Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredding Masterpieces

Here is a collection of what in my experience is the best guitar shredding I've heard.
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1 Miles of Machines - Jeff Loomis

When somebody can create such a truly masterful guitar solo it makes you wonder how Jeff Loomis is so underappreciated in the overall music world. One of the most skillful guitarists I have ever heard.

This is really some of the best guitar shredding I've ever heard - it has an insane neo-classical guitar riff by Jeff Loomis, one of the best if not THE greatest modern guitarist!

2 Rising Force - Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Nice interplay between the guitar and keyboards I.E. between Malmsteen and Jens Johansson, 2 of the greatest pioneers ever of their respective instruments

3 Snakebite - Racer X

The killer riff at the beginning of this song is backed up by a high-speed, highly skilled solo by Paul Gilbert, he really gives it all in this song.

4 Glasgow Kiss - John Petrucci

The intro consists of a really catchy guitar riff, followed by great soloing throughout!

5 Tornado of Souls - Megadeth

As good as they say Dave Mustaine is, in my opinion Marty Friedman is just a step above in technical proficiency; this is demonstrated in this fast highly skilled solo, one of the best guitar solos of all time!

An extremly epic solo! From the awesome and former lead guitarist of megadeth marty friedman. This solo will never be beat by any other megadeth guitarist (maybe dave)

6 No Boundaries - Michael Angelo Batio

He's gonna give you the keys to the lamborghini!

7 Surfing with the Alien - Joe Satriani

This is a hard rock guitar classic - very solid and groovy guitar riffing & soloing by Satch - this is really what started [or at least expanded] the genre of instrumental rock.

This is the guy that really changed me into a guitar lovin soloist, easily the perfect guitarist

8 Altitudes - Jason Becker

This was the first shredding song that actually gave me the chills, I could actually understand and feel each note, it was not playing fast just for the sake of playing fast. I can still remember listening it for the first time, it just took me to another level of consciousness and it still does every time.

Best instrumental ever... Much better than commercial songs of joe satriani and steve vai such as surfing with aliens and for the love of god

Hard to believe he was just 19 at that time! Altitudes is considered as one of the best songs with sweep picking.

9 For the Love of God - Steve Vai
10 Far Beyond the Sun - Yngwie Malmsteen

When I saw at the tabs. Oh my God! What is this! If I had 10 finger more still I wouldn't be able to play the solo. This fret to that fret, that fret to that fret. Its not only the chords, even the strumming is also very fast. Especially after the bending.

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11 Saved by a Miracle - Vinnie Moore
12 Playing with Fire - Impellitteri
13 Soothsayer - Buckethead

This has to be my favourite Buckethead track.

14 Dark Matter - Rusty Cooley
15 Escape Velocity - Jeff Loomis

More insane guitar shredding from Loomis, it just shows that he's just as capable if not more so outside Nevermore.

16 Eruption - Van Halen

I disagree with visitor's comment that this song started shredding. Neither Eddie Van Halen invented tapping nor he invented shredding. Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix were also using some fast techniques which inspired shredding. Even Ritchie Blackmore later used shredding. And about tapping, Italian guitarist Vittorio Camardese used tapping on his acoustic guitar. Which he did it in 1965. more than 10 years before him.

17 Savage - Cacophony
18 The Glass Prison - Dream Theater
19 Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce
20 Under the Influence - Rusty Cooley
21 Guti (The Finale) - Aurthohin

This song's solos have,
- Fast hammer ons and pull offs
- Fast alternate picking
- Sweep Picking
- Tapping
- Legatos
- String Skipping

I am not considering bending and vibratos. But it has everything a shredding solo needs.

22 Children of a Faceless God - Symphony X

Brutal guitar-playing in not just one but TWO solos by Romeo at his best!

23 Ride the Lightning - Metallica
24 Alexander the Great - Iron Maiden
25 The River Dragon Has Come - Nevermore
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