Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs With the Best Drum Beat

When it comes to rock and roll drummers, few have had the impact and influence of John Bonham. The legendary drummer of Led Zeppelin, Bonham is widely regarded as one of the greatest drummers of all time, known for his powerful and innovative playing style.

Throughout Led Zeppelin's illustrious career, Bonham's thunderous beats provided the backbone for some of the band's most iconic songs. From the driving rhythm of "Rock and Roll" to the syncopated groove of "Kashmir," Bonham's drumming was an essential part of Led Zeppelin's sound.

But which Led Zeppelin songs have the greatest drum beat? That's the question we'll be exploring in this list, based on the opinions of music fans from around the world. From the explosive fills of "Good Times Bad Times" to the propulsive rhythm of "When the Levee Breaks," each song on this list showcases Bonham's unparalleled talent and creativity.
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1 When the Levee Breaks

This song is outlandish. From the very first drumming you can figure out it's gonna be something of once in a lifetime! Plus, Robert's performance gave me shivers. So emotional!

Best beat of all time. It's amazing opening up.

Beat classic rock band of time.

2 Good Times Bad Times

I think this should be on 1. Whenever I listen to this song my attention directly goes to drum beats... It doesn't happen in any other song

3 Kashmir

This song is amazing! Led Zeppelin's best. It truly takes you to another place when you listen to it and you can imagine yourself walking through a scorching desert. The drumming in this song is some of the best I've ever heard, it makes the song and without it wouldn't even be half as good. Amazing songwriting and pure talent throughout.

4 Stairway to Heaven
5 Black Dog
6 Achilles Last Stand

I love the drum beat on When the Levee Breaks, but this sounds like someone shooting a machine gun In the background. Awesome. Bonham's best song by far.

7 Whole Lotta Love
8 Rock and Roll

The song title defines the genre. Rock-steady pile-driving drums from Bonzo, a busy, ever-changing melange of sound from Jimmy (never plays it the same way twice) that bears listening to again and again in each version, Robert sounding like every heavy rock singer you ever wanted to sound like, John Paul effortlessly keeping up with whatever complexity Jimmy is laying down and enhancing.

The quintessential air-guitar song, "Rock and Roll" would get dead people on their feet. I defy anyone to listen to this without at least tapping their feet. I played the "Song Remains The Same" DVD version for my 83-year-old mother: she was rapt all the way through.

Classic, unsurpassed, unequalled, raw power and fire. I love it.

9 Bonzo's Montreaux

This song is a whole DRUM SOLO people and is better than Moby Dick in my opinion. And don't forget about Out On The Tiles and Immigrant Song.

Why in bloody hell is this song so far down on the list? The whole song is a solo! It should at least be in the top 5 if not number 1

10 Immigrant Song

Deserving contestant, at least when drum beats are concerned.

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11 Fool in the Rain

The quintessential example of the "Bonham Shuffle"!

Bonham was the best in Rock ever, hands down!

12 In My Time of Dying

The drumming by John Bonham is absolutely amazing in this song. Just take another listen to it if you hadn't noticed.

In my opinion one of the best by far, along with Achilles Last Stand, and No Quarter.

Bonzo rips up the middle section.

13 Moby Dick

How can the best bass solo be in 6# place?!

14 D'yer Mak'er
15 Ramble On
16 Since I've Been Loving You
17 The Ocean

Drums and Guitar Riff are just insane!

18 Houses of the Holy

I play the drums and it's the beat I'm working on!

19 The Crunge
20 Four Sticks
21 The Wanton Song

The beat matches the song perfectly for Bonham to be able to pound that snare in between riffs. Awesome!

22 Out on the Tiles
23 Boogie with Stu

Bonzo's heavy aggressive drumming accompanied by the hand clapping is heard on this boogie woogie acoustic song.

24 Poor Tom

I find it very catchy. I want to learn how to play it very badly. John Bonham, come back

25 Misty Mountain Hop
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