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1 Princess of the Night

This one is the best! It has a nice riff, and the lyrics are awesome! Highly recommended! Check it out!

Amazing song, Metallica even copied the solo. If you don't believe it, just check out Seek and Destroy.

2 Crusader

I love this one and "The Eagle Has Landed." Thanks to my British brethren for providing the BEST concert EVER in El Paso, Texas while allegedly backing up "Triumph."

Grand, epic, powerful. A classic rocking metal track. Stylistically and lyrically, this song epitomizes true metal.

Fight the good fight! This was the first Saxon song I ever heard and it's still my favorite. Can't go wrong with Crusader, both the song and the entire album!

3 747 (Strangers in the Night)

The first one I heard, instantly loved it. It got me into the band, the best heavy metal band in my opinion, and this song is the best one of the lot. Love it!

This one is nice. I recommend it, too!

One of my favorite songs ever!

4 Never Surrender

This one has a nice intro. Check it out!

5 And the Bands Played On

This one is awesome, too! I like it! Check it out!

When Biff screams Thunder, a shiver goes through my back every time.

6 Wheels of Steel

I like this one, too. It was on Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City. I like the intro of this song. I recommend it, too.

7 The Great White Buffalo
8 The Return of the Lionheart
9 Heavy Metal Thunder

This one should be the best from the band, in my opinion. The intro with rain and thunder, the riffs, and the lyrics are awesome! Check it out!

10 Dallas 1PM

This is a stunning piece of brilliance, and the guitar solo makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. In my opinion, this is Saxon's greatest six minutes.

One of the greatest rock songs of all time, which includes one of the most mesmerizing guitar solos of all time. I still get chills after all these years.

Epitomizes Saxon at their very best. Great intro, great riffs, and an awesome solo.

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11 Sea of Life

With all respect for the 80s classics, this "modern" song surpasses all others by far. A masterpiece by Saxon, "Sea of Life" has everything: raw heavy metal riffs, a lot of soul and melody, and a killer solo and outro.

Amazing compilation of riffs, solos, and dramatic vocals. A masterpiece that should easily be in the top 10. Personally, I grew up on Saxon and English metal, but Saxon got better with age.

This song is amazing. My absolute number one favorite from them and one of my favorite songs of all time.

12 Broken Heroes

A nice power ballad song from the band. Definitely awesome! Check it out!

13 20,000 Feet
14 Attila the Hun
15 Taking Your Chances
16 Cut Out the Disease
17 Power and the Glory

First tune from these guys I ever heard. Loved it!

18 Lionheart

The pure speed and intensity rival many other "heavier" bands out there. This whole album shows how Saxon will never stop. They are the juggernaut of heavy metal!

19 Denim and Leather

Denim and Leather is the all-time classic. There are a lot of Saxon songs that I probably have never listened to, but everyone knows this one.

20 Ride Like the Wind
21 Requiem (We Will Remember)
22 Strong Arm of the Law
23 The Eagle Has Landed
24 Song for Emma
25 Unleash the Beast
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