Best Beethoven Songs

The giant German composer and pianist (1770 – 1827)
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1 Ode to Joy (Symphony No.9)

The fact that this was composed when he was nearly deaf makes this an unparalleled composition in musical history!

Memorable tune? : check

Deaf composer? : check (who can still somehow make this sound amazing

Great song? : check!

Among critics, it is almost universally considered Beethoven's greatest work of all time.

2 Symphony No. 5

Everyone all over the world knows this song, the four opening notes are so famous even though three of them are the same. Even if you have never heard this before it will sound familiar to you. I just love this because you know Beethoven must have put a lot of time into this fabulous symphony and it really pays off. This Symphony will be remembered forever!

This is one of my favorites of Beethoven's many works. When I was a child, this song was on a Little Einsteins episode!

I could not speak after hearing the intensity of the climax in the first movement of this stunning piece.

3 Fur Elise

Mesmerising and incomparable. This piece from Beethoven is by far my favourite. It has a certain complexity and yearning,like, He's remembering certain someone from the mists of forgotten memories. Thank you for blessing us with such a master-class, maestro.

Fur Elise is NOT a song. There are NO LYRICS. Beethoven did NOT write songs. He composed music. In musical terms, Fur Elise is known as a "bagatelle", meaning it's a short, light, mellow musical composition.

It awesome, every time I listen it and it takes me in a different world. It's really have some great memories attached with.

4 Moonlight Sonata, Movement 1

AMAZING! This is the most emotional piece you will ever hear in your life! This piece gives me goosebumps down my spine every time.

It feels like a dream that keeps getting better and better. The triplets and the interjections make it all the better.

The greatest compossition I've ever heard. It totally touches every inch of your soul in each chord. Beethoven was an exceptional genius.

5 Symphony No. 3

In my opinion, I believe this was one of Beethoven' s best work. Love it.

6 Moonlight Sonata, Movement 2

It is so great I really want to know how to play like that.

7 Piano Concerto. No. 5 Emperor

This concerto, specially the first movement is just heaven's music... If we were to meet aliens and show them a sneak peak of our whole musical history, I wouldn't even hesitate for a second, this is glorious.

This is my absolute favorite piece of music ever. I have heard it hundreds of times and I am nowhere near done.

8 Violin Concerto In D Major

Really nice, catchy

9 Sonata N°8 In C Major Op.13 "pathétique"

This song made me cry whenever I hear the beginning of it. Otherwise, it's too beautiful and emotional for me.

Over all the piece is just brilliant! my favorite would have to be the second one!

10 Sonata No. 14 Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight sonata is by far the best Beethoven had ever composed

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11 Moonlight Sonata Movement 3

I love this song. It may be fast and hard to play on piano, but boy is it beautiful.

Super catchy.

Your feet just have a mind of their own.

I can't say it in words

12 Symphony No. 9

A big song that is great!

13 Beethoven, Symphony 7, Allegretto, mvt 2

I feel inspired when I listen to this song. I often play this song in the back of my head for hours or even days at a time.

The most beautiful piece of music ever written with the most ingenious dynamics I've ever heard

Too beautiful for words to express, one of my favorite songs of all time

14 The Ruins of Athens / Turkish March

I really like it

15 Violin Sonata No. 7
16 6th Symphony - Pastoral

I really love it. The best.

This deserves its spot

17 Sonata No. 8 Pathetique
18 Egmont Overture, Op. 84

Very pleasing to the ears. I would say one of the more difficult songs for a piano player. You'd have to be very good to get this one down not like Fur Elise.

19 Symphony No. 7

The First Movement is very Underrated. It has to be one of the best pieces of orchestral music that has ever been created.

20 Piano Sonata No. 8
21 The Creatures of Prometheus, Ballet, Op. 43, Act I: Overture

Just pure joy. The melodies are a treat for a musical ear. Maybe not the best ballet but in the top ten for me.

22 Violin Romance No. 2
23 Minuet in G Major, Woo 10, No. 2
24 Appassionata Movement 3

Together with the other great piano sonatas Moonlight and Pathetic, it is one of the best.

25 Missa Solemnis
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