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Any song can be added from their first EP Missa to their latest album. This includes their singles as well.
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1 Vinushka

How can this be in 6th position? Really this is the best song ever! It is so melodic, sad but at the same time its awesome! Vinushka should at least be in the 3 tops...

Top tier. Few artists can touch upon the level of complexity as Dir En Grey does with this song. Very few mistakes musically.

It's the song that really defines them... It's the topmost level of progressive metal.

2 Dozing Green

This was the first song I heard from them through a friend of mine. This impacted me profoundly. I remember saying "I never heard something like this in my life, and I wish I did it sooner"

Dozing Green is just an amazing song that shows the band at their best

3 Obscure

This song has expressed so much emotion and can create an image in your mind, it may be very gruesome and sadistic but I think that it sums up my feelings for society perfectly. Although it is about abortion, I always interpret it differently.

This is perhaps their most famous song, if only for the music video.

This song defines dir eng grey.

4 Lotus

The release of the video, is the release that originally drew me into Dum Spiro Spero album entirely as whole. This, and the fact that Dir en Grey is the Artist and knowing that every new single that they release is the beginning of something bigger and even better for their fans, and avid listeners such as myself

This song is so beautifully haunting and really touched me.

No words for this. Simply amazing.

5 Different Sense

Caged up rage and sorrow unleashed all at once. At first you may think its just aggression, but at 1:14 you feel sorrow and desperation. It is yelling at tragedy, chaos, injustice and pain.

I remember listening to this song without end when I was going through a tough time. The songs cry of "desperate anger" made things a little easier

I love all of Dir en grey songs but Different Sense is heart felt and just completely awesome and on time to end 2011 to begin 2012. I feel the anger in this song related to the tragic event in Japan and relates to any tragic event which has happened in anyone's life. "Different Sense" Dir en grey will always change the era of Music

6 The Final

Has a very standard song structure coming from Direngrey, but it is a really damn nice song, easily one of if not the most catchiest chorus they have. Memorable

This song is so melodic... And Kyo combine it with "his" Screams... Makes this song more powerful...

7 Cage

Cage is an amazing song! It's my favorite off of the GAUZE album and it was one of the songs that made me become a Dir en grey fan. It was also one of the songs that made me gain a love for the bass because I love Toshiya's bass solo in this song. This song has a lot of nostalgia for me as well. I have been listening to Dir en grey for over a decade and this song is just a classic for me.

This song is the core of Dir En Grey sound. Not so heavy, as their later songs, but so emotional...

I love this song. Kyo 's vote is the madness. And this bass, Toshiya is the best!

8 Kodou

Hearing the intro synth lead and the clean guitars for the first time, I didn't even have to get to the chorus to instantly add this to my playlist, the chorus is catchy as hell, and kyo's timbre voice in this, it just screams top level song.

This song marked their entry into a new type of melodic metal. This song and video is perfect to show that they were leaving something behind and going into a new direction (hence the connection to Saku). Amazing song overall.

This song is so meaningful for me. I love it so much that I made a kind of 15 party's AMV with this song. On the other hand, this song always makes me feel like 'you have to go on no matter what! '

Don't kid youself, and don't fool yourself

9 Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami

This played at the GHOUL tour in Chicago (2013). I sang along. I've cried to this.

In my opinion it is the level of experimental metal... I love it..

10 Rinkaku

Words cannot describe this song, you feel it. The sensation that it brings you when the chorus comes up, you just know, you just know that you are listening to something magnificent.

Haunting. Disturbingly haunting. It's the kind of song that you can leave on repeat without getting tired of it. It just gets even more emotional the more you listen to it.

Seriously guys how can you overlook this song. It's one of the songs that gave me the chills every time I hear it.

The Contenders
11 Ryoujoku no ame

Awesome. Such a powerful song, and full of emotion. It is just so great, every time I listen to it, I literary get taken away to another place. It is just so beautiful. Out of these ten songs, this song deserves to be number one. It is breathtaking.

12 Merciless Cult

Just the best opening for "Withering to death" that I can imagine. I love his dark atmosphere!

Amazing song it's like as if the singer(Kyo) is having some mental breakdown. Creative as always with Dir En Grey

13 Diabolos

This song captivates me, I feel like I am on some epic mission starting off in a dark walk to fight the enemy, then things get heavier as the battle begins.

I know that isn't anything like the lyrics, but the song makes me feel that way.

This is THE song that captures the many forms of Dir En Grey perfectly.

14 Child Prey
15 Ain't Afraid to Die

One of my favorite songs of all time. I can describe this song in one sentence "The pure expression of inner musical freedom". This is what separates Direngrey from other bands in the world. The ability to convey this musical expression through instruments. After you listen to this song, you can go watch it live and die happily.

I listened to this a lot around my grandfathers death, wake, funeral, and burial. It got me through a lot; and even without the English lyrics, you can feel his pain.

This is the first dir en grey song I heard, I want it played at my funeral, it breaks the language barrier, you can feel every bit of emotion in the song! It is beautiful and progressive

16 Yokan

This song is incredible for many reasons. It is a song from the early years, so it might not be the DeG they are now, but it definitely got them here. It was from the early era, which for the long-time fans is really important as well. So it's more than a song really-- it's a moment.

Beautiful jrock song, some of their earliest work, you can hear some of their early influences from derlanger and buck tick in this. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

17 Macabre (Sanagi No Yume Wa Ageha No Hane)

This song is such a journey. An absolute master piece. The lyrics are haunting and the instruments carry the emotions so damn beautifully.

18 Conceived Sorrow

This is one of my top 10 favorites songs of DEG.
'Marvelous lyrics, metrics, opera fusion, passion, sadness. Powerful combination! Must to be listened if you are a DEG fan.

The lyrics are especially relatable to those of us with mental health issues. Seeing Kyo reflect my pain in the live performances is just…something else.

19 Glass Skin

The lyrics of the song are so powerful. It really gets to you, into your soul. The story of my life even before I knew the lyrics the music touched my heart.

The piano arrangment, kyo's voice expression, and the delay guitars in the background, my god just lush.

20 Jessica

This song is so stupid, sad and I just love it!

21 Saku
22 Clever Sleazoid
23 Reiketsu Nariseba

One of their many deathmetal songs. And this is my favorite. It is actually impossible to not headbang in middle of the song. It just hits you out of nowhere, such a fun track

24 Kasumi
25 KR Cube

Why is this not #1? Seriously people. Get a grip.

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