australian country musician. In 1991, he released a self-titled debut album and charted four singles in Australia before moving to the United States the following year.
15 Tim Farriss
16 Smokin' Joe Robinson
17 Frank Gambale
18 Phil Emmanuel

It's remarkable that he's 18 on this list. One of the greatest electric guitarists that ever lived in the world, not just Australia. He never sought fame and never found it. Rest in peace Wiz.

19 Daniel Johns Lead singer, lead guitarist, and songwriter of the 90s Australian teenage rock band Silverchair. He started when he was 15 years old and would write his own songs as well.
20 Paul Kelly
21 Jeff Lang

Its spelt ling but regardless, he's still a fantastic guitarist

22 Brett Garsed

John Farnham guitarist is amazing talented guitarist.. Garsed has been with Farnham Band since the massive Whispering Jack album.

23 Brad Shepherd
24 Harvey James
25 John Brewster
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