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Counting down the greatest songs from the master shredder.
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1 Soothsayer

Relatively new to Bucketheadland. Bought a few studio albums, then stumbled onto and listened to many of the Pikes on YouTube. Then stumbled across Soothsayer.

Soothsayer is just jaw-dropping. I thought I had sampled most of what he had to offer musically. NOT. The solos flow like pure stream-of-consciousness. Cannot stop listening to this... It allows you to escape your reality... For 9 minutes anyway...

Just wondering, shouldn't this be a list of Buckethead solo songs, instead of "We Are One" or "The Ballad of Buckethead"? And Soothsayer, in my opinion, is his best song. I like all his songs, though (at least the ones I've heard). He has over 500 solo songs. I don't think I'm even close to hearing them all yet.

My personal list would look like:

1. Soothsayer
2. Too Many Humans
3. Final Wars
4. Escape from Inbred Mountain
5. Jordan
6. Welcome to Bucketheadland
7. Frozen Brains Tell No Tales
8. I Love My Parents
9. She Sells Sea Shells by the Slaughterhouse
10. Nottingham Lace

2 Nottingham Lace

I've tried to play this song. I know all of the notes and fingerings, but it is impossible. Buckethead molds all the notes into a musical masterpiece that cannot, by any means, be recreated.

The solos are just too amazing in this song! Although Soothsayer is an incredible song, Nottingham Lace is both emotional and electrifying. Simply Buckethead's best in my opinion!

Insanely epic guitar playing from one of the best guitar players in the world! Speed and technical insanity combined with soul and style!

3 Jordan

The first song I ever heard from Buckethead. My friend asked me to go to a concert and I just said alright. Thought it would have been fine enough, but holy moly! He played this song and I just lost it. He is the bomb.

Has nobody heard this song? Shame on them! This song is so sick with a sexy solo and was played for Guitar Hero II. I became a crazy Buckethead fan after hearing this sick baby!

Iconic song from Buckethead. It has everything you could want from a Buckethead song without going off the deep end.

4 Padmasana

This song is really wonderful. I am totally cool with Soothsayer being number 1. But this song deserves the number 2 place most definitely. It lifts up my soul every time I hear it. It's so beautiful that it will get to your heart and make it melt. I listen to this song every night when I sleep. So relaxing and soothing.

For me, Padmasana is the most emotional song. Try to listen to this song. Even if you are happy, it will almost make you cry.

My personal favorite Buckethead song. The melodic-ness in this song is beyond describable.

5 Whitewash

When I play this on my iTunes, I feel like all my problems are forgotten. When it ends, they all come back to me. I remember when I was twelve, I used to listen to this song before bed. It was my lullaby. I pity those people who can't appreciate Buckethead's music.

The studio version is a little boring, but his live performances are the most amazing performances I've ever heard. It's so beautiful and deep. Pure badassness, his absolute best piece.

My first song of Buckethead's. Never gets old!

6 Welcome to Bucketheadland

Probably his most influential song.

This is the correct way to welcome someone the guitar as usual is just on point

7 Big Sur Moon

You can definitely see Paul Gilbert's teaching in this. This and The Echo Song are very similar and are both awesome. A bit more length on it would be great.

8 Siege Engine

This song is a bit like Soothsayer, and it's just as emotional. One of my favorite parts is at the beginning of the solo where he bends a bit more emotionally than he does in Soothsayer.

Just saw him in Detroit at the Majestic. He played Siege Engine, and I loved it. I hadn't heard it before. Don't know why... but it's now my favorite, and I got Albino Slug on order.

By far his best work. Soothsayer is an anthem, and rightfully so, but Buckethead's finest lies in this track. Amazing all-around, progressive, emotional goodness. Top-notch.

9 King James

One of the best songs I have ever heard in my entire life. When it comes to Crime Slunk Scene, I know most people choose Soothsayer as the best song on the record, but personally, I think this one is better (although Soothsayer is an epic song as well). It's like all of Buckethead's best features packed into one, with both heaviness and slowness, emotion, and just plain jamming. Absolutely amazing work by Buckethead.

When I first heard this song, I almost repeated this song 70 times. Just awesome. BUCKETHEAD at his best. It's the second-best solo after Soothsayer by Buckethead. According to me: 1. Soothsayer 2. King James 3. Siege Engine.

10 Final Wars

It just simply starts off with this badass metal riff that makes me want to pick up the guitar and play along! And of course, the solos are tremendously epic!

Heavy riff that makes you feel like you're in the middle of the final battle of the final war.

Amazing song, best guitar solo ever made!

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11 Pepper's Ghost

This is my favorite Buckethead song. This may be weird to many of you, but I don't care. It sounds very mysterious through the middle, and it gets heavy from time to time as well. But it's all tied together by a soothing and catchy riff.

22!? What! Pepper's Ghost is simply amazing, beautiful, dark, mysterious, and full of energy! It's a shame it's too underrated. It should be at least top 5 in my opinion!

12 Separate Sky

This is his best song (or at least my favorite one). Everyone thinks that Soothsayer is his best song, but this one is WAY BETTER than Soothsayer. You should really listen to it when you get the chance. It's my favorite song off of my favorite album by him called A Real Diamond in the Rough.

A real diamond in the rough. This whole album is great!

13 In the Hollow Hills
14 Electric Tears

#41? Are you kidding me? This is probably one of his BEST songs!

15 Baptism of Solitude
16 Scraps
17 Tide
18 We are One

This song has Serj Tankian from System of a Down, and they are one of the best modern heavy metal bands ever. It is the best song with vocals on it.

Perfect vocals and guitar blended together perfectly as to be expected from Buckethead and Serj.

19 Sea of Expanding Shapes
20 Destroyer: Speed Flux Quadrant / Inclusion / Exhaust Release
21 Washed Away
22 I Love My Parents

The first time I heard this song, I actually had to stop listening because I almost started crying. The very beginning of it with the single guitar can cause anyone to feel emotional. But when the violins start up, you may want to have some tissues ready. Beautiful piece of music.

I cried. This song was just that emotional. For a shredder, Buckethead can really tug at your heartstrings, which is why he's been my favorite guitarist for a long time.

This piece is so emotional. I cry when I hear it. While I didn't expect this to be number one, I am glad Guitar Hero fanboys haven't managed to push Jordan to number one.

23 Lurker at the Threshold

Please listen to all the parts. This song is just pure Buckethead. That's the best way I can describe it. This beautiful masterpiece will take you to musical nirvana. Besides, who doesn't like Cthulhu?

24 Hearts Delight
25 Rise of the Blue Lotus
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