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1 Put It On

Put It On is without a doubt the greatest Hip-hop song in history, nothing on this list will ever come close to it!

Pure genius chords with awesome vocals performed by a simply genius.

8/10 Not good as Street Struck but stills a good song to have a happy time!

2 Street Struck

The message this song delivers is still relevant to this day. It's quite inspirational in some ways how Lamont teaches anyone listening to excel at life before meeting a bitter end. His foreshadowing line "Stay off the corners, that might be your best plan; before you catch a bullet meant for the next man" is quite sad to listen to, however I'm grateful his voracious voice and and leviathan lyrics survived in his songs for future generations to hear.

Good one, I think it's probably his best. But I'm not sure at all since Ebonics and Put It On are great too.

3 Ebonics

Ebonics is the greatest song made by Big L, and it deserves to be in the top 3! Big L had this song on the radio and it is so lyrical! Listen to the first verse. laugh out loud "NOW PAY ATTENTION" that's how New York rappers do it and BIg L reps everything well! Harlem 4 life!

The greatest rap song of all time! Big L is like the Wiz Khalifa of old school hip hop, the song is amazing along with all his other songs. People, if Big L was alive he would be a living legend!

The greatest beat of all rap songs! Big L has made a masterpiece and it has a lot of recognition in the rap industry! Like his death, THIS will never be forgotten!


His best song, best flow, representing his hometown well, saying he is the rap king this is what a rapper must have in his songs. MVP definitely takes out all these other songs.

Best rap songs of all time, from the greatest underground rapper of all time, great flow much love!

Best flow by far. Completely smokes all the other songs in this list.

5 Deadly Combination

The beat for this song, smashes Crossroads from here to there! Big L and Tupac, two rap legends in the same song together you know you in trouble!

Tupac Shakur is the greatest rapper who ever lived and he made a song with BIG L! Already it sounds good!

I don't know if he DIRECTLY made this song with Tupac, but it is so good and I love the beat and chorus line!

6 Danger Zone

"It's the triple 6 in the mix straight from h-e-double hockey sticks"

7 98 Freestyle Part 1

Big L is known for his freestyles. This is his best freestyle. Period.

8 Da Graveyard

Such a sick song. Ft. Old school Jay-Z!

9 Devil Son

This song is the true definition of old school rap, not the crap you hear today!

Return of the Devils son features some great songs, but this beats em all!

This song is definitely better than Put It On and MVP put together!

10 The Enemy

If I could pick any rappers voice to have it would be Big L the problem is I don't like the beats on most of his songs, they're not crisp/clear enough. This song however has an awesome beat! Just wish he had better beats cause I could listen to him rap all day, that's why I love his freestyles. "98 freestyle" is #1 this song is #2

Big L is a great rapper and he is a legend in the music industry and today is still appreciated for his work and still is one of the greatest even though those crappy rappers are in the game!

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11 I Don't Understand It

I completely agree with every word in this song. Each verse is lyrically genius. It's amazing how true this song is and it's even more true today. I'm working on a Big L tribute and this is easily my favorite song

How the hell is this so low! Still relevant to this day...

12 Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous

How the hell is this so far down?

13 Flamboyant

Flamboyant is the best Big L song an one of the best songs ever...

14 All Black

Wow! The most underrated BIg L song of all time! The greatest East Coast rap song ever made!

Great beat! The lyrics are unbelievable, Lifestyles ov the poor and dangerous has to be the greatest hip hop album ever made!

Why the hell isn't this in the top 5?

15 The Heist

One of the greatest rap stories of all time. This song is my personal favorite!

16 8 iz Enuff

Seriously? Listen to this song his multis are amazing this should be number 1 or at least top 5

17 No Endz, No Skinz

Big L rapping about gold diggers, how could you beat that. One of the best hooks going round

18 On the Mic
19 Fed Up Wit The Bulls***

My Favorite Big L song... It touches on the topics of racial disability... And Corruption of the Government.

I listen to the lyrics and feel what he is saying, that's how to listen to this song

20 Size Em Up
21 Platinum Plus

The greatest hip hop song in history! Listen to it and your mind will be changed about Put It On and MVP.

The best hip hop song in history, Big L is the greatest rapper of all time! And the best freestyler!

Plus the greatness and Platinum the lyrics! Big L will have you dancing in no time!

22 Now or Never
23 Let Them Have It L

A hardcore lyrical song, from the greatest album of all time! Big L is a great cat and has a mad flow and a great freestyler. If Big L was still around he would be the greatest of all time! Because of his lyrical skill and amazing story telling!

This song is so excellent! It is a fire up and will punch a hole through all your fake rappers, such as Lil Wayne, Jeezy and many more!

A really good pump up song, one of his best songs I have ever heard, it deserves number 1 on the list. I love th

24 7 Minute Freestyle

Probably the greatest lyricism in rap history... And future. untouchable enough sed!

25 Sandman 118

The greatest freestyle song ever produced by Big L, I would like to see a freestyle between Eminem and Big L, I honestly have to say that Big L will win in the 4th round or something! 118 is the greatest rap song I have ever listened to in my LIFE!

The greatest legend in Rapping history! Sandman 118 os the best freestyle I have ever heard!

The greatest freestyle song from BigL, it isn't his best, but you must look into it! For fast pace freestyling!

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