Top 10 Best Eagles Songs

Best songs by the Eagles - one of the finest rock bands ever.
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1 Hotel California

It's one of the best rock songs ever, to be honest one of the best songs of all time. The songwriting for this song is just genius, and the solo is just awesome. Truly held its own considering it was released in the same decade as masterpieces such as Stairway to Heaven by Zeppelin and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Just a great song!

I'm this MASSIVE Eagles fan, and I have no idea why people haven't heard other songs apart from this one. My favourites, in order would be :

1) Hotel California
2) Desperado
3) The Last Resort
4) Love will keep us alive
5) Waiting in the weeds
6) Lyin'eyes
7) Take it to the limit
8) Take it easy
9) Best of my love
10) Peaceful, easy feeling
11) Get over it
12) After the thrill is gone

This was the song I selected for my 1st live performance! And I will always remember it that way. It's rhythm is historic and I sure hope it will be remembered as a classic! Show's the amazing power of the acoustic guitars!

Legendary song like Stairway To Heaven can't beat this song (sorry guys), because none anyone can play drum while sing the song perfectly better than Don Henley. Amazing guitar solo and vocal.Anyone must love this song because it is legend

You can checkout anytime you like, but you can't never leave!

2 Take It Easy

I put this song on whenever I need to sing my bean off. Just when you think it can't get any better the banjo kicks in and you dribble down your leg... Ahh!

I remember taking my girlfriend to Arizona. It was her first trip to The Grand Canyon State. Ironically, we were one our way to Winslow and the song just happened to come on the radio. We sang along "Woo, Oooh, Whoo! "

I like this song more than hotel California. Hotel California is great but is overplayed this song is the best eagles song!

What's so great about hotel California it's long and boring and take it easy just has so much more of an euphoric effect!

3 Desperado

The best classic rock song. It is unique; one the singing starts, it doesn't stop, the drums don't begin until halfway through, there is no guitar solo. Everything is perfect about this song, from the amazing musicianship to the singing to the gradual build, not to mention some of the greatest lyrics ever. In this case, less is most certainly more, so despite the lack of crazy wailing guitar solos and showy drumming, this song is profoundly beautiful and melodic. This should be first on the list, not because the others are bad but because this song is truly a masterpiece.

Best song ever. There is nothing else that I could possibly say about this song. I heard it in my dad's car on the way home from my basketball practice and immediately fell in love with it. GO EAGLES.

One of the greatest songs and guitar solos ever! This song is a masterpiece and should be up there with Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody as the best rock song ever.

Such an amazing song! I just learnt it on guitar after listening to it on the computer for years. I love the lyrics, especially at the bridges! Should be AT LEAST in the top three!

4 Take It to the Limit

The Eagles had probably the most talented ensemble of musicians of any band... ever. It's a cryin' shame they couldn't have stopped fighting among themselves to have realized their full potential. Henley and Frey were known as the vocalists of the group, but Randy Meisner was actually the most talented. His shyness of the spotlight, lack of self-confidence and anxiety issues prevented him from "soaring like an eagle." Talent wise, he could've been one of the greats of all time. Regardless, he gave us this song, truly one of the all time greats.

Please take five minutes and with this song live 1977 at Capital Center with Randy singing the lead - it is pure vocal perfection and Joe Walsh and the rest of the gang singing back up. This song live at Capital Center is the best Eagles performance ever. Then... Watch it a few years later without Randy in the band. It is bad real bad. While the band was loaded top to bottom with talent, they were better - a lot better with Randy Meisner!

That song stirs up so many memories for me. I loved it then and I love it even more now. There is something about it that connects to my soul and the very core of my being. I love all the Eagles songs, but this one is my favorite.

Song with time machine effect. It takes you back to the time when you started listening this song and you can feel that time somewhat. Amazing song.

5 One of These Nights

Should be #1 pure and simple. The pinch harmonics at the end of song especially really are an audio orgasm for us guitar players!

It's a simply amazing song, my favorite lyric is I've been searching for the daughter
Of the devil himself
I've been searching for an angel in white
I've been waiting for a woman who's a little
Of both
And I can feel her but she's nowhere
In sight
Love it!

Best eagles song, can listen to it all day. This, Witchy Woman, and Already Gone are definitely underrated here. But then again, the Eagles had so many great songs its hard to choose.

Really atmospheric piece of music with multi layered harmonies and powerful guitar creating a sombre mood.

6 New Kid in Town

New Kid In Town is my favorite Eagles song and Glenn Frey was my favorite Eagle. There has never been a band in history or ever will be with such perfect harmonies and such great songs. I am so glad I lived in the 70's and got to see them in concert. RIP Glenn. The world has lost a tremendous musician.

This is just a slow building classic...and unconventional in its structure. I'm always amazed how in hell they thought of putting this particular music together to fit the narrative of the lyrics. I'm not a big fan of the eagles but this and Peaceful are up there.

I'd have lyin' eyes if I said this isn't the best song ever...I can't tell you why but whenever I listen to this song I can take it easy because' I get a peaceful easy feeling...Great Song!

Does anyone else find her/himself in these lyrics? I don't mean literally but just that feeling when you love someone and you're losing her/him... And there's not much you can do...

7 Lyin' Eyes

Hotel California is a great classic song. But I've heard it too many times. This song is just a nice peaceful song. It's a great one to listen to. It has been my favourite since I first heard it.

Fabulous melody with beautiful vocal harmonies, the usual well crafted lyrics makes this a timeless classic sounding as good now as it did when it was written.

This song totally deserves to be in the top 5 at lest! It is a classic! The melody is wonderful, beautiful vocals, and the lyrics are.. Well just breathtaking!

I love The Eagles Band and all their songs. I amm 55 years of age and when I hear their music it brings me back to a good place.

8 Life in the Fast Lane

Awesome guitar riff and slide guitar by Joe Walsh and Don Felder as well as great vocals by Don Henley in this AMAZING song.

I love the guitar... The best in rock
And roll... The guitar players are the

Followed my hotel California, followed by heartache tonight!

Such a good guitar riff. Should be top 5

9 Witchy Woman

Loved it when Don Felder dedicated this to Tiger Woods at Orange Beach.

Just to show that the boys can do a rock song as well as any other band...

One of the best groovy songs you jam to on repeat.

One of the great song that has cool intro solo.

10 Peaceful Easy Feeling

My favorite Eagles' song. The melody and lyrics show you the way on how to be comfortable and content with who you are. If a woman rejects you, she isn't right for you, and it's best to find that out early. Be at peace with yourself and roll with the punches.

Not very famous, but it's a hidden beauty. Music is slow and calming, and the lyrics are really meaningful. Found it to be even better than Hotel California. A must-hear for all rock lovers.

Everybody loves this song. I play guitar at a restaurant where I live and if it looks like I'm starting to lose the crowd, I play this and they come right back.

This is one of the most beautiful songs I know. The harmonies are wonderful. Possibly the most underrated song of all time.

The Contenders
11 Already Gone

All you need to do is listen to the first 15 seconds and you will know it deserves top 10. After you've heard the rest of the song its hard to say how it isn't in top 5.

Overall excellent song. Why can't they make music like this in the 21st century.

Why isn't this number one? ?
If you listen to the lyrics, it's all
about life and how we are all
in control of what we want and
what we do...
In addition, it is a great rock and
roll tune...

But if he's already gone - why do we keep hearing him singing it?

12 Tequila Sunrise

Lying eyes and this rank as my favorites Take another shot of courage, wonder why the right words never come, I get chills listening to it still. perhaps even more now!

First Eagles song that grabbed my thinking as to the layers of their lyrics and meanings. They are my favorite band of back in the day.

Amazing tune from an amazing group. My favorite along with Lyin Eyes New Kid Desperado you get my drift.Take another shot of courage, wonder why the right words never come!

Fantastic a perfect combination of music and lyric! Best song from the eagles playlist a must have!

13 The Best of My Love

Best ever! Awesome lyrics... Beautiful guitar sounds... And his voice is just awesome! I love it. Can't stop playing it again and again!

Not my favorite, but it deserves higher than this so I'm voting for it.

This should be higher. Beautiful song.

Best of My Love... Top 3 easy.

14 Love Will Keep Us Alive

Timothy B. Schmitt is such an underrated singer. I could listen to him all day!

We had the band learn this song for our wedding!

This is the most romantic hit of all times...

My favorite song, one of the best songs...

15 I Can't Tell You Why

Such a soothing song. Perfect for relaxing and chilling out.
I wonder why this isn't in the top ten. Guitar riff is good too. Amazing vocals.

This song is so soothing and melodious. Wonder why its way down here, since I find it much better than Take it Easy, really.

This song makes me nostalgic, a very unique melody and great lyrics!

This is just such a calming tune, great sound and lyrics.

16 After the Thrill Is Gone

This song still sounds really poignant and has a beautiful tune with heartfelt lyrics. I loved it when I first heard it and continue to appreciate it as a beautiful song.

So weird such a great song is so low. But again they had so many great songs.

Great tune and lyrics...
"empty pages and a frozen pen"
Great words

17 Heartache Tonight

Another simple Eagles song but with perfection of instruments and vocals...

Hotel California is best, but this should be in the top ten.

I like this song a lot. Should be in a higher spot.

Bob Seger and J.D. Souther helped write this...

18 The Last Resort

Just as true today as when written 43 years ago, sad to say. It's truly heartbreaking what people will do and have done for power and greed. This song speaks of the White man's shortcomings in American history all too eloquently.

This song takes all of America's and religion's "inconvenient truths" and rolls them into one masterpiece of a song. This song should be required listening for every American.

Easily the best Eagles song. Powerful lyrics and soothing tune, One of my all time favorites. I'm sure anyone familiar with the eagles will agree with me.

Hotel California is one of the best songs ever made and is the best eagles song ever. However, I do believe the last resort is a way underrated song. Its great when you're in the mood

19 Wasted Time

In my opinion this is one of the best songs of all times. The exquisite interpretation of Don with continuous changes in the modulation of his voice to express his inner feelings became this song in a master piece. Lyrics and music are a dramatic cocktail of deep feelings that will impact to any music lover.

Don does a fabulous job singing this song. Definitely deserves to be higher on the list.

Best meaningful song. Still more relevant everyday

Vocals are amazing...

20 Try and Love Again

There's no way this should be rated so low. It's an excellent track but it's from the incredible Hotel California album, so I guess that's why it gets overlooked, unlike lesser tunes from lesser albums.

Personally my favorite! maybe because it's so personal to me since it reminds me of my family and childhood. but I love the lyrics so much and in general it's a really nice slow song that makes me happy and relaxed

I agree this song is one of their best. I guess because Randy was on his way out of the band it wasn't promoted like it should have been.

What? Number 35? This is not the best song by The Eagles but it surely deserves to be in Top 10!

21 Good Day in Hell

Amazing song. One of the coolest tunes out there. Along with peaceful Easy Feeling and Get Over it, their most underrated. Everyone needs to check it out! Great slide guitar."Oh well, It's been a good day in Hell, Tomorrow I'll be glory bound"

22 My Man

This is a beautifully written and sung tribute to Gram Parsons, backed by those gorgeous harmonies this band us known for. Unfortunately it gets little attention.

23 Seven Bridges Road

Our 2yr old can loves the song and can sing the majority of the song. Not totally clear, but she has it down!

In this recap, in my humble opinion it's 20 places too low...

Its such a vibrant song! Beautiful lyrics! One of the best acapella's and acoustic songs I have ever heard! :D And the guitar is so melodic. Beautiful song overall.

24 Victim of Love

Joe Walsh's finest performance with the Eagles. I don't even particularly like the band but this is great stuff, no way not in the top ten. For some reason it isn't as popular as syrupy Best-of-My-Love stuff, their loss.

Should be higher up, of course hotel california is a better song, but this song earns some recognition.

I love this song and all the songs above and under this one. Eagles is great

Should be higher

25 Long Road Out of Eden

Vastly underappreciated. Like all the best Eagles songs, it wrings so much emotion, meaning and atmosphere out of relatively straightforward, accessible music. Possibly Henley's most eloquent expression of what we've lost in modern society, and Walsh's greatest solo. A beautiful 10-minute journey, through the soft atmospheric "desert" opening, steadily growing heavier and angrier, dying away again before massing for the incredible third verse, and a hypnotic, lingering end section. The triumphant centrepiece of possibly the greatest comeback album of the 21st century.

One the the Eagles greatest songs! Truly epic, spanning over ten minutes with brilliant lyrics and a powerful guitar solo.

I rate this song to the top of the list. Guitar Solo is best ever.

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