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1 Forever

It's an amazing song Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West in the same song crazy. I don't know a bout you guys but it's my favourite song.

Dope song, Dope Beat, This song is hard, arguably #1, Eminem kills it (in a good way) as always with his crazy lyrical way of Raping and he is my favorite rapper, anyways the song is dope when Eminem mentions macadamia nuts... like who rhymes like that?... but that's just how Eminem is, he can rhyme with anything!

People constantly calling this song the best just because Em was on it. Drake's verse was AWESOME, Kanye's was... uh... , and Lil' Wayne's was also pretty good. Sure, Eminem had a really good verse, but the rest is equally as good.

The first time I heard this song, I thought it was annoying. I couldn't even get through the whole song! Then I heard eminem was in it so I gave it another shot. It s one of those songs that you have to listen to a few times to like it. The only problem with this song is that... Wait what problem? I want this forever manye!

2 Headlines

First song that got me addicted to drake. I love him, his music and this song is the one of many that are amazing but headlines makes you feel it like its indescribable. The beat give me life and his voice is so classic and style in this song is top notch. Love this song point blank.

This song is one of the greatest rap song ever... The beats of the song is so catchy... And he's got his own rapping style.. And also the lyrics which truly suits his sharp voice... This should be at number one...

I love this song. Heard my friend playing it and the next thing I knew was it was in my head all day long. Love the song. I think it should be number 1. My gym teacher is alway singing or rapping his songs and that shows how may people love this song.

Headlines has a perfect video. as always drake has good flow, maybe you don't believe but I can't understand this song exactly cause drake's accent is so difficult for me. Lucky cash money all of the cash money users can create and sing expensive songs and videos.

3 Best I Ever Had

This, Headlines, Find Your Love. Ah, so hard to choose. Drake's music really was amazing and the nostalgia is so good. Hopefully now that Rihanna is out of the way, his music will be good again. She literally killed his career. But this son is real Drake, real feelings, real lyrics and real talent.

Haven't heard much drake songs, but this is my favorite out of the ones I heard. It should be number uno but I still think forever is a good song. I also like find your love, fancy, right above it, and what's my name.

It's the song that introduced me to Drizzy. Maybe its not the best. But yes my favorite. Love it. I guess the best is Headlines. Best rap. And also The resistance.

So catchy and has a great beat
Even though its old it is still one of his better songs
GREAT song! Overall
Should be # one easily over forever

4 Over

I have one question, what's with the new songs?

They're good but for some reason, I keep going back to the album Take Care, Don't even know why, oh wait yes I do, it was the emotion in the old songs, if you do another album like take care, I will faint from how great the moment is when someone tells me.

Nice beat, good lyrics, what more could you ask for from this song? Doesn't sound as Pop as some of the others, in a good way.

"First name ever lay name greatest" remember when he said that we all started to sing along. This song lets us know he was here to stay.

Honestly was the song that made me enjoy rap. So glad, as I would otherwise likely not enjoy music period.

5 Marvin's Room

This song had to be one of the absolute best songs to come out of the rap genius that is Drake. He successfully gives us an alluring tale that almost everyone can relate to: calling the old love that you never got over after a hard night or time, perhaps drunk. The background music does nothing but intensify the song giving it an amazing effect.

Are you joking me this isn't 1? who's voting for this stuff? no one with common sense! This song is for real not like any of those radio popular songs sitting at one and two. Vote this up to one and make this a legit site

This is like his best song ever! The lyrics can be related to almost anyone, and that is what he does best!
Keeping it real! And this is undoubtedly better than Forever

This is the best Drake song. That's it. Others above this one pale in comparison. Recommended for ladies. This one is the reason that I'm a hardcore fan of Drake now.

6 Take Care

A very deep song that penetrates right into ones inner feelings. You ve been in a situation like this, and if not yet you better try it, because there's nothing more beautiful in this world than this very sweet flavor of love sorrow..

The beat starts of so sweet and later on in the song I changes to be absolutely amazing should definitely be top 5... I can't believe it isn't! This song got me into listening to drake..

Best thing ever. Rihanna in particular is fantastic, and I especially love the calm, reflective beat and the Gil Scott-Heron sample. I find Drake to be a lot better when he's singing and not rapping

This is a very deep song and I love it. Wow I'm kind of surprised to see it this low on the list. At least top 10 worthy.

7 The Motto

Unfortunately, I don't think Drake has a signature song just yet. "The Motto", however, is a great track. One of Drake's best, to be honest. The beat is simple and not over complicated. Drake usually builds his beats and makes them completely full, but this is him going in a different direction from what he usually does. Anyways, it seems like a fun track to rock to, but again, Drake has yet to show the public a hard-hitting track.

Best beat, coolest lyrics, and extremely catchy. I almost cried seeing the worst song ever (well, almost) above this. Started from the bottom is like nails scraping on a chalkboard right next to my eardrums

In my opinion this is Drake's best song he's ever made. Dope, simple beat with crazy bars throughout both Drizzy and Wayne's verses. When he retires this is a song you'll look back on his career thinking "damn this was a classic"

Should be in top 5 way too good to be 36.. In my top 25 songs in my ipod already who ever made this list needs to rethink it because I see more then multiple that should be higher

8 Find Your Love

It's the first song I heard from Drake and never missed his songs after. This may not deserve to be in top 3 but definitely top 5. Lyrics are cool and beats are dope.

Absolutely love this song! I love when her sings! It's nice when you get to see the softer side of him. Drake is one of my favorite right now cause he does it all.

There's so many layers to this song, each of which are unmistakably catchy. Just goes to show, pretty damn good singer on top of his rap game.

Drake's singing is so good.
This song should be first on the top tens.
Drake rocks!
Vote for FIND YOUR LOVE by drake the awesome singer!

9 Started from the Bottom

My goodness. This song is absolute rubbish. The video is STUPID. If he really committed the act of actually starting from the bottom, then the idiot should portray that in the video. SIGH. He's so overrated.

This song is THE boss. Awesome lyrics. Catchy beats. Great video! And most importantly the meaning of the song. Started from the bottom now he's here!
"Just as a reminder to my self I wear every single chain even when I am in the house! "

Started from the bottom now we here drake, The Director more than anyone else make this song bigger and better. Great video and a simple beat but the quality of beat make song better.

This song is absolute crap, drake is a one hit wonder, I don't consider him a rapper, he's more of an annoyance to me than anything, in conclusion this song sucks.

10 Hold On, We're Going Home

This is the best Drake song ever. The beat is full of quality and it's one of drake's newest hits that everyone enjoys. It is probably the best song ever.

I absolutely love this song. Feels very melancholic and engaging. The music video is kinda unrefined but otherwise this song is definitely awesome!

Drake has a lot of great songs, but I think this one is the best. Puts you in a good mood instantly. This song is new, so everyone needs to vote for it to get it at #1

This song literally makes my heart skip a beat. The lyrics are so sweet and romantic, and they make me think of the one I love every time I hear them.

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One of Drake's fastest raps, this song is one of Drake's most successful songs, I suggest listening to it before you judge it.

Not only a great beat, but also brilliant rapping and tells a story. Easily drake's best song

This song is the best! The best one of Drake's Take Care album, better that Forever

This song is amazing I think it should be like number 4 because this song is beast. It is way beter than marvins room. This and the motto are definitely two of his best

12 Hotline Bling

The song needs no explanation. It is a good song before during and after a relationship. That is awfully difficult to find in one song, oNe of his best songs hands down!

Hotline bling is his best song! Close behind is hold on we're going home, take care, too good, find your love, over, forever, best I ever had

Eh this song is way overrated and he's definitely done better, but I know some people are in love with this song so.. HERE IT IS

This is the best Drake song EVER! This song should be higher on this list.

13 Trophies

This is drakes rudest track, this is when we knew he wasn't joking around about becoming the best rapper of his era.

Best Drake song since Headlines. Amazing beats, great lyrics, and he absolutely killed it.

As the person who posted this song.. Drakes selfish with all these banger beats KIP

Should be in at least the top 20, if not top 10. Great beat.

14 Crew Love

Such a good pump-up song, This song really gives you that "reflection" mentality.

Such I nice relaxing song and it makes me think about my crush if only I was in 7th grade again

15 Miss Me

This song is so awesome. It's like this is the BEST SONG EVER. Well done Drake you are my best musician I love you so much it's like 143 couldn't you sing wonderfully!

While not a completely stellar Drake verse, he brongs out the best in Wayne for one of the best verses he's ever spat. The vibe for this song is perfect for everywhere, especially in a car full of people.

I've heard many of Drake's song, this should be on number one.
Hear to it, and you'll believe me

Good beat! Bass sound system

16 One Dance

This song was #1 in the UK for 15 straight weeks! (Close to the record)
Smooth beat + calmed voice = best Drake song.
Great chill song, good club banger, awesome game changer.

Surprised this song isn't top 10... It's amazing and I love it. Best song from the album views at least.

Awesome! This song is so great! This beat and... It's a perfect summer song!

The most listened to song of 2016.
Should be at least the top 5 to be honest.

17 Make Me Proud

God. This song turns me on, the lyrics.. The soft voice. Drake. Nicki.
It makes you feel it, touches you and makes you feel like your High. Like your light. All you want from a song. Deserves to be number 1 without a Single doubt.

This Song has got to be one of drake's best songs! I put this song on for an alarm for the mornin' and it TOTALLY wakes me up! Very catchy and epic! This song makes people really get into what your doing! A really rocking song!

This song is great. It's uplifting and has good vibes. Nicki Minaj shouldn't have been included, to be honest. The tone of the song is supposed to be relaxed and then Nicki (or one of her alter-egos) messes up the tune.

WoW! Come on it really nails the hell... Vote for it.. And keep voting for it until it don't reach top 5 at least 10

18 All Me

This should be top 5 no question. One of Drakes best all around songs.

Needs to be in top 10!

Great song this deserves to be in a better position love the beat and lyrics

Drake is obv superstar level here but Big Sean! WOW. He's destroys this track

19 Know Yourself

It took me a minute to get used to this song but it's definitely one of my favorite. The rhythm is sick and I'm addicted to the line "I was runnin through the 6 with my WOES! "

This is easily number 1. The beat drop, the slow choppy flow, everything about this song is yes.

That title should explain it all. I don't think you know yourself if this isn't in the top 15

The production of this song is phenomenal, and normaly I don't like when drake does that aggresive thing, but it really works here. It's incredibly catchy:"I WAS RUNNIN THRU the 6 WITH MY WOES! "

20 Back to Back

While it's nowhere near as good of a diss
track as 2Pac's "Hit Em Up", Nas' "Ether", or Eminem's "Nail In The Coffin", Drake ended Meek Mill on this one. The reason why I say "Nail In The Coffin" by Eminem is better is because Eminem was TWENTY times better than Benzino, and he didn't just end his career; he took the man out of him. But that doesn't take away what Drake did on this one. Best line: You gettin' bodied by a singin' (expletive)

In all honesty, this was the last track where he dropped bars and wrote his own lyrics. Then he did views, ML, and scorpion, all of which he just sang about being pissed or sad and swore occasionally. Seriously, this was the last of his great songs.

Are you serious guys come on from start to finish the beats are fire probably one of drake's best fast rap songs and all at the same time he destroyed meek mill while at it come on this is what I call a perfect song.

How in the hell is this below started from the bottom. A great diss track. Started from the bottom could have been done by anyone.

21 0 to 100

Easily best song of 2014 and of Drake's songs. From going hard with a timeless flow in the 0-100 verse, to slowing it down and flowing effortlessly over the smooth Catch Up beat. Should be number 1.

Simply a masterpiece from start to finish. Starts with a dope and catchy rap style song that gets you super hype (0 to 100) then flows into a wavy lyrical masterpiece outro (The Catch Up)

The first half of this song sucks but the second half is good enough to keep its spot right here.

The Dopest track of 2014. Drake kills it with a sick beat from 40. What else can I say, it's a classic.

22 How Bout Now

Why doesn't this song have so many votes? This song is legendary, it shouldn't be so far down the list. Definitely top 20. Also surprised this didn't make it onto the mixtape. For all them people, this song is a comeback song, a song to tell all the people who didn't give you a chance. Classic right here.

This song makes you think about the ex you never had.

Why tf is this masterpiece at 43? This honestly Drakes best song besides Martin's Room and Headlines.

23 I'm Goin In

This has nice flow, but the lyrics are so stupid. Like seriously.

Is this war or somethin

24 Right Above It

Because we on...
We on...

Favorite song ever, any artist, I understand it's low because it isn't Drake's song, but... come on! This song the best!

The beat alone makes this the best workout song I have, not to mention the epic flow and inspirational hook. One of the two weezy songs I actually really like.

This song is amazing! Drake and Weezy make magic, sick beat. Just downright amazing

Just 9? This has to be higher the beat is infectious and the flows by drake and weezy are fantastic

25 5AM in Toronto

Listened to this song one time and can't stop. Drake goes hard definitely better than most songs he puts out now.

This is his best pure Rap song. Murdered this song, filled with enough subliminal shots to make someone drunk laugh out loud

Drakes most underrated song in my opinion. Spits absolute fire over this beat while taking some subtle shots at some others

Why isn't this song number 1. if you haven't heard this song then check it out it is fire!

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