Kpop Idols With the Best Personality

Idols, that are not just amazing in singing & dancing.. but also be kind and warm-hearted..
The Top Ten
1 Ten - NCT

I actually looked up this list because I was curious to see where Ten ranked? He's not even my very favorite Idol? But I had this feeling like, if anyone should be ranked high, it's Ten. I expected him to barely scratch the top of the list, only since there are SO MANY talented and beloved Idols, even within his own group (Taeyong being outstanding). But there he is, number one! And it feels right. He is constantly raising the bar just by existing. It's less about skill (which he has loads), and more just his energy. His presence. It's like he exists to teach. You can watch him for 30 seconds, no matter who you are or how much you know about Kpop, and there's this feeling like you can expand your life. He's really a stunning life on Earth, and applies himself to the Idol world in a way that feels deeply cultivated and natural, rather than just aesthetic. He acts from a place of true confidence, rather than following. When I need to remember what I'm made of, I look to Ten. He doesn't ...more

Ten is such a good kid. You can really see through it by the way he talks and the way he acts. If you have been a fan of Ten since TNT you will know how much of a great kid he is. He love his family so much and during his stage during his TNT performance, he invited his grandma on stage! How sweet is that and even now if you will see how his family really goes to the airport just to send him off. That is family goals right there. He's teachers even said that Ten will always help his classmates even though he is still not finished in his own works. His kind hearted personality really brings people to each other. You can see it during his participation in HTS. All of the sunbaes cheer for him and babied him during the show especially Hyoyeon, Bora and Taemin even those idols who haven't really get to know him wants to be friends with him example is Yugyeom. His own sunbaes also love him like Shinee's Key and Taemin! Ten is also a great friend towards his members. You can see how he is ...more

Literally he's so pure and happy and full of sunshine he makes everything around him better just by existing. His smile never fades and he laughs with such purity it hits you right in the heart. He cares so much for the people around him and works so hard at everything he does. He moved to Korea without knowing a single word of Korean and even now spends his time studying hard so he can improve as an idol and fit better with his teammates. Ten's an absolute darling and never fails to say thank you or show his appreciation. He's someone who genuinely enjoys life and works and fights so hard to be good at what he does.

He might seem like someone who is cool and cold but he has such a warm personality. Along with his great talent in dance, his attitude towards his profession is something admirable. Despite coming all the way from Thailand, he does not forget his roots even though he is promoting in Korea. His affection for his fellow members and his 10vely fans is something to be appreciated since his sincerity and love for them is genuine. He looks up to people in the industry who are considered legends and he will not be far from achieving that status as well.

2 Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

Everyone who works with him loves him, he has friends since the young age at school (they created Jaksal chicken together) he give a restaurant to his mother. He is a loyal person, he is pure heart, a man with a big heart, very generous and modest, well manered... His real fans named Henecias (and there are millions all over the world) never let him fall during his troubles. Who can be the idol with best personality but him!

We love, we proud by him for his personality. Kind, hard-working, responsive, conscientious, generous, modest, prankish... Have large heart, helping people, a lot of sacrifice for charity. Now protects the homeland on the border.

Yes he has the best personnality in Kpop world and in the world too. Everybody who knows him, who works with him, and his fans can say he is a cool man and very kind. His kindness is his weakness in the jungle of South Korea where he is a victim.

KHJ is a true gentleman (he never said something bad even against Choi who insulted and abused him), he has a great sense of humour, he is a sentimental man, he has a very very good education and maneer, he is very humble and has a golden heart...

3 G-Dragon - Big Bang

He's a talented dancer, songwriter, music producer, singer, vocalist, rapper, etc. He's a true musical genius of the century! He's always friendly with others, especially with his own group members, and his smile is so warm. I really don't know about the marijuana scandal, but I think I believe him, for a lot of valid reasons. Usually, people don't believe these things, and GD himself said so too, he knows not many people will believe him even after he opens up to the public, but he still does, because what's the point of lying? It's not going to get him any more positive attention. He's also sincerely sorry about what happened, as he apologized too fans over a million times.

G-Dragon is an overall interesting person. I love the facial expressions and attitudes he brings into his music. I've always like crooked and I just love how he really got into the role that his lyrics were displaying.

He made me love kpop and there is a legit reason why we all love him so much. I truly think he is one of the most talented artists in the century. He is not afraid to make a statement and he is bold with his choices. His smile is bright and caring and although he is not the most perfect looking kpop star out there, he has a certain charm and charisma that makes him the brightest star that shines. His fashion is impecable and sometimes weird but everyone still loves it because he makes it different and new. His voice is so unique and recognizable in every song he sings. I loved That XX for its unique but soft cursing. I don't care if he did marijuana because that does not change who he is. I believe him because I know that under all that stardom and coolness is a truthful dork that needs his fan's appreciatation and love! GD you are the best no matter what!

GD has got two personalities - one, on-stage and the other off-stage. Most people judge him by his on-stage persona which is the confident, arrogant, unapproachable one but they fail to realize they are all part of his songs. The real GD can be seen in variety shows and interviews which is the shy, humble, modest one. Even though he is such a talented singer, rapper, song-writer, music producer and dancer, he himself considers himself the most 'overrated' musician in the industry ( I don't know why he would consider himself 'overrated' when in reality he deserves all the praises in the dictionary since he achieved so much on his own at such an early age ). Moreover he is a trend-setter. Whatever he wears, even though sometimes it ends up being weird ( no offense ) he sets a new trend. And boy does he has manners. He respects everyone, he doesn't care if they are famous or not. He keeps bowing in front of everyone, both seniors and juniors. What astounds me the most is the fact that ...more

4 Seungri - Big Bang

If we are talking about personality, Seungri's personality is clearly one of a kind in the kpop industry. It is difficult to find such boldness and carefree antics inside an industry that is so restrictive in the way idols are supposed to "behave". I believe Seungri... jumps the bar and gives a rather refreshing, approachable human feeling to a group (BIGBANG) that feels quite unreachable other way.

Clearly the boy has huge confidence in himself; which allows him to do what other idols (and members) wouldn't dare to do: and that is make fun of himself. I find THAT ONE of his best traits; he is not scared of making fun of himself, letting others make fun of him or allowing fans to laugh about his mistakes... What is more awesome or humble than that? Others would hide or try to look cool... but not Seungri. I think he has a personal saying that says "The more weak, human and with flaws you look, the better." And Oh! If I don't love the boy for that. He looks 1000% more human just ...more

Honestly he doesn't really care about sharing his own mistakes, which is one of his best traits. He's a really humble, funny, UNIQUE and adorable boy. He's just so different from your average idol that it's hard not to love him.

He makes fun of the other members, he let's other people make fun of him, (there was this one time where everyone was making fun of him gaining weight, and he'd never get mad, and would laugh about it like "I'll workout and show you my body in a few months) he has fun with his life.

Some might think that he's a bit noisy or has too much scandals, but to be honest, he's a blunt boy and that's part of his personality, it can't be changed. It's not a good thing but it's not a bad thing, it all comes down to personal choices. I think Seungri is one of the most confident and unique idol on Kpop

Seungri's is like a wave: you see it coming and you make a decision to either run away or jump into it. People would love to get Seungri's personality. You get this hardworking and determined self, but knowing you still have your weaknesses that you can overcome through them. You'll be the most entertaining person out there while keeping within your boundaries. Sure you'll make mistakes, but everyone will still understand you because you care for adjusting and noticing your flaws. Seungri is a person who I consider my role model, and hope that everyone will see how different he is from regular people.

Seungri definitely has that "One Of A Kind" winning personality. I love the "Realness" of him. He is funny, goofy and appears an all around good guy. I like the "What you see, is what you get" image he gives off. I remember him saying he wasn't the type to be "One way in font of the camera and another when not." I like to think he's honest about drinking, dancing and such. I want to feel he is approachable. I don't need another idol who pretends like their perfect. We are all human so, it's good to know he make mistakes, he's loud, silly, likes to party, hang with friends and drink every now and then. I like how he is more open to the fans, willing to stop and talk when he can. How he post pictures showing his true self. Those are some of the qualities that make for a great personality. A person that you would want to get to know and make friends with. Congratulations to Seungri, our wonderful Maknae of Big Bang, you deserve the recognition.

5 Park Bom - 2NE1

The most beautiful girl ever. Not only her goddess-like looks but also her personality. She always makes people smile. She is such a sweetheart.

She can make her member happy with her funny dance and action. And very kind to the maknae mizy.

She is a ray of sunshine, always happy.

She is so friendly and I like her

6 Daesung - Big Bang

I've seen Daesung at events more often than I could count, in different countries throughout Asia.
He always puts his band members ahead of himself. He treats the staff with nothing but respect and jumps in when there is anything he can help with on stage. He will go out of his way to ensure that everyone (not only fans but also everyone who works for the event) enjoy themselves. He takes a step back whenever necessary (even more often than necessary really) to make sure everyone around him gets as much spotlight and attention as possible. He steps back so much that he might end up getting the least attention on stage, which is probably the reason why he is underrated - it took me a handful of events as well to notice how kind and warmhearted he is. When things go well, he will say it's thanks to everyone else, not himself. If things do not go well, he will blame it on himself and nobody else. Even when he might have more than enough reason to be worn out, he will still put in ...more

Really underappreciated. He's genuinely a sincere, humble and caring guy, and not just on variety shows. He always lightens the mood with his jokes and always places others before himself. He has been through so much in his life - his father opposing him joining Big Bang, his vocal cord nodules, his 'lacking appearance', and those two tragic car accidents - all these garnered him so much unreasonable hate and left him emotionally and psychologically scarred, but yet he still manages to move on, staying strong and maintaining that beautiful smile, not for himself, but for his loved ones who truly care about him, and VIPs. He is truly someone who inspires me and helps me get through the tough stages of my life.

He's really underrated, he still doesn't have a Korean solo album but Daesung is really a nice and polite guy. He always show his respect to his seniors (you can always see him bowing and greeting them) and juniors (he's humble and not arrogant and properly bow to his juniors) He went through many difficulties but he still managed to stay strong and maintained his beautiful eye-smile although he recieved much hate. He has a very witty personality and makes a lot of "bad" jokes and puns to lighten the mood and remove tensions. In variety shows, many made fun of his "lacking" looks but he just laughs them off. He's my bias and inspiration. He made me realised that looks aren't everything, he used his pure talent ( his husky and powerful vocals are just amazing ) and is very sucessful in Korea and Japan. I truely respect Daesung. :-)

Daesung is such a sweet guy:) he's so cute and awkward it's impossible to love this smiling angel. He's nice to his fans and says he wants to be a singer that makes others happy:) Aw.. Also he's really considerate and stuff and during the car accident scandal although there's proof he didn't cause the motorcyclist's death he was still so remorseful about it and attended the motorcyclist's funeral. He has a beautiful smile that will lighten everyone's day and is often the super cute one in variety shows using his innocent persona. Or maybe not persona he's just naturally cute. He also really cares for his fellow big bang members. Can be a wimp because he is so easily scared but I find that to be part of his charm His incredibly underrated because his voice is AMAZING so amazing words cannot define how wonderful his voice is. He's such a sweet guy.

7 Hani - EXID

She's so open and has a personality that she's not afraid to share. Her traits make her a really fun person to watch on variety shows.

Her personality makes her loved by her fans. She's dorky and boyish, and also loves to eat

She doesn't hide away her quirks and braces them instead

She's the best!

8 CL - 2NE1

Best rapper in all girls in kpop so cute and great in singing and dancing

She is talented as is really nice. She shows her true self and I love it!

She's such an awesome & talented leader with a gret personality

The baddest female!

9 Jennie - Black Pink

Do I even need to explain why she has a great personality... YEAH didn't think so

Despite many people believing she’s rude, Jennie is actually very sweet in real life

I love jennei she deserves the most love in k-pop love you queen 💕

she's so sweet in real life, don't know why she gets so much hate

10 Sulli - f(x)

For me Sulli has everything because she is one of the beautiful kpop girl, a shy type person and most of all she is very kind-hearted. Some people think she has a bad attitude, if she has this attitude why is it that the SMent confirmed that she is rank no.5 being kind-hearted. She has a nice, cute and good personality. She loves her fans so much.. She's not overacting like others and will not fight for who judged her.

So if one will tell she has a bad attitude. You are so very WRONG!

Sulli, has a very adorable personality that's why some of kpop artist admires and choose her as their ideal type...

I Love her personality forever...

People say she's rude and princessy, but sulli is actually very warm-hearted. She gets shy most of the time, but her kind personality is an A+

The Contenders
11 IU

I have never seen such a kindhearted idol in my life. She is best of all. Although most of the fans hate her she always think good for them and never mind about them. I think she should rank first. She is like tylor swift in korea.

IU is like she's not afraid to show her another personality side. It may be retarded for a idol girl like her But Than she's still not afraid to show it. I'm proud of her like when she's on weekly idol 2014. She's cute and retarded just like a normal girl, like us, What we usually do. Not much different. I love her. She won't get angry easily and she always laugh which was a good thing. She's also a easy going person.

She is the kindest

I don’t Stan her, but she seems like a genuinely good person

12 Park Ji-yeon - T-ara

She is really nice

Always taking care of her Unnie as the maknae

Unnie sa rang he yo... QUEEN'S VIỆT NAM

13 T.O.P. - Big Bang Choi Seung-hyun, better known by his stage name T.O.P, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and actor.

I think he is very unique, charismatic and not to mention his voice! Rapping is not easy. To fit your rap into one song is not an easy job. He did a great job, all his rapping blend well with every bigbang song. He also won several award for his acting skill, his movie or drama always stay top of the chart. T.O.P have a very outstanding talent in both singing and acting. Why can't you guys see it. He brought to kpop. And he still my king.

He's a very memorable rapper, he's quiet but his lyrics are absolutely amazing, I especially liked the lyrics in Monster and Oh Mom. He has a character beyond a 4D personality; he's so unpredictable! I think he's a mysterious person but very humble. And we all know he's the main dancer of bigbang!

I love him so much. I 've been watched him since I was 5 and I'll never forget him as the most beautiful memory I've ever had. Thank you so much Choi Seung Huyn for came to my life. Always love you

He's the best rapper in Korea. I love him because of not only his talents but also his characteristic

14 Taeyang - Big Bang

Even though Gdragon is considered the musical genius from their group and ofc their group songs are good but it's the songs from Taeyang's solo album like eyes, nose, lips, ringa linga Wedding dress! and many others that make u feel something. YB's amazing songs are accompanied by his killer dance moves. U could lwatch the videos or listen to his music time &again and still not get bored. Plus according to what we've seen so far he seems like a very genuine, hardworking, honest person and a very loyal friend. #gdyb His only flaw is his height but that isn't a big deal since he seems satisfied with himself. There's nothing more we could ask for! To round it off Taeyang definitely steals the show! ❤️

I really like Taeyang. His voice and smile is the best! He's good at dancing and singing. He's funny too!

I really really love his incent cool voice that melts your heart and in my opinion his got the greatest voice in Kpop. Awww love you tae-yang

Taeyang is good looking and has a good personality

15 Yesung - Super Junior Kim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.

He is a filial son (for recognition by a two channel in Korea), a house, one a restaurant (closed), a cafe and a glasses store ( now produce other stuffs like accessories, bags, and hoodie. they usually go to those place to help his mother and father.
He had a family trip to Jeju, since his parents rejected to go to Japan.
So he just went to Japan with his younger brother and friend.
He promised her mom on Parents' Day "I will make everyday a parents' day"
He is a son and brother who full of affection and a-never-ending care towards his family.
He is so gallant as a man.
You can see through any chance involved him with girls, he always tries his best to make such unnecessary skinship.
He respect the older and sunbae.
When he is on variety show, he do his best not to annoy or comment impolitely to the sunbaes.
To the dongsaeng, he treat them well and friendly.
He is such an ideal man! I hope I find someone like him, interm of personal traits!

Yesung is so unique and funny. He isn't afraid to be himself, and his true self is awesome. He is hilarious in an off, dry humor sort of way. Yesung cares about the other members a ton, but he doesn't make a big show of it. He is really talented, but still very humble and he doesn't hog the spotlight.

I think Yesung's personality is warm. He doesn't mind being pranked or bullied, especially by other SuJu members - just like a caring, responsible older brother. He spends money on his dongsaengs, bought a business for his family, even told off and encourged a fan on one occassion just 'cause this fan girl is deprecating herself while conversing with him.

One of the best voices in Kpop ever. Deep, passionate, earthy voice that forms the basis of practically all the Super Junior songs. A class act.

16 Song Min-Ho - Winner

He is juss an innoncent, sweet, kind guy that just makes you want to hug him. On stage he may look scary but off stage, he's just so fluffy that you can't help but be drawn to him.

If you want to know how beautiful and great his personality is then you can look at 'New Journey to the West 3&4 (신서유기 3&4)'. He's really nice and caring for his hyungs, he hardly ever is mean or anything, and he's basically the funniest K-Pop idol. What makes him even more hilarious and cute is that he's so adorable and innocent but yeah, really sexy too at some times (onstage) and you just want to cuddle him so bad...

17 Jaejoong - TVXQ Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jaejoong is a Korean singer, actor, songwriter, actor, designer and director.

Even though I'd love to say that all member of TVXQ (Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin) have good personality and manner, but Jaejoong (especially) is the best. His professionalism and humanism is the best. Even though in a situation which most of us will go mad n furious, he (still) can manage his action n words so that he can be wise with the current situation. For example is when the incident which JYJ's concert for Jeju Island's promotion (for N7W) was cancelled by irresponsibly party. (JYJ is ambassador for Jeju Island)
And many cruel things that happen toward JYJ in Korea (they are blocked in many broadcast n cannot do their activity as celebrities n artist freely).
Kim Jaejoong, fighting!

He's so caring and loves his members so much. Like seriously look up what his tattoos say. One says "TVXQ SOUL" and some other stuff at the sides while on his chest it says "keep the faith" and his lower back has his birthday and also JUNSU and MICKY next to that. He has also mentioned numerous times that he's never thought as himself as handsome even though almost all of his fans think the opposite.

Jaejoong cares about his family, his brothers (DBSK/JYJ) and his friends so much that you would cry. He loves his fans and always craves for a little bit of attention that already would means a lot for him.
He has such a beautiful voice, an amazing talent in composing songs and writing lyrics, and also showed recently that he is very capable in acting.

JJ is the heart of dbsk even now I believe that jyj n homin are the best kpop legend db5k forget all the hater n the bias of those 5 with his own way jj makes his heart get through to all his members n the fans. His way of cracking humour at perfect time at the old time on variety shows of dbsk, his bluntness n his support to his members, n this one thing the I remember vividly is when this japanese mc scolded tohoshinki (as a joke) members for not winning a soccer game againts the national team members he scolded him back (his way of showing that no one should dare scold his members in front of him since they are his family). Gosh he is good with friends too even when he was creating a song for kim hyun joong he never show it to anyone until khj said it on T.V.. Jj allowed yunho stayed at his place when they were still trainees n worked hard to pay the rent he didn't even tell yunho about that yunho confessed he didn't know anything about that n still jj prepared breakfast for him ...more

18 Donghae - Super Junior Lee Dong-hae, referred to as Donghae, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer and actor. He was trainee at SM Entertainment after winning a prize at SM's Youth Best Contest in 2001. After four years of training, Donghae debuted as a member of boy group Super Junior in November 2005.

He has a very unique personality. There is something in him that makes you want to cuddle him. He has this childlike innocence but sexy at the same time. All Suju members seem to really care for him. He also admitted that he is close to every one of the members. I believe that he is the glue that binds the group together. He is good in many things - singing (u, still you, beautiful, etc), rapping (success, Gulliver, etc), dancing (love his manly moves more than hyuk), composing (still you, hard, short journey, etc), playing musical instruments, acting (glad he has many offers this year and I'm excited for rumors and God's quiz), modeling (ceci photoshoot, etc). He is hardworking and very kind to his fans.

Donghae is one of a kind, he really deserves to be loved. In fact, he deserves even more recognition than he has now! He is so multi talented too... He's the second best dancer of Super Junior (although Donghae's my bias I have to admit, Eunhyuk is the best at dancing), he and Sungmin are the best vocalists after KRY, he has proven his natural composing skills (he wrote the song Haru and helped write Only you for their SPY album recently, they're my favorites of their SFS album... And there's so many other songs he's written that I think should gain more attention. All his songs are so sweet! I love his style), he's super good looking (I honestly think he should be the visual of the group, not Siwon... Siwon's body is much better than Donghae's but siwon's face is so derpy sometimes. Donghae has perfect features and the cutest eyes ever :D he should get more modeling offers.. The pics for the sept issue of CeCi were PERFECT and ADORABLE AND TVDHDGEJEWOBWCX), and he can even act (much ...more

Donghae should be at number 1 on this list! Have you read his tweets? Even if he's Korean and doesn't know too much English he still tries his best with talking to his fans. He often write things such as "I will meet you in my dream, goodnight! ", "Met beautiful ELF today! " and so on. He's also very fun and childish!

I'm donghae biased BUT I fairly think he is one nice and humble guy. To top it all, HE IS A FAMILY ORIENTED man. This kind of person tells how to be a good guy. If I'm too biased, then people should go and find how people around Donghae talk about how nice he is.

19 Seungyoon - Winner

I don't know Kang Seungyoon very well yet, but for some reason he gives of this vibe that he is true and genuine in every thing he does. At a young age he knows how to take good responsibilty of things which is in every way admirable. On the other hand, despite being the responsible and mature leader of WINNER he is, he manages to be himself which is being young at heart and continues to live his dream with compassion. I don't know but for some reason I can feel it from the look of his eyes.

Seungyoonie the Maknae Leader has the heart of gold. Always sacrificing his own spotlight for the sake of the whole group and other members. Did you know he became the father of three adopted African children at a very young age?

Our humble and caring leader.

20 Kim Se-jeong

She has such a bright and caring personality..
She is so kind, and understands others. She grew up poor, and works so hard.

21 Jung Yong-hwa - CN Blue

He is so cute and funny. He is a great friend to his band mates and is also very friendly and likes to socialize. He always has a smile on his face and is not afraid to talk to anybody. He makes a lot of people laugh and be happy when they are with him. He also makes sure all his fans have a great time in every concert he has. Yong hwa also is very caring and if he has a special friend who is hurt he will always be there to comfort them. He also has a soft side and is not afraid to show someone how he feels. >_< He is so cute and he is my bias and forever will be. Yong hwa is cute, caring, kind, helpful, adorable, crazy, talented, skilled, silly, funny, outgoing, cheerful, boyish, popular, equal, trusting, and is just plain amazing!

Yong Hwa is not just a pretty face, not just a multitalented human being.. Beyond his childish smile shows how he care not just for himself but for everyone around him. Beyond his lovely voice he share what he have by simply giving a his self compose song. He might be fortunate to be a music icon in korea but with that blessing he was able to touch not just the heart of individual but able to change the life of some soul out there in foreign land by simply building a school for some unfortunate childs. He might be "just" an artist, model, singer, song composer to someone but for me he is an angel land on earth became human and blessed to be blessing to others. I believe Each of us is a blessing to one another. Each person's existence has a reason and each life is always a happy one more than being alone. So glad that Mr. Jung Yong Hwa able to play his part in his way to lighten the dark side of this world. Rooting for you Yong Hwa Ssi.. Keep it up. God Bless and please take care of ...more

He is a wonderful leader and always delivers his best to his fans! He is consistently working hard to get better and trying to make everyone around him happy and proud. He composes his own music and works as a team with cn blue. Always appreciating and smiling to those he is around. He is so thankful for his company, fans and band! His fellow band mates are always praising him on his wonderful leadership and hardwork! Plus, his fans always get wonderful messages through twitter about how much he loves and appreciates them! He never loses an opportunity to let people know he is thankful! ♡

What I like about Yonghwa is that he can be both manly and childlike at the same time. He is boyfriend material. He's mature, understanding, talented, family-oriented and just plain gorgeous. His music makes him stand out even more. Not to mention his acting ability. He's just perfect for me.

22 Jin (BTS)

He is the one who makes his group members laugh in any situation. He inspires everyone through his life...he is the person who works hard to be better... he respects the rest of the 6 members and himself. He is a really kind person who considers all the decisions of the members.. .for him BTS is his life... he himself praises as THE WORLDWIDE HANDSOME (WWH)... and it is absolutely correct in all aspects.

You can see how Jin truly cares about his other members, earning him the name Eomma Jin. He's sweet, handsome, funny, dorky and down to Earth. Even though as any ARMY knows he's not the best dancer you can see how hard he practices to make sure he puts on a good show for the fans. He gives an amazing fan service as well. He also has an extremely underappreciated voice and tends not to get a lot of lines in songs (he's been getting more lately though) and gets teased by his younger members a lot despite this he is extremely tolerable and doesn't take it to heart and keeps focusing on his fans and his performance

He is the life of the group. Always ready to give a helping hand. Always ready with his daddy jokes and hilarious action to make the member and the ARMY laugh. A sweet and caring attitude behind that worldwide handsome's a cheery on the top not to forget he is a great cook Oppa you make me smile so please keep on smiling.. Oppa fighting!

He is really kind or at least it looks like while on camera.He is affectionate and sweet, a little awkward but I like it.He is good at cooking and it looks like he is always there for the other members.I love his dancing because it gives me life and makes me laugh.Kim Seokjin fighting!

23 Dara Park - 2NE1

Sandara Park, beautiful inside and out. She's so humble and down to earth and what I love most about her is that she recognizes her flaws and give all her best to do something about it. She always reminds us that she's human too and that she's got imperfections. She knows her limits and she knows where to stop as to being public. She shares her daily life with fans but she doesn't overshare. She's got a good heart. She makes it easier for fans to connect to her. There are seriously a lot of reasons to love her and be proud to be her stan.

She has a warm personality which shows on how she values her friends and fans. She has a beautiful face but she doesn't seem to care about that, she doesn't mind getting dorky unlike many female idols who are super conscious about their looks. She's beautiful inside out, someone you want to keep for life! She can be the classy fashionista or a cool hip hop chick.

Her personality is so bubbly, cheerful and dorky. I can't believe that she's like the oldest member of 2ne1 with Bom! I love the way she wrinkles her nose in her selfcas, naturally beautiful without ps, and dares to show her bare face. No wonder so many male idols love her and the reason why Thunder is so overprotective of dara even though he's the younger brother.

Back then when she was just starting her carrier I know that she has the potential and a wide opportunity waiting for her, with such talent and beauty, shes cute without even trying and she admirable in her simple way. She is not just a star but an idol for being herself disregarding what the people will think about her she just does what she wanted but never forgets to remind herself to make the people around her happy :::)))

24 D. O. - Exo

He is very kind person, he also very easy going with other people/idols/actor/actress. He is the first member of exo that I fall in love..fall in lobe with his kindess..he is very precious person. It also because he has a veryyy cuteee face, he don't know how to do aegyo but he face is full of aegyo without do nothing..I also love him because he is himself. :)

He is such a cutie pie. He has got such a great personality.

Handsome and Cute. I love him. His voice is really perfect. My bias in EXO. Charming Face with heart-shaped lips. Pretty both inside and outside. Can't stop supporting him.

25 Onew - SHINee

Onew is really a warm person, he always cares for his member as shinee leader. Maybe he doesn't show much, but if we look closely, we could see how affectionate he is and how he really pays attention even towards such little things.
He has gentle personality, angelic voice, and beautiful smile. I also love the fact that he's very humble and well-mannered, that's why many people including hoobae and sunbae who love & admire him. He's a hardworker, always try to give his best and smiles even in the worst condition, like when he was sick or doesn't feeling well.
Lee Jinki is such a beautiful person.

ONEW - A man who can endure his pains with a smile. Who stands by his members on all occasions. Takes her of his members... A lovable human being. Now most of his team members are now involved in their individual schedules and he has been offering his support as well as he can... One who bows 90 degrees automatically whenever he sees any of his sunbaes. The person who introduced his mom from his group the first... Over all, he is one of the best leaders in kpop industry. He is a good human being...

He was the first person that I started liking in Shinee, it was hard not to. Especially in Hello Baby! He watched Yooguen-ah from far but still could see how much he cared. He makes us laugh with his Onew Sangtae, even if he's hurt, he has a smile. I really admire him for that. He guides his members like the true leader he is!

Onew oppa... I miss you so much... How are you? Your ankles are still hurting? Don't worry oppa.. We, the shawls will wait for you... No matter what. You take care of yourself and the rest of the group okay? Sarangheyo oppa..

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