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1 Whore

This is the first song I've listened to from this band. Maria's voice is amazing here. The lyrics are deep.
I'm still in love with this song.

Its strong and full of meaning. she hits the vocals just right and it gives this metallic beautiful feel to it. ITT definitely made it right with this song. THIS SHOULD BE #1! And in my opinon, Blood is second

Amazing song. It makes me so happy. LOVE. Definitely their best song. Second is adrenalize.

2 Blood

This song is a close call with "The Promise" but I think that it's a that better. It's just pure awesome. And Adrenalize comes next

Powerful lyrics, I've felt like this so many times.

She puts on an awesome show. I saw her at the KC Rockfest. She's a metal version of Lady GaGa.

3 From the Ashes

As much as I love this band and Maria Brink, this is my favorite song. I love the breakdown and the lyrics of rising like a phoenix being reborn from the ashes of a broken life really speaks to me. Great song. If I had to pick a second favorite song I'd have to go with burn which isn't even in the top ten.

This is the song that inspired me to go out and buy all of their albums.

Their most underrated & best song yet!

4 Big Bad Wolf

This song is just... THE BEST! It has everything from awesome guitar riffs, creative lyrics and the heavy and gothic feel of the song. Definitely the best on the album.

The video, the vocals, the lyrics, the riff, love everything about this song.
Sick Like Me & Adrenalize tie for second in my affections.

How does this not have more votes? This song is perfect and one of the best ITM songs

5 Adrenalize

This song is just so damn groovy, I can't help but AT LEAST have a strong head-bob going every time I hear it. Factor in the deliciously raunchy lyrics, and you've got what basically equates to a slightly more modern and extremely more female version of Rob Zombie. I certainly wouldn't have a single complaint about the band just going in that direction entirely!

This is the first 'In this moment' song I ever heard, and I loved it after just one listen. Lyrics are meaningful, it's also a pretty hot song to have sex to.

6 Sick Like Me

"Am I beautiful
As I tear you to pieces"
I was completely blowed away, such a beautiful vocal combined with awesome guitar. When I was speechless when I heard that two lines, it's like seeing colors and tasting flavors from sound.

Ok this song was good, but why she was repeating same lines of her unclean vocals I mean she continously say 'is it sick like me blah blah or whatever.

How is this song so far down the list? This is their number 1 single and is an awesome song.

7 The Promise

Not even joking. I lost my 'In This Moment' virginity to this song when I was into the rock genre for a little over a year. From this song, onward, I got to love unclean vocals (screaming) and now I even listen to death metal.
Summary: This song is how you have sex without penetration.

This song is so beautiful and awesome sounding. Even though newer In This Moment is more popular, I'd say that their older albums like this one are highly underrated.

8 Sex Metal Barbie

Such a good song. In my opinion top 10 material.

How can this be last on the list?

This is such a good song, I can't stop listening, it's so unique and I love how Maria just throws the hate back in their faces

9 Call Me

The best cover of Blondie's 'Call Me'!

10 Into the Light

This song is one of the best songs I've ever heard and I know for sure that if it was released as a single they would be one of the biggest bands for sure.

This is song is amazing and really beautiful. It should definitely be #1 in my opinion. They've never done anything else like it. Just incredibly wonderful.

Just amazing, shows how well she is able to sing. None of the grunts or growls just pure soothing vocals. And it hits ya right in the feels.

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11 The Gun Show

This is one of their heaviest songs ever! I love this song and maria really stepped it up on this track. The album itself is a must own!

12 Beautiful Tragedy

Daddy's Falling Angel is pretty great too.

13 The Fighter

This song sound definitely be higher! There's just so much raw emotion throughout and Maria Brink's vocals are so amazing (as usual.) Definitely my favourite because of the powerful feeling to this song.

14 All for You
15 A Dying Star
16 Beast Within

Next to Adrenalize, this is the best by them. and I happened to stumble on this. Hard hitting, awesome rhythm, everything you want, this song brings it.

One of the best song by ITM. Both melodious and lovely scream. "Let me see you move your bodies"... actually makes me sway.

Very under rated on this list. My favorite song by them. Listen to it and tell me you don't love it

17 Lost At Sea

Perfect balance of beautiful melodies and brutal riffs that are the paradigm of the genre In This Moment are defining.

Best ITM song. Great vocals, guitars and melody. Singer has a great voice when she sings and doesn't scream.

18 Roots

This song is amazing and addictive. This song rolls the classic sound of ITM into one song. It's beautiful.

19 Dirty Pretty

This song is so underrated! Deserves to be higher!

20 You're Gonna Listen
21 The Blood Legion

Surprised this one is ranked so low in comparison to their other songs. It's just a pure beauty! Give another try, folks...

One of their best by far! It has an awesome ending making it an epic song!

Amazing, her voice and the drums are really cool
this song is just fantastic adorable, also the words of the song are very nice

22 A Star-Crossed Wasteland
23 Black Widow

This song grew on me so much! Didn't like it as much at first but now I I absolutely love it! Such an amazing album

Such an underrated song! Probably their most creative one too.

24 You Always Believed
25 Sailing Away
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