Top 10 Best Lil Wayne Songs

Lil Wayne, often referred to as Weezy, has been a major figure in hip hop since the late '90s. From his early days with the Hot Boys to his solo career that's seen countless mixtapes, albums, and features, he's consistently pushed boundaries and redefined what it means to be a rapper. He's known for his clever wordplay, unpredictable flow, and sheer volume of work.
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1 Drop the World

Best song. But without Eminem, this song is nothing. Eminem kills it.

Lil Wayne will always be a god in my spirit. I have been listening to him since I was a little boy. Eminem only added an image to this song, but Lil Wayne perfected it.

Lil Wayne is my legend, my god, my motivation, my inspiration, and the best thing that ever happened to me. I wish that I could meet him because if I were his son, I would never leave his side. I've often wondered how he could be so good at singing. I answered it myself: it's not because he is a god. It's because he has the world's best fan, Abel Josue.

To hear his every thought, his every word, his every vessel, is a privilege. I admit that I am one of the few people who understand him. I have felt his hatred. I know what it's like to have a demon inside. Finally, just like his words, "Because I have ice in my veins, blood in my eyes, hate in my heart, love on my mind," I will always enjoy his music, his voice, and his presence in my heart.

His best quotes ever are, "Never apologize for what you feel. It's like saying sorry for being real," and "Hate is a form of love that hasn't found a way to express itself logically." Truthfully, I regard Lil Wayne as the best rapper alive!

2 6 Foot 7 Foot

What an amazing song! The lyrics, music, video, and Cory Gunz equal an awesome production. The video clearly shows each lyric, and I think that's awesome. Great beat, amazing flow, and come on, the Inception scenes are awesome. This song is extremely catchy. I'm singing it in my head right now.

I love this song. It's the best, in my opinion. I listen to it every day at least ten times. This song is my life! I can rap this whole song. I'm quite skilled now - haha, just kidding - but I know all the lyrics, and I don't know what I would do without this song. It is my life.

3 A Milli

All of Lil Wayne's haters are completely incorrect. The man has undeniable talent, and this song is sheer proof of that. Speed has nothing to do with the quality of a rap song. The biggest aspect of rap is lyrical content, and in this case, Lil Wayne hits the bullseye.

I believe this is at least a number 2 or 3. To say the least, this song basically jump-started Lil Wayne's career as a successful rapper. The lyrics are tight and well thought out, and the beat goes hard. This is one of his best songs in the eyes of many critics and fans.

4 Lollipop

I think this is the anthem for Lil Wayne fans. Just awesome.

Lil Wayne is a unique, fresh, cool, and young rapper. This song has a catchy tune and an awesome music video, which is priceless like him. He's most definitely on my top best rapper list. May Static Major rest in peace.

Lollipop has to be Weezy's best song. I know that Drop the World is also incredible, but nothing can beat this international Lil Wayne hit. Static Major is also awesome.

5 Right Above It

I am offended at the ranking of his greatest song of all time. Drake starts it off, and Lil Wayne finishes it in the second half - perfection. I am offended that Mr. Carter and How to Love are even in the top 50. Those were hardcore awful songs that Lil Wayne should have never released.

President Carter (not Jimmy).

I love the instrumental in this song! I'm not a killer, but don't push me. The lyrics are very good. They helped psych me up for my basketball match yesterday, which we won, thanks to my hard drives! Very inspirational song.

6 How to Love

This song shows true depth and proves that Lil Wayne is more than just an ordinary rap artist who only raps about clubbing and partying. It doesn't rely on swears and Auto-Tune. Instead, it is natural with little synthesizing. This is something more rappers should try to accomplish.

Instead of all the rap songs about girls and cars that most rappers sing (even Lil Wayne), this is the first time he's sung a very meaningful song with a great melody. I really like this song.

This song is my favorite because it is not just about sex and getting girls. It's about a great relationship. The lyrics are meaningful, and the way Lil Wayne portrays it just elevates this song to the top of my favorite Lil Wayne songs.

7 Mirror

Look, I know Lil Wayne isn't exactly the greatest rapper in the world, but lately, his work has been really impressive. How To Love, Drop the World, and now this classic prove my point. He's definitely on his way to becoming one of the greatest rappers in the world, right up there with Eminem and Tupac.

This is the realest Lil Wayne has ever rapped in time. The song has so much meaning and can relate to anyone. If you are actually listening to the lyrics and you're into hip-hop for the lyrics, not the beat, this is the song for you. Don't get me wrong. The beat is sick too!

8 No Love

I would say this should be higher, but Lil Wayne's verse was amazing, and Eminem's was nuclear. He shredded his bars while simultaneously reintroducing the old Eminem to the world, and it was incredible. Lil Wayne did an awesome job opening it, though, and that can't be ignored.

This song is just amazing. Superb lyrics, superb melody. It's one of the most meaningful songs I have ever heard. Of course, it is nothing without Eminem. I love this song!

How is Drop the World number 1 and No Love isn't in the top 10? This song is much better, in my opinion! Wayne says some pretty clever stuff, then Eminem goes out and kills it!

9 Mr. Carter

Phenomenally nuanced beat. Creative wordplay from Wayne's first couple of verses. Jay absolutely kills it in the flow and ideas department. There is no question in my mind that Jigga outshines Wheezy.

The choice to add Wayne spitting Jay's Lucky Me verse was awesome, not only because Wayne actually loves that song (he has the lyrics of it tattooed on him), but it is also one of the best songs in the genre. Seriously, it has so much more artistic value than any of the sensationalized trash on this list. Check it out. It's off Vol 1. In My Lifetime.

10 Sky's the Limit

Drop the World only got to number 1 because Eminem was in it. Eminem made it great. Don't get me wrong, I love Eminem with a passion. Eminem is my favorite, but this poll is just for Lil Wayne's music, and this song should definitely be number 1. The lyrics are insane. The sky's the limit.

This is hands down the best song that Wayne has ever made. He never misses a beat. Combine that with the awesome beat and incredibly creative rapping, and you get the greatest Lil Wayne song of all time.

This song is at a lyrical peak and is full of true statements that no one can deny. Wayne didn't kill anyone who attempted the beat.

The Contenders
11 Hustler Musik

The beat is slow and calm, and the whole vibe is amazing and so enjoyable. It takes me back to summer days chilling with a big bag of weed and some mates. His best song, in my opinion.

This was one of Lil Wayne's first classics. Even after 9 years, the song still hasn't lost its flavor, soul, or beat. A Milli and Mr. Carter are also great tracks, but this one always has Young Weezy's special touch to it.

This isn't number one? People need to understand that Lil Wayne now isn't good at all. Meet the man around this time and in the album Like Father Like Son. Also, go before that too.

12 Fireman

Dude, this is his number one song! The others are weak! This is for sure my favorite Wheezy song! He is the rapping king! Nothing can stop the king in his brightest moment! This is his hottest song ever! Uh-oh, better call the fireman!

Are you kidding? This song is a milestone of rap music. It did more for Wayne's career than any other song. This defines Lil Wayne for me. Top 3 for sure.

This is sick! Possibly one of Lil Wayne's top 10 songs! The verses are very well-made. It should be in the top 10 for sure!

13 She Will

Awesome beat! The song makes you think and relax. Wayne's rapping is fitting, but when you add it with Drake's singing, then that makes it a pure rap anthem.

Really good rapping by both Wayne and Drake. The rhymes are just too good. I could listen to it over and over, and it would still sound fresh.

Really good. Nice beat. Lil Wayne rhymes well, and Drake comes in and chills things, which really adds to the song's quality. It should be in the top 5 along with Mirror.

14 John

John is epic! There's just something amazing that makes me remember the good times during summer, and I want to party!

Wow, Rick Ross can beat everything when he sings. His rap style is beautiful. Right on, man.

Best song ever by Lil Wayne. He's an incredible rapper, and this song should be rated number one.

15 Forever

I'm a Kobe fan, but this was a great song about LeBron, especially because of how he grew up poor, which Drake basically says in the hook.

Man, this song should be in the top 10 instead of Mr. Carter!

16 3 Peat

This has got to be the best. I mean, The Carter 3 was pretty awesome, and most of the best are from that album, but this should be much higher, at least in the top 5! Come on, Drop the World is not Lil Wayne's best song. Without Eminem, it's nothing!

This song made The Carter 3, and Lil Wayne for that matter, and should be in the top 3.

This song is the most hype on the Carter 3, which is Lil Wayne's best album.

17 Go DJ

I agree. I have always liked this song. Lil Wayne truly believed it should have been higher on the chart lists. It never seemed to get much play on the radio from what I remember.

Very underrated song by Lil Wayne. Honestly, I don't really like Lil Wayne, but this has got to be, in my opinion, one of the best rap songs of the early 2000s.

Lil Wayne sounded much healthier back then. Just goes to show what weed does to your lungs.

18 Got Money

I love this song! The beat and lyrics are wickedly amazing! This song should be in the top ten. Lil Wayne is a fantastic rapper.

I don't like most of his songs, but this is one I do. I also like Give It Up to Me featuring Shakira and Bedrock, but neither are on here.

Awesome song. It's a classic. It has to be higher.

19 I'm Me

I like your song because it's the first music video I have featuring someone skating.

20 Bedrock

This song has everything! It also features so many top artists like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and many more that I can't name all of them. It is one of the best Young Money songs, and Lil Wayne plays a big role in it.

It has to be in the top ten. It peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, so it's obviously a great song. Please listen to the song and vote for it.


This whole song is ruined by Drake and Gudda Gudda.

The cheesiest pick-up line I've ever heard!

21 Tie My Hands

One of Lil Wayne's most profound songs is about Hurricane Katrina. People like to say he's bad at rapping, but listen to this song and then decide. He is one of the most underrated rappers of all time.

Greatest song by Lil Wayne. So much emotion. It's real. It's not about women or money. This song is about his home city and how much he cares about other people.

This is definitely the best Lil Wayne song. Clearly, most of the people voting on this list know nothing about the real Wayne, since this song is not number one.

22 Sucker for Pain

The music kind of reminds me of my old haunted mansion video game soundtrack. It's actually pretty catchy, though, seeing as I'm not a rap fan.

This is an absolute masterpiece by Lil Wayne. It has been one of his best for years.

Goddammit, why is this song so low?

1. Drop the World
2. Sucker for Pain
This song is probably his only good song apart from Drop the World.

23 Steady Mobbin'

This is one of my favorite songs from Lil Wayne. My group of friends and I have a blast singing this song together and make sure to play it at least once, along with Money Weed. The song boasts lines like, Big house, long hallways, got ten bathrooms, I could go all day!

A song that any Wayne fan will like! Fantastic beat, but the lyrics really make it stand out. Absolutely fantastic song. Not any worse than Lollipop, A Milli, or any other Wayne single.

The first time I looked up this song, I knew I would like it. It had three videos with over six million views and two with around one million.

24 I Am Not a Human Being

He goes off in this song. It defines how he thinks, acts, and sees the world. If this isn't good, then I don't know what is.

This song should at least be in the top ten! It's awesome.

25 Rich as F***

Although this song is very explicit, you should still hear it because it is one of the best songs from I Am Not a Human Being 2. This track has got wonderful beats and should at least peak in the top tens of this list.

I love Rich As F***. I wish it had charted in the Australian charts, but it didn't. At least I got it on my Android.

Love this. Some of the lyrics have pretty humorous meanings to them!

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