Top 10 Greatest Guitarist Duels / Face Offs

Imagine the lightning-fast fingers and blistering solos as Slash goes head-to-head with the enigmatic Buckethead, each bringing their unique flair to the fretboard. Picture the intensity as Dave Mustaine and Kirk Hammett, the titans of thrash metal, engage in a sonic battle that will shake the very foundations of your eardrums.

These guitar duels are not merely battles of skill, but epic encounters that showcase the sheer passion, creativity, and dedication that these guitarists bring to their craft. Each note, every bend, and every shred is a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the guitar.
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1 Dave Mustaine vs Kirk Hammett

Dave Mustaine. Way better technically, and can shred for days. Hammett is good, and very well known, and is more successful than dave but, there is no way dave would lose that battle. The entire Kill Em All album speaks for itself, because its all dave mustaine.

Dave. Kirk is good, but he overused the way and isn't as technical as Dave. I prefer Metallica over Megadeth, but Dave is running circles around Kirk.

2 Slash vs Buckethead

My Vote goes to /

3 Ritchie Blackmore vs Tony Iommi

Easily, Ritchie Blackmore - more technical, more innovative and faster. He was the first metal shredder and the first metal guitarist who used tremolo picking (now found everywhere in extreme metal - esp. black and death metal).
His solos on Highway Star (Deep Purple) and A Light In The Black (Rainbow) still sound mindblowing.

4 Alex Skolnick vs Jeff Waters

Two of the finest lead guitar players in thrash (Alex of Testament and Jeff of Annihilator). It's hard to choose but Jeff Waters wins - more interesting riffs and solos, and he pretty much invented technical thrash with Annihilator's demo of 1985 - Welcome To Your Death.

5 Ritchie Blackmore vs Jimmy Page

Ritchie Blackmore, obviously - Jimmy Page himself admitted that.

6 Yngwie Malmsteen vs Marty Friedman

Yngwie for the win. The proof is that even when Marty plays whith a neo-Classical genius like Jason Becker, he STILL compare to Yngwie.

7 Yngwie Malmsteen vs John Petrucci

Oh John Petrucci by a landslide. Yngwie is good and has great technique, but Petrucci can improvise like a beast and has much better song writing and composing skills. He's also faster (not a huge point) and he also has the better technique. This is all my opinion, but Petrucci is a monster compared to Yngwie.

Is this a joke? Trust me, I love John Petrucci and dream theater but YNGWIE! That guy is 100x more talented than john. He can shred like no one else and can basically create neo-Classical scales out of nothing!

8 Kai Hansen vs Timo Tolkki
9 Kerry King vs Gary Holt
10 Steve Vai vs Joe Satriani

Vai will win as he has more feel and can execute better than joe his former teacher

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11 Synyster Gates vs Herman Li

Synyster Gates has the feel and the shredding both in the albums and live. Herman Li Just knows how to use pro tools and give most of his money on specs in order for his pc not to crash...

Who is herman li! Synyster gates is all the way first...

Li! Gates can't play guitar.

12 Nirmal vs Vimukthi

Nirmal & Vimukthi are 2 emerging Guitarists from Sri Lanka who acquires incredible talent on the Guitar. They play everything: Classical, Country, Pop, Latin, Jazz, Blues, Rock & Metal. They are a real treat to watch Performing. Good Luck & All the Best Nirmal & Vimukthi...

These 2 are a Privilege to watch! They are Amazing! Well Done Guys!

13 Eddie Van Halen vs Joe Satriani

This would be as epic as it gets people. Slash is great but if two people like this got together, it would shake the world.

Eddie is the man... He's just been bored for a while, he is letting everyone else catch up to what he started in 1978...

Joe Hands down, would win this one!

14 Hide vs Sugizo
15 Eric Clapton vs Carlos Santana
16 Eric Johnson vs Steve Vai
17 Yngwie Malmsteen vs Steve Vai
18 Herman Li vs Sam Totman
19 Michael Amott vs Christopher Amott
20 Jimmy Page vs Tony Iommi

Jimmy Paige rocks! Much better range of styles.

21 Kerry King vs Dimebag Darrell
22 Paul Gilbert vs George Lynch
23 David Gilmour vs Synyster Gates
24 Evan Taubenfeld vs Josh Farro
25 Michael Angelo Batio vs Tom Morello
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