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1 Danza Kuduro

Oh... Amazing song. Really I have no words to describe how I feel when I listened it first time...! I was dancing...! I couldn't stop myself to do that...!

Some songs remain best forever, danza khudro is like those songs.. DON OMAR? There is no dare to comments about him because he is an incredible singer in d world I think

I do not even know what is being said in this song but I makes me dance and jump around non stop. Awesome song

Best song by him. Great outside drinking with friends song.

2 Taboo

Awesome song listen to it every now and then... And the video is just mind blowing! This is better than danza kuduro!

Third single from Don Omar's collaborative album "Meet the Orphans"

3 Angelito

I love this so g a lot, I love Don Omar your my favorite singer.. One thing your hot..

4 Dale Don Dale

Are you kidding me? This is one of the most songs that was playing in everywhere, old school

Since I was a little child I love this song!

5 Virtual Diva

Nice Song. Makes me happy and Energetic. One of my top favourite of Don Omer. Even though I can't understand a word he says

Madness song even though I don't understand it... omar man what a beat? Same for danza kuduro

6 Reggaetón Latino
7 Salió el Sol
8 Hasta Abajo
9 Dile

Sexy lyrics about a guy who wants another night with a girl who's with another man...

The chorus and beat is hot!

10 Pobre Diabla

Amazing song. Reminds me of when I was younger, a lot naiver and madly in love with a "loser" who could of totally derailed my life. As well as having a wicked beat there is a totally important message in this song. Those men that are not worth a cent, maybe exciting to play with but run before they bewitch you.

It has a great beat and a very catchy tune to it. The lyrics bring joy and combined with the music and the Latino beat, it makes this song my favorite Don Omar song!

This is one of the best songs of the century. I love the rhythm, the lyrics(even when I don't understand a thing) The very best by Don Omar

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11 Ella y Yo
12 Bandoleros

The great song ever. Even better than Danza Kuduro.

13 Sexy Robótica
14 Hasta Que Salga el Sol

I love this song! Such an upbeat song and fun to dance to.

15 Zumba
16 Conteo
17 Dutty Love
18 Ella No Sigue Las Modas
19 Guaya Guaya
20 Ella Ella
21 How We Roll

Best song from don omar

22 No Se de Ella (My Space)
23 Ayer la Vi
24 My Space
25 Pura Vida

Awesome song... I like it!

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