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1 Levels

Best club song for sure! So catchy! The first time I heard it, I didn't stop playing it for 2 weeks!

It's got that special thing like no other song! Best ever composition, could play it at any party! The first time I heard this song, I couldn't help myself but listen to it over and over again!

This song changed the world. It was something extraordinary at the time of its release, and to this day, it still is. One of the greatest produced and iconic songs of all time and even 10 years on, it's still unfathomably good.

2 Wake Me Up

It's a unique approach from Avicii, a new style from him that I believe is very effective and shows a completely new perspective on this style of music. The featuring artist, Aloe Blacc, is a highly talented vocalist, which is just one other addition to make this song as awesome as it is.

An odd combination of soul (which sounds more like country to me, quite honestly) and house makes this track very different from Avicii's other tracks. At first, I wasn't too sure if I wanted to try it, but I've been hooked ever since I did! Absolutely love this one!

A unique song that blends a fantastic guitar beat with a spectacular drop. The lyrics are superb, and the voice is the best voice that this song could have. When you hear it, you really want to start dancing wherever you are. Probably my favourite song ever.

3 The Nights

Epic song! Evergreen and relatable to anyone. The feeling of being stranded and wanting to be free to do whatever you like is perfectly captured. The song nails it. Also, the reference to a father makes it even more touching. I've been listening to it on repeat for many days.

Amazing, and by far my favorite on this list. The message is amazing: "He said one day, you'll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember!" The catchiness is infectious, and it is generally awesome!

My whole family breaks out into that song as soon as someone starts humming it, or as a word from the lyrics is said, or the melody is played a bit. I will never get tired of it.

4 Hey Brother

It talks about love between siblings in an honest, loving, and real way. It shows what it's like to grow up in a functional, happy family, and it makes me so happy. It makes me feel so blessed with my wonderful siblings.

The best lyrics that I have ever read. This song is for me. My father left us a month ago and left the responsibility of my younger brother (18) and sister (8) with me. When I hear this song, I just lose myself. This song means so much to me.

This has to be the best song. It mixes two genres seamlessly. Not only that, the song, you can tell, has a deep meaning behind it, something that many songs today are missing.

5 I Could Be the One

Best Avicii song yet! Been hitting that replay button all day and plan to party to it all night! Hashtag such a tune.

This should be the top one. Amazing club song which makes me listen every day.

Amazing music! Can't have negative feelings when you listen to it!

6 Silhouettes

Though it came out under the shadow of its viral brother "Levels", this song initially took off and eventually became tucked away after formulaic releases by EDM artists. I think this is Avicii's finest work with coherent lyrics and comes off as passionate, which is usually rare and devoid in EDM. It did make it to the charts, but I think it is still painfully underrated. It remains, in my opinion, one of the most defining songs in the EDM genre.

I cannot emphasize enough how beautiful this song is. You know how people say for some songs, "I can listen to it on repeat forever," but eventually the vibe dies down? This song proves otherwise. I can actually listen to it forever. No, really. How many songs do you know can do that? This deserves to be #1! It gives me life! It fits well with any emotion, in my opinion.

I personally think Levels and Fade Into Darkness are both great songs, but Silhouettes is simply AMAZING. I mean, the vocals and the oh-so-great build-up into a perfect melody of joy.

7 You Make Me

This song should be at least number 2. You may be looking at this comment and be like, No way, (your song) is the best! Just take time to listen to it, you WILL NOT regret it.

This is the best remix I have ever heard! Just an amazing beat, even better than the original!

Yeah, this one is a great piece of excellence. I love it. Vote for it and make it to the top...

8 Waiting for Love

Really, this is new, which is why it's so low on the list. But eventually, it will be among the top ten or maybe even top five. The lyric video of this song is what makes it even more lovable. The love of the dog for his master is just inspiring, and we should learn to never give up no matter how difficult the situation.

The new song. The first and the best I have heard. You haven't heard it, so you don't know it. And the lyric video is more than awesome. I cried the first time I watched it and still get goosebumps when I watch it.

My favourite song ever, purely because of the music and the lyrics and everything. I can really relate to the lyrics because my two best friends died: my dog and my hamster. It never gets old.

9 X You

I found this song when I first started listening to EDM. It's not as well-known as tracks such as Hey Brother and Levels, but it's so much better. This track has an amazing buildup that no other Avicii song has. It has a tune that instantly makes you happy, and doesn't get monotonous or annoyingly repetitive like Levels and Hey Brother. I listen to it whenever I'm down, and it never gets old. The fact that it doesn't make the top ten over Hey Brother and Levels is disappointing because of the uniqueness of the song, how it was made, and just how truly great it is. Hopefully, it moves up soon.

I think why this song is in such a poor place on this list is because not many people know of it. Many have heard it but don't know who made it or the song's name. This song is amazing! As a total Avicii fan and a fan of EDM in general, I'd say this is Avicii's best song, with Fade Into Darkness as second and then Levels as a close third.

10 The Days

I love all of Avicii. I even own every Avicii vinyl. I'm not a guy who listened to this song and was like, "This is the best Avicii song." After listening to every song on every CD many, many times, I am still in love with this song more than any other. My second favorite is Waiting for Love.

I listen to this song all the time, and it makes me remember all the good times I've had.

Come on, these lyrics are so meaningful, and I bet this deserves a top-20.

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11 Addicted to You

I'm addicted to this song. The lyrics are so beautiful. Usually, after listening to a song nonstop for a week, I get burned out and stop listening to it for months. But this one, I've been listening to for a whole month now.

I'd conquer the world with my lesbian girlfriend, and this song would be playing as we do it!

God, I can't even explain. It's just amazing - the tune, the lyrics, everything...

12 Seek Bromance

This is the best progressive house song ever. The beat is amazing - it just makes you want to dance. The vocals are amazing. It's way better than his new music. Totally deserves the number 1 spot.

I am in love with this song! I've been spamming the replay button for this one! The vocals are incredible, and the beat just makes you want to move. #avicii forever!

I think it was this track that made me fall in love with Avicii's music. He is awesome, and I wish I could work with him, even though I am 16 years old.

13 Fade Into Darkness

Two Swedish artists... One who is good at producing and the other with god-gifted vocal chords. The best I could get from any EDM artist. Just waiting for Avicii to make such awesome tracks now and then.

Not only my favorite Avicii song but one of my all-time favorite songs. Unsurpassed vocals and excellent production on Avicii's part.

I wish Avicii himself starred in the video for this track, instead of that singer. He would have looked so cute with that girl.

14 A Sky Full of Stars

I believe it's the best of Avicii, and I'm surprised to see this song at 39th!

Best one in my opinion... The voice of Coldplay and the music created by Avicii! Totally worth listening to.

The song that brings my favourite two artists together.

15 Superlove

This is so underrated here. Deserves top 5. Levels isn't supposed to crown.

The flow of the tune, the sweet bass, the melodious vocals of Lenny Kravitz... This song proves that an EDM song is not all about loudness and the 'hands up in the air' feeling!

Yes, it's definitely one of his best tracks...

16 Lay Me Down

Song brought to life with the help of the legendary Nile Rodgers and some impeccable vocals from Adam Lambert. The best song on TRUE!

His best song! Love it. It may be a remix. The rhythm reminds me of something, but whatever, the song is excellent!

Avicii's masterpiece, with one of the best singers of this century, is ranked this low? Oh, come on... It should be in the top ten.

17 Lonely Together

Top 3 Avicii songs. Rita rocks this one big time. Why so low here?

One of the best of Avicii's new songs. Play your music in Heaven, RIP.

I love this song.

18 Three Million

Avicii shows different forms of music, and this is it...

Nice song. But the thing that makes it different is its singing. Negin is a very good singer.

19 Dear Boy

So underrated. The chorus gives off so many good vibes. Play this in your car, as loud as you can, in the summer. It is AMAZING. One of Avicii's best and should be in the top 10 at least.

This deserves to be in the top 10! The song has one of the most catchy melodies I've heard in House music for years, and the vocals and beat fit so well together that I just want to cry. MØ (Karen Marie Ørsted) and Avicii just have to do another collaboration soon. I can't get enough of her voice.

This is my favorite song in the world! But honestly, it makes me angry that they used the worst part of the song for a sample!

20 Last Dance

Obviously not his best creation, but still, it deserves to be in this place because it is good.

That's the best EDM song he ever made, in my opinion. Pure good Electro House music when he was at his best!

I listened to a sample, and I searched the song. It was AWESOME!

21 Nicktim

The best one from Avicii!

22 Can't Catch Me
23 Sunshine

The drops in this song are so fantastic, it just makes you want to jump and scream. I think the breaks in this song make the audience anxious to hear what's going to happen next. Then it just blows your mind. This is a really good song. It should be ranked under Levels.

Love it so much. When I first heard it, it was the only song I listened to for two weeks straight.

Nice, Avicii. The best DJ of house music!

24 Broken Arrows

This song is so amazing! I just love the lyrics and everything. It's not one of the most popular songs, but in my opinion, it's his best song.

This is simply amazing, and I was shocked to hear that Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1 said Avicii had broken his computer! Top 10, people!

A song full of meaning.

25 Divine Sorrow

Many people don't know about this song, but it is amazing. Wyclef's voice and Avicii's music, just a great collaboration.

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