Top 10 K-Pop Idols with the Best Personality

Idols that are not just amazing in singing and dancing, but are also kind and warm-hearted.
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1 Ten - NCT

He's so pure, happy, and full of sunshine that he makes everything around him better just by existing. His smile never fades, and he laughs with such purity that it hits you right in the heart. He cares deeply for the people around him and works incredibly hard at everything he does.

He moved to Korea without knowing a single word of Korean and even now, spends his time studying hard so he can improve as an idol and fit better with his teammates. Ten is an absolute darling and never fails to say thank you or show his appreciation. He's someone who genuinely enjoys life and works and fights hard to excel at what he does.

2 Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

Everyone who works with him loves him. He has had friends since a young age at school, and they even created Jaksal Chicken together. He gave a restaurant to his mother. He is a loyal, pure-hearted man with a big heart. He's very generous and modest, and well-mannered. His real fans, known as Henecias (and there are millions all over the world), have never let him fall during his troubles. Who could be the idol with the best personality but him?

We love and are proud of him for his personality. He is kind, hard-working, responsive, conscientious, generous, modest, and playful. He has a large heart, helps people, and makes a lot of sacrifices for charity. Currently, he is protecting the homeland at the border.

3 G-Dragon - Big Bang

He's a talented dancer, songwriter, music producer, singer, vocalist, rapper, etc. He's a true musical genius of the century! He's always friendly with others, especially with his own group members, and his smile is so warm. I'm not sure about the marijuana scandal, but I think I believe him for many valid reasons.

Usually, people don't believe in these kinds of situations, and GD himself has said so too. He knows that not many people will believe him even after he opens up to the public. However, he still does, because what's the point of lying? It won't garner him any more positive attention. He's also sincerely sorry about what happened and has apologized to fans over a million times.

4 Seungri - Big Bang

When it comes to personality, Seungri's is truly unique in the K-pop industry. It's rare to find such boldness and carefree behavior in an industry that is so restrictive about how idols are expected to "behave." I believe Seungri raises the bar, providing a refreshing, approachable human element to a group (BIGBANG) that otherwise feels quite unreachable.

Seungri possesses immense self-confidence, which allows him to do what other idols, and even his own band members, wouldn't dare to do: make fun of himself. I find this to be one of his best traits. He's unafraid of making fun of himself, letting others make fun of him, or allowing fans to laugh at his mistakes. What could be more awesome or humble than that? Others might try to hide or look cool, but not Seungri. I think he lives by the motto, "The more flawed and human you appear, the better." I absolutely love him for that. He seems 1000% more human for displaying his weaknesses so openly and honestly.

It's incredible that I can list all of Seungri's flaws and weaknesses because he himself has presented them to the fans with such confidence, as if to say, "This is who I am, and I'm proud of it."

I also appreciate that I've rarely seen him sad or angry with fans. It's as if he has made a promise to himself to always show his brighter side to his fans. The way he cherishes and expresses love to his fans whenever he can is both astonishing and heartwarming. Some say that a person's purity is evident in their smile, and Seungri's awesome and bright smile is truly calming and soothing.

You can learn so much from Seungri. How to be friendly without sacrificing your identity. How to be famous without forgetting your roots. How to be among the best without seeming aloof or superior. How to be unafraid of your strengths and weaknesses. And how to push yourself to improve, even when faced with the skepticism of others. I could go on, but the point is that I've learned so much just by being... more

5 Hani - EXID

She's so open and has a personality that she's not afraid to share. Her traits make her a really fun person to watch on variety shows.

Her personality makes her loved by her fans. She's dorky and boyish, and she also loves to eat.

6 Park Bom - 2NE1

She is the most beautiful girl ever. It's not only her goddess-like looks but also her personality that makes her special. She always makes people smile and is such a sweetheart.

She is a ray of sunshine, always happy.

7 Daesung - Big Bang

I've seen Daesung at events more often than I can count, in different countries throughout Asia. He always puts his band members ahead of himself. He treats the staff with nothing but respect and jumps in when there is anything he can help with on stage.

He goes out of his way to ensure that everyone (not only fans but also everyone who works for the event) enjoys themselves. He takes a step back whenever necessary - often more than necessary - to make sure everyone around him gets as much spotlight and attention as possible. He steps back so much that he might end up getting the least attention on stage, which is probably why he is underrated. It took me a handful of events to notice how kind and warmhearted he is.

When things go well, he says it's thanks to everyone else, not himself. If things do not go well, he blames it on himself and nobody else. Even when he might have more than enough reason to be worn out, he still puts in effort to lighten the mood of everyone around him. I have nothing but respect for this man.

8 CL - 2NE1 CL, born Lee Chae-rin, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and rapper. She gained international fame as the leader of the girl group 2NE1 under YG Entertainment. Known for her unique style and powerful vocals, CL has been an influential figure in K-pop and has also ventured into the American music... read more

She is as talented as she is really nice. She shows her true self, and I love it!

CL is the best rapper among all the girls in Kpop. She's so cute and also great at singing and dancing.

9 Jennie - Black Pink

Do I even need to explain why she has a great personality? I didn't think so.

Despite many people believing she's rude, Jennie is actually very sweet in real life.

10 Sulli - f(x)

For me, Sulli has everything. She is one of the most beautiful K-pop girls, a shy type of person, and most of all, she is very kind-hearted. Some people think she has a bad attitude. If she did, why would SM Entertainment confirm that she ranks No. 5 in being kind-hearted? She has a nice, cute, and good personality. She loves her fans so much. She's not overacting like others and will not fight with those who judge her.

So if anyone says she has a bad attitude, you are very wrong!

Sulli has a very adorable personality. That's why some K-pop artists admire her and choose her as their ideal type.

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11 IU Lee Ji-eun, also known by her stage name IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer and actress.

IU is not afraid to show another side of her personality. Some may find it unusual for an idol like her, but she's still not afraid to show it. I'm proud of her, especially when she appeared on Weekly Idol in 2014. She's quirky and normal, just like us, doing what we usually do. She doesn't get angry easily and always laughs, which is a good thing. She's also an easy-going person.

I have never seen such a kind-hearted idol in my life. She is the best of all. Although most fans dislike her, she always thinks well of them and never minds them. I think she should rank first. She is like Taylor Swift in Korea.

12 Park Ji-yeon - T-ara
13 T.O.P. - Big Bang Choi Seung-hyun, better known by his stage name T.O.P, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and actor.

I think he's very unique and charismatic, not to mention his voice. Rapping isn't easy, and fitting your rap into a song is even more challenging. He does an excellent job. His raps blend well with every Big Bang song. He's also won several awards for his acting skills. His movies and dramas consistently top the charts. T.O.P has outstanding talents in both singing and acting. I don't understand why some can't see what he brings to Kpop. He will always be my king.

He's an unforgettable rapper. Though he may be quiet, his lyrics are truly amazing. I especially liked the lyrics in Monster and Oh Mom. His personality is beyond 4D. He's unpredictable! I think he's a mysterious but humble individual. It's well-known that he's the main dancer of Big Bang.

14 Yesung - Super Junior Kim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.

Yesung is so unique and funny. He isn't afraid to be himself, and his true self is awesome. He has a sense of humor that is hilarious in an offbeat, dry way. Yesung cares deeply about the other members, but he doesn't make a big show of it. He is really talented, yet remains very humble and doesn't hog the spotlight.

I think Yesung's personality is warm. He doesn't mind being pranked or bullied, especially by other SuJu members. He's just like a caring, responsible older brother. He spends money on his younger siblings, has bought a business for his family, and even once encouraged a fan who was deprecating herself while conversing with him.

15 Taeyang - Big Bang

I really like Taeyang. His voice and smile are the best! He's good at dancing and singing. He's funny too!

16 Jaejoong - TVXQ Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jaejoong is a Korean singer, actor, songwriter, actor, designer and director.

He's so caring and loves his members so much. Seriously, look up what his tattoos say. One says "TVXQ SOUL" and there are other phrases on the sides. On his chest, it says "keep the faith," and his lower back features his birthday along with "JUNSU" and "MICKY" next to it. He has also mentioned numerous times that he's never thought of himself as handsome, even though almost all of his fans think the opposite.

Jaejoong cares about his family, his brothers (DBSK/JYJ), and his friends so much that you would cry. He loves his fans and always craves even a little bit of attention, which means a lot to him. He has a beautiful voice, an amazing talent for composing songs and writing lyrics, and has also recently shown that he is very capable in acting.

17 Song Min-Ho - Winner

Despite the controversies Mino had during SMTM4, I believe all that was due to pressure and the need to stand out. I'm not saying he was right in those self-composed lyrics, but he was young and ignorant. Since then, he has reflected and is ashamed of himself. So, I believe he didn't mean it. (Let's forgive him!) Also, if you watched Winner T.V., WIN, and their other variety shows, you would see his caring side towards his members. I remember he saw one of his members on the verge of falling and quickly stretched out his hand to prevent the fall. His little actions show his care and love for his group. Although he may be a tall man with a deep voice, he is, in fact, shy. Therefore, I'm glad SMTM4 has helped him build his confidence and taught him to always stay humble.

18 Donghae - Super Junior Lee Dong-hae, referred to as Donghae, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer and actor. He was trainee at SM Entertainment after winning a prize at SM's Youth Best Contest in 2001. After four years of training, Donghae debuted as a member of boy group Super Junior in November 2005.

Donghae has a very unique personality. There's something about him that makes you want to cuddle him. He has this childlike innocence, but he is sexy at the same time. All Super Junior members seem to genuinely care for him, and he has admitted that he is close to every one of them. I believe he is the glue that binds the group together.

He excels in many areas - singing (songs like U, Still You, Beautiful, etc.), rapping (songs like Success, Gulliver, etc.), dancing (I prefer his manly moves over Hyuk's), composing (songs like Still You, Hard, Short Journey, etc.), playing musical instruments, and acting (I'm glad he has many offers this year and I'm excited for Rumors and God's Quiz). He is also a model, with photoshoots like the one for Ceci. Donghae is hardworking and very kind to his fans.

19 Seungyoon - Winner

I don't know Kang Seungyoon very well yet, but for some reason, he gives off this vibe that he is true and genuine in everything he does. At a young age, he knows how to take good responsibility for things, which is admirable in every way. On the other hand, despite being the responsible and mature leader of WINNER, he manages to be himself, which means being young at heart, and continues to live his dream with compassion. For some reason, I can feel it from the look in his eyes.

Seungyoon, the Maknae Leader, has a heart of gold. He is always sacrificing his own spotlight for the sake of the whole group and other members. Did you know he became the father of three adopted African children at a very young age?

20 Kim Se-jeong

She has such a bright and caring personality. She is so kind and understands others. She grew up poor and works extremely hard.

21 Jung Yong-hwa - CN Blue

He is so cute and funny. He is a great friend to his bandmates and is also very friendly, enjoying socializing with others. He always has a smile on his face and is not afraid to talk to anybody. He makes a lot of people laugh and feel happy when they are with him.

He also ensures that all his fans have a great time at every concert he performs. Yong-hwa is very caring, and if he has a special friend who is hurt, he will always be there to comfort them. He also has a soft side and is not afraid to show someone how he feels. >_<. He is my bias and forever will be. Yong-hwa is cute, caring, kind, helpful, adorable, crazy, talented, skilled, silly, funny, outgoing, cheerful, boyish, popular, equal, trusting, and is just plain amazing!

22 Heechul - Super Junior

He is definitely a popular guy. You can see he's still popular even after completing two years of military service. People both older and younger than him in the Kpop industry respect him. While he may seem rude on variety shows, people don't seem to hate him because he's polite behind the scenes. He's not only talented in singing and dancing but also in acting and hosting variety shows. His personality is humorous, and he's handsome to boot. That's basically why he's so successful and likable.

23 Jin - BTS

You can see how Jin truly cares about his other members, earning him the nickname Eomma Jin. He's sweet, handsome, funny, dorky, and down-to-earth. Although he's not the best dancer, as any ARMY knows, you can see how hard he practices to make sure he puts on a good show for the fans. He provides amazing fan service as well.

He also has an extremely underappreciated voice and tends not to get many lines in songs, although he has been getting more lately. Despite this, he gets teased by his younger members a lot, but he is extremely tolerant and doesn't take it to heart. He keeps focusing on his fans and his performance.

24 Dara Park - 2NE1

Sandara Park is beautiful both inside and out. What I love most about her is her humility and down-to-earth nature. She recognizes her flaws and gives her best to improve them. She often reminds her fans that she's human too and has imperfections. She's aware of her limits and knows when to be private. While she shares her daily life with fans, she doesn't overshare. She has a good heart and makes it easy for fans to connect with her. There are countless reasons to love her and be proud to be her stan.

25 Onew - SHINee

ONEW is a man who can endure pain with a smile. He stands by his members on all occasions and takes care of his members. He is a lovable human being. Now that most of his team members are involved in their individual schedules, he has been offering his support as best as he can. He is one who bows 90 degrees automatically whenever he encounters any of his sunbaes. He was also the first person in his group to introduce his mother to the public. Overall, he is one of the best leaders in the K-pop industry and is a good human being.

Onew is really a warm person. He always cares for his members as the leader of SHINee. Although he might not show it outwardly, if you look closely, you can see how affectionate he is. He pays attention even to the little things.

He has a gentle personality, an angelic voice, and a beautiful smile. I also love the fact that he's very humble and well-mannered. That's why many people, including both hoobae and sunbae, love and admire him. He's a hard worker, always striving to give his best, and he manages to smile even under the worst conditions, such as when he is sick or not feeling well.
Lee Jinki is truly a beautiful person.

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