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The band's name might bring to mind a simple, everyday staple, but the music of Bread is anything but ordinary. They became a defining voice of a generation, capturing emotions and experiences in their songs that resonated with listeners across the globe. With their debut album in 1969, they brought a fresh sound that was a blend of rock, pop, and folk music. Tracks like "Make It With You" and "Everything I Own" were just the tip of the iceberg in a career filled with hits.
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1 Everything I Own

This song means a lot to me! I just got back in touch with someone after 31 years. I'm giving up everything and moving to Arizona to be with her!

I used this song to express the love I have for my dad's memory at his funeral. He was my everything, and without him, I would not be the person I am today. Love you, Dad.

I totally love this song. It makes you realize that love and people in our lives are the most important things.

2 Make It with You

This is the song that we call "Our Song." It still makes me cry whenever I hear it. We just celebrated our 40th anniversary, and we're still making it together. Love it. Thanks, David Gates and Bread!

"Make It with You" is a very lovely pop song.

3 If

One of the most beautiful songs I've heard. It is suitable to hear in any situation. Thank you for creating this song, my late father's favorite song.

A fantastic song that draws the listener in by allowing you to imagine that you are singing it to the lady you love.

One of the greatest rock ballads of all time.

4 Diary

This is absolutely one of the best songs ever written.

Often, the simplest songs are the most magnificent.

5 It Don't Matter to Me

A very good song about a man trying to find a second chance.

Just reminds me of a certain time period with a certain boyfriend.

6 Lost Without Your Love

Even though "Lost Without Your Love" is probably Bread's weakest album due to it being released in 1977, when their style of soft rock/power pop seemed to lose touch, as well as it being their last album before splitting up, it does have some strong tracks. The atmospheric title track is the main highlight.

Other tracks, such as "Fly Away," are straight-up eargasms, while rockers such as "Lay Your Money Down" wouldn't sound out of place on a Beatles album. It's a perfectly underrated album from Bread. What else can I say? It drips with atmosphere.

7 Guitar Man

I love the melody and the lyrics, and it has a great intro. It brings back a lot of nostalgia. The guitar solos are amazing, and the song is just plain catchy!

This song is probably the best of all Bread songs. It has an awesome intro and outro, and every guitar player can really relate to the song.

I think this is an awesome song. But I have to tell the truth. There isn't a Bread song that I don't think is awesome.

8 Baby I'm-A Want You
9 Aubrey

I think the song can make listeners melt even if they don't understand the meaning. The music, especially the guitar, is very strong.

I have ALWAYS loved this song. I promised myself when I was a kid that if I ever had a daughter, I'd name her AUBREY. That dream came true!

One of the best songs I ever heard. Fall in love.

10 Mother Freedom

I like to see this song make the list because, even though it got a bit of airplay, it was one of the many 'unknowns.' They had a lot of these on their albums. They were much deeper than folks gave them credit for.

At 60 years, I still love all of your songs. Simpler days, when most everyone loved Jesus and the Golden Rule. Thank all of you and God bless you! Mrs. Mitchell

Not too many hard songs like this from Bread, but a great riff nonetheless.

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11 I Can't Find the Words to Say Goodbye

One of the best songs ever written.

12 Look What You've Done

Wonderful lyrics. My favorite song of all.

That Griffin voice was the best.

13 Sweet Surrender

This just sums up real love. Not sure at first, but it is what it means to be ready for love!

I shared this song with someone I truly loved in my past life. It says it all!

14 Let Your Love Go

I've been tasting the love you've been wasting! Every woman should know - and all men know - that's what women do!

15 Daughter
16 Too Much Love

A great Griffin-Royer song, one of the best on the album "Manna." True Bread fans love the songs that weren't on the radio. I'm very partial to this one in particular.

17 Down On My Knees

Just love this. Shows Bread's more hardened sound. Great drums on this.

18 Dismal Day

The most impressive song by them, in my opinion, both vocally and instrumentally.

19 Make It by Yourself

Each and every one of us, alone or with someone, has to "make it by yourself." If you don't, you can't be truly happy or bring happiness to the ones you love!

A great song that never gets airtime. The only joint Gates/Griffin effort, and it really deserved better. Easily my favorite non-hit.

20 Truckin'
21 Just Like Yesterday

Just like yesterday, you come upon my mind and take it away.

22 Belonging
23 London Bridge
24 Been Too Long on the Road
25 Our Lady of Sorrow
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