Top 10 Best Bohemia Songs

Bohemia is the first artist to rap in Punjabi. His songs are amazing and a pleasure to listen to. He is truly the king of Punjabi rap. Please vote for your favorite Bohemia song.
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1 Kali Denali

This man is the real rapper who represents the street. People who like to dance to the beat will never understand this man. Because the man is a swimming pool, the best desi lyrics spitter. This man is Tupac, BIGGIE, and NAS of desi Hip-Hop. Ain't nobody going above his level, for the next 10 decades.

The best Punjabi song ever. I like it the most. This song is pretty wonderful.

This is the best song ever. It makes me feel like a gangster and a brave person!

2 Diwana

Love you... Love your creations. Nothing is enough for praising you. All are speechless about your creations. Love you. People must learn from you what a deep song is...

Diwana, one of the heart-touching songs of Raja Bohemia! This song is on top of my Bohemia playlist.

3 Ek Tera Pyar

I can't even express how epic this song is!

No words for Raja's talent. I love Bohemia.

I love this song. Any time I hear this song, I completely enjoy it like a rockstar.

4 Eitbaar
5 Sade Warga

You are a LEGEND for HIP HOP. Love to listen to your creations. Love You. I am speechless about your lyrics, their mixings, delivery timings, the background scores... And each and every thing about it. You are really an inspiration for billions of "BOHEMIAN", I mean to say the meaning of it. You are a milestone, which really requires high time creativity, lifestyle, humanity, faith, and originality to achieve. Love you. I get entertained billions of times by your creations. A heartfelt thanks to you.

6 Do Dat Dance

Bohemia! Just this name is enough to describe the song @ shahid.

7 Dil

I think this song is very underrated. It's my favorite!

8 Future
9 Sahara

The Sahara song is awesome, and the rap of Bohemia is unpredictable.

This is the best sad song I have ever listened to.

10 Gunagaar
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11 420

Oh! Unbelievable. How did he sing this? Now I can say Bohemia is the best of the best.

I'm your greatest fan, Bohemia, and after I listened to this song, I became the greatest fan of yours.

12 Rooh

His singing is as good as his rapping! All hail the king!

The best song I've ever heard. No other song can beat this one. It touches the soul.

It's the ultimate breakup song... Hats off to Bohemia for your words. Love you, man.

13 School Di Kitab

I lack words to describe this song. It's one of the best raps ever written.

14 Hazar Gallan

All his songs are the best, but this song is invincible because no song can take its place.

This is a great song. It's my favorite.

Bohemia is the superstar and my favorite.

15 Gangster

Bohemia is a world-class rapper.

16 Bandookan

Bandookan and Kali Denali never let me get bored! Listening to them since 2013.

Mind-blowing song, Bohemia. Keep it up.

17 Akhri Manzil

Why in the hell is this song not on the list? It should be in the top 5, much better than the new ones.

18 Paisay Da Nasha

How can this song be in the 20th position? It deserves to be in the top 5. The lyrics of this song are some of the best Bohemia has ever produced. The words themselves can give chills running down your spine and then, combined with Bohemia's voice and flow, this song becomes epic.

Awesome song with a great message.

19 Beparwah
20 Bhul Ja
21 Faqueer
22 Ride with Me
23 Jaguar

Why is this song ranked 35th? It should be at the top.

24 Subha Hone Na De
25 Pinda Vicho Pind
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