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1 Call Me Maybe

Her best song to this day obviously. Released in 2012, it has a story & it's catchy & dancy. She really nailed it & although it's repetitive it's sure to entertain & it's an earworm maker. It's been played pretty much everywhere & exploded to the top of the charts including the Billboard charts. It's been played at school dances as well & is worth playing anytime ( though getting sleep at night's healthy). It's her ultimate hit for sure & one that'll never be forgotten.

Hands down her best song. I love it. I got lucky and saw her live on Hedley's hello world tour and literally everyone sang along to this one with her. My favourite song of all time. Her and Hedley are awesome.

2 Run Away With Me

Call me maybe has it's good stuff to it, but this is so good. I listened to the emotion album by her everyday (I'm literally not kidding) It's also very underrated but we Carly stans love it.

Honestly one of the best pop songs I've ever head. Extremely underrated and pretty damn amazing.

A song with a different feel to it. Loved Carly in the video.

3 Good Time

1. Good time
2. Sweaty
3. This kiss
4. Call me maybe
5. Curiosity
6. Bucket
7. Beautiful
8. Sour candy
9. Tug of war
10. Both sides now
11. Talk to me
12. Picture
13. Turn me up
14. Sunshine on my shoulder

This song is just about having a good time. To me its telling people to get out there and have fun and be heard and do something amazing. It's a great duet.
Be heard
Be kind
Be awesome

My favourite band ever is Owl City and my favourite singer ever is Carly Rae Jepsen. The only song that they sang together is GOOD TIME!

4 I Really Like You

Love this song. I can never remember how many reallys there are in the songs. Brilliant song Carly xxx

5 All That

Her most beautiful song. Reminds me of Prince.

6 Emotion

This song is so charming and I think it's such a classic by miss Carly Rae.

Same thing. Just something about it than gets to me, deep down. Love it.

Of all her songs, this one gets to me in some magicsl way I can't explain.

7 Sweetie

Anything you want boy,
I can make it happen,
We could fall in love and I could be your sweetie!

8 Your Type

It's so relatable to me... Lovely song

I can really relate to this song, strongly deep meaning and excellent vocal performance

9 Tonight I'm Getting Over You

We're not lovers
But more than friends
Put a flame to every single word you ever said
No more crying
To get me through
I'll keep dancing till the morning with somebody new
Tonight I'm getting over you
Tonight I'm getting over you

Awesome song...

This song describes exactly how Carly can't get over her crush of someone... Best song ever because of how first its more or less sad (sort of) but then it gets exciting at the chorus...

This is better than Call Me Maybe. Trust me. This song, it's rock, quite sad and it produced by Max Martin! Don't ask me who Max Martin is.

10 Curiosity

Curiosity from her EP (not KISS version) is one of her best songs... Should have been her 2nd single which was released in Canada and almost charted as high as CMM

My favorite at the moment. I've listened to it like... a thousand times!

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11 This Kiss

Okay first, Justin Bieber didn't find her first. Josh ramsey did... Second, this is her best song with tonight I'm getting over you after it... And third how isn't this number one?

I love this new song! It has a good beat to it. I'm sure it will be up in the top 10 eventually. I love you Carly Rae Jepsen!

I think its very sweet and cute song that everyone should vote for...

12 More Than a Memory

Catchy with meaningful lyrics! I love it, definitely her best song.

13 Tiny Little Bows
14 Favourite Colour
15 I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance
16 Too Much
17 Gimmie Love

Wonderful song. My favourite song for about one month.

18 Black Heart
19 Boy Problems
20 Beautiful

I love her and JB so much! both have good voices together! They really sound amazing together in this song.
My 8 songs by her.
1. Beautiful
2. Call Me Mabye
3. Good Time
4. I really like you
5. Cut to the feeling
6. Kiss
7. Love Again
8. Tug of war
That's my list of her songs. You guys rock!

I just love it a lot despite of the fact that it's a considerable copy of What makes you beautiful but the song's really good! Xx

This song is the best song I've ever heard even though its an old song I still love listening to it, it changes my mood and I just love singing the song itself

21 Higher
22 Let's Get Lost
23 Fever
24 Both Sides Now

I like it a lot. This song gave me strength. I love it.

25 Making the Most of the Night
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