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1 Joga

Her most beautifully crafted epic track is also the greatest song with female vocals ever written in the history of music, ranking just above Arcade Fire's In the Backseat.

This is a very meaningful song and the melody is very touching.

Pulchritudinous and gorgeous, just like her native Iceland.

2 Hyperballad

How is this not even in the top ten?! The way it develops throughout the song and the deep lyrics are just beautiful, by far my favourite Bjork song!

Homogenic tour, Zenith of Paris, 20 years ago - played Huperballad right in the middle of the set - right in the middle of the song, when THAT beat started (and never stopped), so many of moved down to the pit and stayed there till the end of the show - a part of me is still jumping around I swear

One of the finest pieces of music ever recorded! Should stand at #1

3 Bachelorette

From an artist with so many songs that feel like they go on forever, who uses her vocals as less a conversation than an instrument, this song is as refreshing as Homogenic itself. One of the most beautiful songs, with lyrics and instruments in perfect balance. I knew it was the best song I had heard in years from the first verse.

Do you remember the first time you played Homogenic in your headphones? Hunter, then Joga and Unravel, and then BAM, in your face... a game changer that song!

This is just her best track and I was just reading a guide online to her top twenty that didn't mention it and I was inspired to vengeful action.

4 All is Full of Love

Last song of the album, just WOW... and then, when the single was released, you get that new version, with THAT video... WOW WOW WOW… I can still watch that video today and tears come to my eyes it is so beautiful. All is definitely full of love

I version prefer this so much 'Howie's version', which is on the album.

5 Army of Me

Great song, this sounds like a great song for an action movie. It sounds weird at first but then it gets stuck in your head, it grew on me. What I love about Bjork's music is that it is weird but catchy and memorable. Plus, I like how she says "Army Of Me" very unique voice. Graet artist.

Where is the listen to the sample? If people heard this song they will hear how this is her heaviest song. Somewhat like "Zombie" is to the Cranberries.

One of my favourite songs of all time. Love it, its place as number 1 is well deserved.

6 Pagan Poetry

It seems to fly over white roman ruins among sunny grasslands. Amazing vibraphone sound.

Just watch the video. It's pretty striking.

7 Human Behaviour

Bjork has amazing vocals in this song and hits high notes. I tried singing this and it was really hard for me to sing this, those high notes though. Plus the beat is weird and simple, but so catchy and awesome, and the lyrics are amazing.

8 Isobel

I feel like this song is one of the greatest mellow songs she has ever written. There is just a lot of emotion in it and the music video is pretty sweet as well.

This song sits in the middle of Post, like joining the Debut/Post era to the Post/Homogenic vibe. And that video!

This song is super sexy. Has a very slow vibe but brings out everything a bjork fan would love!

9 Unravel

This is the most hauntingly beautiful song she's ever written. Absolutely breath taking and emotionally tense. Personally, I'd say:

01. Unravel
02. Pagan Poetry
03. Joga
04. Hyperballad
05. Bachelorette

For my top 5. "Army of Me" gets an honorable mention.

Thom yorke's favourite song. Case dismissed

10 Lionsong
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11 Earth Intruders
12 Stonemilker

This is so emotional it should be on top 10.

This song makes me cry... is so emotional

13 It's Oh So Quiet

I like this song, it reminds me of old folk music, very unique song. It is a very fun song too. It is a very quiet song, but then it gets louder and more upbeat, then it get silent again. Amazing song, what an awesome artist.

Simply the number one. Crazy, unique and funny.

14 Big Time Sensuality
15 Venus As A Boy

It's my personal favorite of hers! But I honestly feel that this belongs to a top ten.

16 Hunter
17 It's Not Up To You

Gotta love the chorus baseline.

18 Enjoy
19 I Miss You

One of the more fun songs on Post.

20 Alarm Call

I love this song, it's so underrated! I think it's the second best song on Homogenic, after Joga. This song is quirky and has a very catchy outro!

Love the production on this, so groovy yet serious and consistent. She sings with real vigour and passion on this

21 I've Seen It All

Best duet ever. Love the use of train sounds.

22 Virus
23 Triumph of a Heart
24 Notget
25 Hidden Place
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